Environmental management.

  • Environmental management systems now certified at 25 Group companies.
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  • T-HT Hrvatski Telekom trains 1,095 employees on environmental topics.
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  • PTC receives Green Brand award presented by the Green Brand Award Committee.
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We want to make sustainability a component of all our business processes and of our employees' everyday lives. Our health, safety and environment (HSE) management system helps us make this possible. The system is based on the international standards OHSAS 18001  for occupational health and safety, ISO 14001  for environmental management and ISO 9001  for quality management. Key components of the environmental management system include a consistent environmental policy, a Group-wide manual, central document management and standardized Group-wide processes.

25 companies with central environmental management.

Telekom has been using an environmental management system that complies with the international ISO 14001  standard since 1998. Telekom Deutschland GmbH's environmental management system was certified in October 2011. That means that some 70 percent of the Group's locations now have a certified environmental management system.

ISO 14001  umbrella certificate covers 25 companies.
25 international subsidiaries are now certified under the ISO umbrella certificate that the Group received in 2009. The following subsidiaries were added to the list of certified companies within the Group during the reporting period:

  • T-Systems do Brazil
  • T-Systems Malaysia
  • T-Systems Netherlands
  • T-Systems South Africa

Award for active environmental protection.
Environmental officer Freia Siem from the Technical Infrastructure Branch Office, Northern District, of Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH, who is also responsible for ISO 14001  audits, received the environmental protection award presented by Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft e.V. The organization has been presenting this award since 1987 to people who demonstrate exemplary and successful dedication to protecting the environment in the scope of their professional activities.

CR Report from the previous year 

Expansion of OHSAS 18001 certification.

Our Headquarters in Bonn and 13 other Group subsidiaries were OHSAS 18001-certified in 2011:

  • IT Services Hungary
  • Power and Air Condition Solution Management
  • T-Systems Austria
  • T-Systems Czech Republic
  • T-Systems do Brasil
  • T-Systems International
  • T-Systems Malaysia
  • T-Systems Mexico
  • T-Systems Multimedia Solutions
  • T-Systems Netherlands
  • T-Systems Slovakia
  • T-Systems South Africa
  • T-Systems UK

CR Report from the previous year 

Development of occupational safety indicators.

We developed two performance indicators to analyze the quality of occupational safety and have been collecting data for this in a pilot project since January 2012:

  • The indicator for the number of work-related accidents resulting in absence from work will be used to compare the values within the Group.
  • The indicator for the duration of absence from work after work-related accidents is used to calculate length of absence and will be used in combination with the number of accidents to help analyze the quality of on-site occupational safety.

In the pilot phase in January 2012, the relevant data was collected at T-Mobile Czech Republic, T-Mobile Austria, T-Systems do Brasil T-Systems Netherlands, T-Systems Switzerland and T-Systems South Africa.

We also initiated a two-year project in September 2011 to develop Group-wide health and safety standards with integrated need analyses. In addition to the indicators, the purpose of these standards is to expand on the content of the Group's international occupational health and safety management system.

Polish subsidiary wins Green Brand competition.

In April 2011, PTC became the first mobile provider to receive the Green Brand certificate from the Green Brand Award Committee. This award is given to companies for extraordinary achievements in environmental protection and sustainable business practices. This prize recognized PTC's continuous efforts in environmental protection within and beyond the company's ISO 14001  certified environmental management system.

Training on environmental topics for 1,095 employees in Croatia.

The Croatian subsidiary T-HT Hrvatski Telekom continued its comprehensive training measures in 2011 in order to increase its employees' awareness of the importance of environmental topics and familiarize them with the environmental management system. The company has been offering a voluntary e-learning course since April 2010. Some 800 employees successfully completed the course in 2011. A total of 295 employees participated in training courses for employees with specific environmentally sensitive duties during the reporting period. T-HT Hrvatski Telekom's infrastructure unit also received an award from the Croatian Society for Quality in November 2011 for their important contribution to implementing and promoting quality standards in the Croatian business sector.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Implement a Group-wide environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001    Implementation underway.
  • Umbrella ISO 14001  certificate for 18 companies: Target met
  • Further integration of all environmentally relevant Group companies
Implement a health, safety and environmental (HSE) management system according to ISO 14001  and OHSAS 18001    Implementation underway.
  • Occupational health, safety and environmental management system introduced at 17 companies (as of December 31, 2011)

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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