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  • 18 percent fewer complaints and inquiries.
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  • More than 10,000 service employees trained in customer communication.
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  • 29,170 Facebook users like the Telekom-hilft page.
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Dialog with our customers provides us with important feedback on our services. Critical feedback is particularly valuable in showing us where we need to improve. Systematically evaluating customer queries and complaints gives us the chance to identify and eliminate the causes and to achieve our aim of significantly reducing the number of complaints.

In order to encourage dialog, we want our customers to be able to contact us quickly and easily via different communication channels. Online inquiries are playing an increasingly important role: More than 40 percent of all service inquiries made to Telekom Deutschland can already be resolved online. We were able to increase the use of our online services considerably via social networks. Our customers can get advice quickly, at no charge and with no red tape on both Twitter and Facebook.

Complaint figures for 2011: Reduction of 18 percent.

Compared to late 2010, we recorded 18 percent less complaints and repeat calls in the areas of fixed-line and mobile communications at the end of 2011.

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In 2009, the contact reduction project was launched in Germany. Its original goal was to reduce complaints and repeat calls in the area of fixed-line services for consumers by 20 percent. The initial target is being constantly expanded: In 2010, mobile services were included and in 2011 the project was expanded to include business customers as well. We are planning on decreasing the number of complaints and repeat calls by 20 percent in each area.
All organizational units that have a direct or indirect influence on complaints are being included, from Sales and Marketing to Product Management, Process Management, Finance and Technology.

Improving business customer satisfaction.

Telekom Deutschland places much importance on improving the satisfaction of its business customers. A focal point in 2011 was improving complaints management processes.

The reasons for this were insufficient satisfaction ratings in the fourth quarter of 2010. To improve these results, we launched the VSE Complaints Management initiative in early 2011. The goal of the initiative is to improve complaint services and prevent customers from having to contact the company unnecessarily, thereby permanently improving customer satisfaction. The satisfaction ratings from SME customers were a central focal point.

Customer satisfaction with the complaint service has constantly improved since the initiative was launched in January 2011 compared to the previous year. It was up to 15 ACCI (After Call Customer Interview) points higher at the start of 2012 than at the end of 2010. However, there is still much room for improvement when it comes to processing complaints. That is why we are planning to introduce additional measures in 2012 within the scope of the initiative. For example, we introduced a new market research tool in January 2012. The tool will constantly monitor relevant business processes at all of Telekom Deutschland's business customer areas and evaluate these using standardized KPIs.

Communication training for our service staff.

Our sales and technical service both use the WINS information system. It gives all employees who have customer contact the opportunity to learn about the status of the service processes. By having the information available in the system for the customer, it reduces the number of inquires and complaints. Over 10,000 service staff were trained in WINS in 2011. Customer communication plays a central role in this.
WINS provides our employees with a variety of processed information that can be be provided to the different target groups. It creates a uniform level of knowledge and provides a general sales approach which is irrespective of the communication channel used. By using WINS, employees have access to all the information they need to complete their daily tasks. It is divided into categories such as selling, devices, tariffs, services, IV technology and other technical topics. The content is structured uniformly which gives it a recognition value and means that each task can be completed with just a few simple clicks.

Bundling customer service multimedia expertise.

The growing spectrum of communication and entertainment products means increasing demands on the customer service staff's ability to advise our customers. Telekom Deutschland established a cross-area multimedia service team of several hundred employees for this purpose in November 2011.

The new structure combines online and fixed-line service so that teams are able to rely on a broad range of expert knowledge when helping customers. Decisive advantages of the new structure include a reduction in the number of forwarded calls, better availability and more flexibility when it comes to responding to fluctuating workloads. We are now also able to more effectively position new products and monitor product launches.

Telekom-hilft on Twitter with currently 17,810 followers.

Since May 5, 2010, our customers in Germany have been able to contact Telekom's customer service via the information network Twitter.

We had posted more than 66,100 tweets by the end of February 2012, which were followed by more than 17,810 fans.

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At Telekom-hilft, Telekom employees answer customer inquiries regarding service offers and products, each time using less than 140 characters. Our service staff not only respond to inquiries but also search out tweets that indicate customer questions or problems. An increasing number of users appreciate this form of uncomplicated support in a personal atmosphere. Sales employees provide their name and even a photo to make this form of support more personal and transparent. Users can also browse through older entries on the website to look for support.

We pay strict attention to data privacy when helping our customers: Should we require a customer to provide personal information, the inquiry is processed via e-mail.

Twitter gives us the chance to get in touch with our customers and prospects on a platform where they communicate on a daily basis. Telekom uses the experience gained from this pilot project for other projects to further promote sales and service via social media.

Telekom-hilft on Facebook.

Since September 2010, Telekom has been operating an official fan page on Facebook called Telekom-hilft (Telekom helps). More than 29,170 Facebook users already like this page (as of February 2012).

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A service team consisting of 12 Telekom employees is available for Facebook users during weekdays from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. Users can post their questions and comments on the site's wall or directly get in contact with staff members that have a personal profile with a photo.


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