Cultural change.

  • Change managers provide local support for Telekom's cultural and structural transformation.
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Change management to support change.
Telekom wants and needs to provide its customers with excellent service at competitive prices, both on our domestic market as well as at our European subsidiaries and affiliates. This is why we continue to reorganize our Group so that the structure of our company is as efficient as possible and at the same time as flexible as possible for our customers. The ongoing evolution of our business demands that our employees be ready to embrace change. To support and accompany it, we introduced Group-wide change management in 2009. This is the only way to get employees involved in radical change processes on our way to becoming the "new Telekom," and to integrate the corporate culture and new structures in the everyday work routine.

On-site change managers, global tools and expertise.

Support for uniform change awareness throughout the Group comes in the shape of the globally available Change Navigator—a kit of tools and methods—as well as certified training courses for change managers. Change managers are the HR Business Partners  and executives at the local business units.

Change Community creates networks.
In addition to providing continuing education offers as well as access to tools and best practices, we also encourage regular communication among our change experts. We use a shared social media platform, international teleconferences and the International Change Community Conference as forums where people can share knowledge and collaborate in the Change Community in a project-oriented way and at an international level.


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