Health management.

  • Management system for occupational safety and health introduced in 13 international subsidiaries.
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Requirements on our employees and executives are increasing in many areas of the company. As a caring employer we want to be proactive in countering any possible physical and mental overload. We have already attained a recognized high standard in health and safety at work and environmental protection and we are constantly working to improve further. This is shown by awards such as the Corporate Health Award 2010 and certificates granted in 2011 to business areas responsible for the international Group-wide Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

International health, safety and environmental management with high standards.

We support the Group-wide concept of occupational safety and health with a standardized international health, safety and environmental management system (HSE MS). By the end of 2011 we had introduced it in 13 German and international Group companies. Its introduction in other national companies has already begun or is being planned. With this step, we have laid the foundation for defining consistent global standards for occupational health and safety. The system is based on the international OHSAS 18001 , ISO 14001  and ISO 9001  standards for occupational safety and health, environmental protection and quality. Plans include minimum standards for hygiene, first aid and medical activities in a crisis. We have also defined standard indicators, such as the number of days absent from work. By defining minimum standards and the corresponding indicators, we intend to create not only greater transparency and better comparability at an international level, but also use these as the basis for our long-term "pandemic care plan." With this plan we specifically intend to protect our employees to the greatest extent possible. This will also allow us to maintain the global telecommunications infrastructure in a crisis.

Components of health management.

The most important components of Telekom's health, safety and environmental management system include:

  • Early warning cockpits for critical health areas
  • Comprehensive employee survey on health and work pressures
  • Occupational and fire safety: We have an occupational safety program for all employees in Germany in accordance with legal provisions. Occupational safety is practiced internationally in accordance with local provisions. This is monitored with spot check audits. The international subsidiaries create their own occupational safety programs within the framework of the HSE MS.
  • Prevention and good health initiatives
  • Employee and executive advisory service (50 experts available for psychosocial counseling)
  • Free telephone counseling for professional and personal problems (9,100 calls in 2011)
Employee survey on health.

As part of our "Healthy Working" program, we have drawn conclusions from the employee survey (which takes place every two years) that was carried out in October/November 2010 with 124,000 participants. The survey is one of the best and most detailed investigations into mental stress in the workplace. The results serve as an early warning signal of overall patterns of mental illnesses and general health risks and as an impetus for measures at corporate, area, team and individual level.

Promoting health competence and health awareness.

Our health measures range from specific offers for junior staff and seminars on stress management to flu shots and health checks. Outside the realm of the employee survey, we use our health management system and preventive offers to promote health literacy and health awareness among the entire workforce—for example, through the frequently used personal and telephone-based counseling service for executives and employees. One fact is absolutely clear even without these programs and offers: the key prerequisite for a healthy corporate culture is that management staff reflect on their leadership behavior, reduce high-intensity change and improve the quality of their planning.

Health communication.

In 2011 we developed web-based training programs as one way of providing executives with better information on their role in workplace health and safety, and to make them aware of their responsibilities. This goal is shared by the health communication campaign for all employees. The campaign will continue throughout 2012 focusing on sport/fitness, diet and mental health. In addition, since March 2011 the intranet has hosted an international information forum on health and safety at work.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Improving health rate and preventing accidents (in Germany)   Target achieved.
  • Implementation of an improved electronic accident reporting system (UNDIS) in Germany
  • Organizational integration of health management, occupational safety and fire prevention into the Human Resources area
  • Restructuring the local health and safety organization
Group-wide health management   Implementation underway.
  • Development and implementation of an early warning cockpit (in Germany) for mental stress suffered by employees: early warning cockpit developed in 2011
  • Deriving recommendations for action and monitoring of the measures: recommendations for action derived from employee survey results
  • Implementation of a uniform management system with minimum standards and health and safety guidelines starting in 2010: 50% of international subsidiaries integrated by the end of 2012

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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