About this report.

Telekom has provided extensive information to the general public about its objectives, its activities and the progress made in the relevant economic, ecological and social areas as part of corporate responsibility (CR) reporting since 1996.

The title "We take responsibility" is used for the fourth consecutive time since it is an expression of Telekom's long-term commitment to CR. By the year 2015, we plan to achieve our goal of becoming a global CR leader in the ICT industry. In this undertaking, the report is a central communication tool that informs our internal as well as external stakeholders of the progress we have made on this path between March 2011 and February 2012, and of the goals we are setting for the future.

Additional sources for CR-relevant content.
In addition to the present online CR Report for 2011, we also provide information about corporate responsibility in our Annual Report, in the HR Report and in the Data Privacy Report. We continually report on current activities relating to CR within the Group on our responsibility portal. The international subsidiaries provide information about their CR commitment on their Internet portals and in their own publications.

In order to reduce the complexity of our report, we have often provided links to other internal and external websites. For example, the information provided by the international subsidiaries is available through the subsidiaries' profile pages in the CR Report 2011.

Reporting period, scope of application and target groups.

This CR Report is a Group report that includes many international subsidiaries in which Telekom holds a majority stake. Any deviations are marked accordingly. This report ties in with the CR Report 2010/2011. The reporting period for the various topics spans from March 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012. All quantitative data and KPIs refer to the 2011 calendar year. Any deviations are marked accordingly. This CR report is primarily aimed at analysts and investors, CR ranking and rating agencies as well as non-governmental organizations. At the same time, we wish to address representatives from the worlds of science, research, education and politics.

Looking back on Deutsche Telekom’s CR reporting.

Since 2003 Deutsche Telekom has been reporting on its sustainability activities: from 2003 up to and including 2006 the Group published a combined HR and Sustainability Report every year, which enabled us to satisfy our stakeholders' increased need for information on economic, ecological and social issues. An interim report issued in 2007 formed the transition to our current CR reporting. Since 2008 the Telekom Group has been publishing a comprehensive CR Report each year.

Online reporting since 2010.

Just like last year, we are publishing the current CR Report exclusively online to better meet the requirements and user preferences of our stakeholders. The online CR Report 2011 has been available since May 29, 2012 in German and English. Service functions such as the download section, search and dialog functions as well as KPI views facilitate individual use. A recent addition has been the element "Find out more". Here, a drop-down menu can be used to call up background information on many topics that go beyond the presentation of the current developments.

Together with this online report we are also publishing an e-paper with a summary of the key developments in the reporting period. The subsidiaries can add a summary of their respective CR activities and then use the Report for their own CR communication. Not issuing a printed version means that we are saving resources.

The next CR report will be published in Q2 of 2013.

Selection of the main topics for the CR Report 2011.

To select the main report topics, we conducted a multiple-phase materiality process in Q4 of 2011. This is an integral part of our annual CR reporting. The process is a tool to help identify the topics with maximum relevance for our internal and external stakeholders.

Structure of the current online report.

The online CR Report 2011 has been designed as a progress report that focuses on the key developments of the reporting period. Using the vertical navigation bar the reader can access the six main sections of the report:

  • Networks
  • Customers
  • Society
  • Employees
  • Suppliers
  • Climate and environment

In contrast to the previous year, the CR report 2011 includes a separate section on networks, which covers the topics of network and infrastructure expansion, mobile communications and health as well as environmentally friendly network infrastructure. In the previous year these topics were dealt with in different sections. By bundling these topics in a separate section of the Report we are doing justice to the increased importance of the topics identified in the materiality analysis.

Each introductory page shows three materiality matrices referring to our three CR categories. The topics that are relevant for the respective section are highlighted in color. The graphic depiction (font size and position within the matrix) reflects the relevance of the respective topic as assessed by our stakeholders.

The six sections mentioned above are supplemented by three others:

  • The Strategy & management section describes the management of CR processes and the Group-wide integration of Telekom's CR strategy.
  • The majority of the subsidiaries whose CR activities are described in this Report are presented on profile pages. These pages can be found under the National companies menu item.
  • In the Facts & figures section, consolidated and commented indicators provide information about our progress in the past few years.
Assurance engagement.

Selected KPIs in the CR Report 2011 from Germany as well as from Magyar Telekom Hungary, OTE, T-Mobile USA and T-Mobile Netherlands were audited by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as part of an assurance engagement.

The following sections were also audited:

The independent assurance report can be found under the assurance report menu item.

All reviewed contents of this report are marked with and will remain effective until the next CR report is published.

Implementation of high international reporting standards.

Telekom's CR Report 2011 fully complies with the guidelines (G3) of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This also applies to the GRI Telecommunications Sector Supplement" in the 2003 pilot version that is applicable to companies in the telecommunication industry. Compliance with both catalogs of requirements was reviewed by the GRI, which awarded the highest application level, "A+".

This CR Report also serves as a COP  (communication on progress) from Telekom as part of the United Nations Global Compact . The Global Compact Communication on Progress provides an overview of the specific measures required to implement the Global Compact  principle.

New CR App "We care“.

In addition to the online CR report by Telekom we developed the CR app "We care" for the smartphone operating systems Google Android  and Apple iOS  and for tablets during the reporting period . With an interactive presentation of our CR commitment the App  provides an introduction to this complex topic – in a simple and entertaining, yet also self-critical way. The app includes handy links to the CR Report. With this innovative addition we intend to raise awareness among a broad target audience for the topic of corporate responsibility.

Employees paint for climate protection.

At the end of January 2012, Telekom challenged its employees to get artistic to show what they themselves or Telekom are doing to protect the climate and the environment. The aim of the campaign was to actively involve employees in reporting and raise awareness of climate and environmental issues. In total, 55 works of art were submitted by 40 employees. All contributions are exhibited in a digital picture gallery as part of the CR Report 2011.


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