Customer satisfaction.

As one of the world's leading ICT service providers, we have the potential – and bear the responsibility – to enable our customers to become sustainable consumers. As a service-oriented, responsible company, we feel obliged to respond to their needs and expectations. We have incorporated this commitment in our Guiding Principles, which apply throughout the Group: Customer delight drives our action. We develop innovative, sustainable products that are extremely reliable and easy to use thanks to intuitive interfaces.

We have commissioned the independent, external service provider, TNS-Infratest, to use the TRI*M method to gauge customer satisfaction with systematic polls at all of our locations. The findings are then integrated into our management processes. Systematic complaints management activities also show us areas where further improvement is needed.

TRI*M results in 2011: Increase in customer loyalty.

Compared to the previous year, the 2011 findings of the TRI*M customer loyalty study showed an increase in customer loyalty of almost 6 percent. We plan to improve these results in Germany by 3.6 percent annually until the end of 2015.

CR Report from the previous year

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The satisfaction of our customers is an indicator for our business success and is monitored by systematic surveys and management processes at all our sites around the world. The standardized TRI*M index is used to measure customer loyalty four times a year and provides us with data that is comparable throughout the Group. The index analyzes

  • how our customers rate our performance,
  • the intention to remain with us and recommend us and
  • our cutting edge over the competition.

The results are expressed as an indicator (TRI*M index).

TRI*M 2010 customer loyalty program.

We established the Loyalty Forum at the beginning of 2010. As part of the TRI*M 2010 Program, this cross-functional committee's goal is to develop and implement different types of customer loyalty measures and evaluate the results. For example, the Corporate IT department named the Service Orientation project one of its top 5 projects in 2011 to improve cooperation with our customers as well as service quality. We held service workshops on this topic with around 100 employees mid-year in collaboration with an external consulting firm.

Standardized customer surveys at T-Mobile Austria.

T-Mobile Austria has been sending an SMS  the following day to its customers who contact the company at its stores or via its hotline to rate their satisfaction since 2011. T-Mobile Austria recorded a response of 25 percent or 10,000 customer responses a month. Customers are asked four questions. The last question asks them to praise, criticize or suggest improvements. 70 percent of participants took advantage of this opportunity.


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