Corporate Responsibility Report 2010/2011

Stakeholder dialog.

We also communicate with our stakeholders on different levels. We regularly invite representatives of important stakeholders to attend dialog forums and participate in externally organized events as well. Through our memberships with different organizations, we get involved in discussion processes and collaborate on international committees. We also regularly conduct surveys to assess the quality of our stakeholderInfo relations. Our stakeholders can also use different online channels to contact us.

Telekom multi-stakeholder forums.

Second International Corporate Responsibility (CR) Day.
StakeholderInfo group: All
Description: Annual multi-stakeholder event with diverse focal points
More information: CR Day in Berlin open to the general public.
On November 23, 2010, we held our second international Corporate Responsibility (CR) Day in Berlin under the slogan "Leading with responsibility." Some 180 representatives from the world of politics, the media, business associations, NGOs and research institutions attended the event. Presentations held by René Obermann and bestselling author Frank Schätzing at the start of the event set the tone for a lively audience discussion. Afterward, two forums were held to discuss the topics of "Integrating people in the gigabit society" and "Responsibility for sustainable consumption."

Live Internet coverage.
As a special feature, this year's event was open to the general public who was able to participate in the discussion during a live broadcast on the Utopia website.

Eliminating our carbon footprintInfo.
To minimize the environmental impact of this event, we fully compensated for all of the CO2 emissions caused by the CR Day by investing in a climate protection project.
Magyar Telekom's 3rd Sustainability Day.
Stakeholder group: All
Description: Sustainability Day held by the Hungarian subsidiary Magyar Telekom to promote responsible conduct and a sustainable lifestyle
More information: Magyar Telekom: Conference to promote sustainability.

The Hungarian subsidiary held its third Sustainability Day in Budapest on September 25, 2010. The aim of this type of event is to encourage public sustainable lifestyle awareness with the help of discussion rounds, presentations and exhibits as well as concerts for young people. Discussions at this year's Sustainability Day revolved around topics such as the potential of harmonizing the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability and the limits of practical implementation. Sustainability criteria were also taken into consideration when planning the event such as by encouraging people to use other means of transportation besides their car to get to the event. With around 1,200 guests, Magyar Telekom was able to reach almost twice as many people at its third Sustainability Day than it had the year before.

The new sustainability campaign Hello Tomorrow was also launched at the event.
T-Hrvatski Telekom's 3rd Growing through Knowledge conference.
Stakeholder group: The business world and its representatives
Political sphere and regulatory authorities
Science, research and education
Description: Annual conference held by the Croatian subsidiary T-Hrvatski Telekom to promote knowledge exchange
More information: T-Hrvatski Telekom: Communicating vision — encouraging innovation.
T-Hrvatski Telekom held its third "Growing through knowledge" conference on September 28, 2010, in Zagreb, Croatia. The aim of this annual conference is to encourage knowledge transfer.

Around 600 guests from the worlds of business, politics and research attended the presentation given by renowned economist Jeremy Rifkin, who talked about his vision of a society characterized by empathy. Nicholas Christakis also spoke on how social networks influence people's daily lives. After their presentations, the presenters engaged in dialog with the audience.
Sustainable Procurement Stakeholder Dialog Day.
Stakeholder group: Suppliers
Description: Annual multi-stakeholder event on supply chain management
More information: Sustainable Procurement Stakeholder Dialogue Day

Dialog activities at external events.

Participation in the Utopia conference.
StakeholderInfo group: Customers, potential customers and their representatives
NGOs and interest groups
The business world and its representatives
Science, research and education
Description: Annual conference organized by Utopia AG to bring together ideas and inspiration from different stakeholder groups and to come up with new solution approaches for climate and environmental protection and a socially-minded society.
More information: Involved in open dialog with "Utopians"
CSR conference at Humboldt University in Berlin.
Stakeholder group: Science, research and education
Political sphere and regulatory authorities
NGOs and interest groups
The business world and its representatives
Description: Conference on social responsibility that takes place every two years
More information: Participation in the 4th CSR conference held by Humboldt University in Berlin.
From September 22-24, 2010, around 600 participants met at the 4th CSR conference held by Humboldt University in Berlin to discuss the question of how companies, politicians and the general public can master the challenges of globalization in the wake of the financial crisis. Telekom representatives participated in the discussions at several forums.
Telekom also supported the conference as a sponsor and helped raise awareness with an information booth on cell phone recycling.
Examples from the international subsidiaries.
Stakeholder group: All
Description: Subsidiaries participating in local dialog events on various topics
More information: Spain: Participation in the Sustainability Day in Barcelona.
On March 25, 2010, T-Systems Iberia participated in the Sustainability Day hosted by the trade organization Asociación de Empresas e Instituciones del área de negocios 22@.
Representatives of the Spanish subsidiary are also actively involved as members of the trade organization's environmental and sustainability committee.

Poland: Dialog on green ICTInfo.
The Polish subsidiary presented and discussed its green ICT activities at two expert conferences:
  • Investment Barriers for Construction of Mobile Networks in Health Resorts
  • The Second Polish and European Energy Security Conference

Austria: Membership with respACT.
T-Systems Austria has been a member of respACT (Austrian business council for sustainable development) since 2010. In this context, the company is expanding its dialog with NGOs and participating in a diversity workgroup, for example.

During the reporting period, T-Systems Austria participated in two events in Vienna:

Online dialog and social networks.

CR Day 2010 with public participation—around 700 online discussion entries.
StakeholderInfo group: Customers, potential customers and their representatives
NGOs and interest groups
Description: The largest online platform for sustainable consumption in the German-speaking countries.
Since October 2009, Telekom has been providing current information on its CR activities and offering various ways to engage in dialog within the context of its corporate profile.
More information: Involved in open dialog with "Utopians".
During the reporting period Deutsche Telekom explored new options in public discussion with critical stakeholders. The company's corporate profile on Utopia, the largest online platform for sustainable consumption in the German-speaking countries, gives platform users the opportunity to discuss the sustainability of the company's activities with Telekom representatives. Utopia users were able to discuss issues with Telekom CEO René Obermann and Dr. Ignacio Campino, Representative of the Board of Management for Sustainability and Climate Protection, in live chats. René Obermann also answered questions posed by participants during the Utopia conference, which was broadcast live online on October 28 and 29, 2010.

By being involved in, we also emphasize our support of the principles set forth in Utopia's Change-maker Manifesto, which René Obermann signed on April 22, 2010. Under the manifesto, we have undertaken to comply with ten commitments, complemented by concrete targets and measures on topics such as waste reduction, climate protection and social responsibility. Telekom is the first DAX-listed company to join the ranks of the change-makers, who are currently twelve in number (as at: May 2011). In May 2011 we started communicating our progress as a change-maker on the Utopia platform. Within this context, we updated our corporate profile on the online portal and focused it exclusively around the contents of the manifesto.
DownloadInfo: Change-maker Manifesto

CR Day live stream on
As a special feature, Telekom's 2010 CR Day was open to the general public who was able to participate in the discussion during a live broadcast on Around 700 contributions were made using the comments function and Twitter. The broadcast hosts selected numerous comments and questions and integrated them into the discussion in Berlin. More than 3,000 Internet users followed the live online broadcast in English and German.
Customer service via Twitter and Facebook.
Stakeholder group: Customers, potential customers and their representatives
Description: Telekom employees answer customers’ questions via social networks
More information: "Telekom helps" pilot project on Twitter
"Telekom helps" also on Facebook


Feedback tool for CR Report.
StakeholderInfo group: All
Description: Readers of the CR report can use an online feedback tool to give us feedback on what they think of the report and to make suggestions for improvement
More information: Feedback and suggestions for improvement for the current CR Report 
Market research.
Stakeholder group: Customers, potential customers and their representatives
Description: Regular surveys on how the general public perceives Deutsche Telekom's CR activities and what they think of them
Employee survey.
Stakeholder group: Employees
Description: Regular surveys on how Group employees perceive Deutsche Telekom's CR activities and what they think of them
Weiterführende Informationen Employee survey

Selected memberships, cooperations and activities.

The only German company represented on the Global CompactInfo LEAD steering committee.
UN Global Compact.
StakeholderInfo group: NGOs and interest groups
Political sphere and regulatory authorities
The business world and its representatives
Description: As a founding member of UN Global Compact, Telekom has been committed to the enforcement of the ten principles of the Global Compact for years now and bases its own actions on these principles. Many of our international subsidiaries have also committed themselves to the ten principles within the scope of their own membership:
  • Magyar Telekom (Hungary)
  • OTE (Greece)
  • Cosmote Greece
  • T-Hrvatski Telekom (Croatia)
  • Crnogorski Telekom (Montenegro)
More information: Telekom is a co-founder of the UN Global Compact's LEAD initiative.
Deutsche Telekom co-founded Global Compact LEAD during the reporting period. This new platform for corporate sustainability leadership was officially introduced in January 2011. The Global Compact Office invited particularly active members of the UN Global Compact to participate in this new leadership platform. Global Compact LEAD is comprised of 56 multinational companies from different industries and regions. The purpose of the platform is to make further progress in the areas of environment, social issues and governance as well as to set new standards for CR. Telekom is the only German company to be a member of the Global Compact LEAD steering committee.

In the context of LEAD membership the Chairman of the Board of Management has publicly promised compliance with the ten principles of the Global Compact. But that is not all: the entire Board of Management issued a comprehensive Board commitment in March 2011. As part of this commitment, all Board members became sponsors for particular topics under the various Global Compact principles.

Global Compact Lead Participant logo

Participation in the German Global Compact Network.

Telekom is a member of the steering committee of the German Global Compact Network (DGCN). The DGCN helps Global Compact members in Germany implement the ten principles of the Global Compact. Learning together with stakeholders from society, government agencies and research as well as being able to participate in open discussions in a confidential atmosphere are key aspects of DGCN's efforts.

Global Compact Communication on Progress

Code of responsible conduct for business.
Stakeholder group: The business world and its representatives
Description: Initiative launched by German entrepreneurs, who have developed a code in cooperation with the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics. The signatories are committed to both success-oriented and value-oriented leadership in the spirit of a social market economy.
More information: The "Code of responsible conduct in business", developed by companies under the stewardship of the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics, was presented to the public in November 2010. Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom AG René Obermann and Chief Human Resources Officer Thomas Sattelberger were among the first signatories of the code, committing themselves personally to success-oriented and value-oriented corporate governance.

The aim of the initiative is to counter the lack of confidence in managers, companies and the economic system as felt by many people and to present their position on controversial topics such as management remuneration and respect for rules. Deutsche Telekom will stage a cross-company dialog in cooperation with the Wittenberg Center in October 2011.

Business and industry associations.
American Chamber of Commerce Germany Deutsche Telekom AG
Association of Greek Companies (S.E.V.) Cosmote Greece
Association of ICT Companies in Greece (S.E.P.E.) Cosmote Greece
BDA (Confederation of German Employers' Associations) Deutsche Telekom AG
BITKOM industry association Deutsche Telekom AG
BVDW (German Federal Association for Digital Business) Deutsche Telekom AG
Czech Association of Mobile Network Providers (APMS) T-Mobile Czech Republic
DIHK (Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce) Deutsche Telekom AG
European Association of Mobile Communication Services (GSMInfo-Europe) Cosmote Greece
European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) Cosmote Greece
T-Hvratski Telekom
European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) Magyar Telekom
Slovak Telekom
Deutsche Telekom AG T-Hrvatski Telekom
Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business (econsense) Deutsche Telekom AG
GSM Association (GSMA) Alle Mobilfunk-Tochtergesellschaften der Deutschen Telekom AG
Insitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) T-Hrvatski Telekom
International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Deutsche Telekom AG
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) OTE
Slovak Telekom
Mediterranean Cable Maintenance Agreement (MECMA) T-Hrvatski Telekom
Mobile Communication Association of Croatia (UPKH) T-Hrvatski Telekom
Mobile Operators Association (EEKT) Cosmote Greece
Austria Wirtschaftsservice T-Systems Austria
UMTSInfo Forum T-Hrvatski Telekom
Federation of German Industries (BDI) Deutsche Telekom AG
World Economic Forum (WEF) Deutsche Telekom AG
Sustainability and CR.
Business for the Society T-Mobile Czech Republic
Business in the Community (BITC) OTE
Business Leaders Forum Slovakia Slovak Telekom
Business Leadership Forum of Macedonia Makedonski Telekom
CEE Responsible Investment Universe (CEERIUS) T-Hrvatski Telekom
Coordination committee of the local UN Global Compact initiative Crnogorski Telekom
Corporate Donor Club Slovak Telekom
Corporate Responsibility Institute OTE
Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development (HR PSOR) T- Hrvatski Telekom
Donator Club T-Mobile Czech Republic
Global Reporting Initiative OTE
Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility Cosmote Greece
HBLF (Hungarian Business Leaders Forum) Magyar Telekom
RespACT – Austrian Business Council for sustainable development T-Systems Austria
Sustainable Development Committee of the Association of Greek Companies (S.E.V.) OTE
Climate and environmental protection.
B.A.U.M. e. V. Deutsche Telekom AG
Brennstoffzellenforum Deutsche Telekom AG
Carbon Disclosure Projekt OTE
EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change Deutsche Telekom AG
Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSIInfo) Cosmote Greece
Deutsche Telekom AG
ICT-Arbeitsgruppe des griechischen Ministeriums für Infrastruktur, Transport und Netzwerke Cosmote Greece
2° — German Entrepreneurs for Climate Protection initiative Deutsche Telekom AG
Green Dynamics Initiative (to promote environmentally friendly IT) T-Systems Austria
Pontis Foundation (member of the Climate Change Group) Slovak Telekom
Product Carbon FootprintInfo (PCFInfo) Deutsche Telekom AG
Slovak Electronic Waste Agency Slovak Telekom
Sustainable Leadership Forum Deutsche Telekom AG
WWF Austria T-Mobile Austria
Mobile communications and health.
Selected memberships and sponsorships
Czech Operator Association T-Mobile Czech Republic
Forum Mobile Communications (FMK) T-Mobile Austria
GSM Association’s web portal on ‘Health & Environment’ Deutsche Telekom AG
Hungarian Mobile Operator’s ‘EMFInfo Portal’ Magyar Telekom
Informationszentrum Mobilfunk (IZMF) Deutsche Telekom AG
Macedonian Operator Working Group on EMF T-Mobile Macedonia
Mobile Communication Association of Croatia (UPKH) T-Hrvatski Telekom
Mobile Netwerk Operators association (MoNet) T-Mobile Netherlands
Mobile Operators Association (EEKT) Cosmote Greece
Polish Society of Applied Electromagnetics’ (PTZE) web portal ‘Electromagnetic Fields’ PTC
T-Mobile USA’s web portal on EMF and mast siting T-Mobile USA
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