Employee involvement.

  • 50 percent of measures derived from the employee survey had to do with health issues.
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  • More than 2,000 employees team up to work on new ideas.
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  • Telekom leads among DAX 30 companies, with over 425,000 fans on Facebook.
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Our employees need to be enabled to play an active role so that they can devote their energies to the success of the company and identify with it, for instance by inviting each and every employee to contribute ideas and suggestions. More streamlined hierarchical structures, new forms of work and communication channels and regular surveys also promote open dialog and the productive exchange of ideas. Our focal point in 2011 was translating the extensive feedback we received from our employees in the 2010 employee survey into numerous improvements. For the first time, the employee survey also included detailed questions about mental and physical health.

Employee survey and pulse check: feedback tools widely accepted and used.

The employee survey held every two years and the six-monthly pulse check are our most important Group-wide feedback tools. Acceptance levels are high and still rising. The next employee survey will be carried out globally once again in fall 2012. It gives all employees the chance to give detailed feedback and provides managers with valuable information about potential for improvement and necessary changes within their teams. Telekom was the first DAX-listed company to include detailed questions on mental and physical well-being in the 2010 employee survey. The 22 questions in our concise six-monthly pulse check help us ascertain which improvements resulting from the employee survey have actually been seen to have been made.

Follow-up measures focused on health.

2011 was characterized by the follow-up measures derived from the 2010 employee survey. Topics such as "Trust in senior management," "Workload" and "Understanding the strategy" have been directly addressed by the improvements introduced by our executives. The follow-up process focused on the topic of health, as demonstrated by the spread of measures. At least 50 percent of all measures put into practice across the Group concerned employee workload pressures and resources. Some key projects have already been implemented and are particularly noteworthy: the Early Warning Cockpit for Mental Health and the good practice exchange project Your Voice—Your Chance. Your Voice—Your Chance demonstrated which changes to employee working conditions were needed to achieve greater employee satisfaction and, in turn, to increase customer satisfaction.

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The Early Warning Cockpit for Mental Health gives quarterly information on significant health-related data. We analyze this data to catch critical trends within the teams in the early stages and act preventively.

Pulse check 2011: Up to two thirds of employees confirm the success of the measures.

The question in our pulse check asking whether teams had seen successful improvements implemented after the 2010 employee survey was answered "Yes" by two thirds of employees in the Germany segment. This was confirmed by a majority of employees in all other segments too. We expanded some questions in the November 2011 pulse check, relating for example to the working environment as well as to workload and resources. Results here too pointed to the success of our employee survey follow-up measures. As regards the topics of work volume/quality, work-life balance and recognition, there was an impressive double-digit increase in the approval rate.

Enterprise 2.0: toward an open culture of innovation.

Deutsche Telekom is pursuing technological change and the transformation of customer markets in parallel with the internal transformation in cooperation and working culture—on the way to Enterprise 2.0. The possibilities that Web 2.0 opens up in terms of new forms of collaboration and interactive customer contact are emblematic of such changes. We are primarily targeting the application of collaborative tools to make social media a natural part of a new and creative culture of innovation.

Ideas management: Employees helping Telekom grow.

Telekom's ideas management already plays an important role in involving employees in the company's development. This applies for all issues, aspects, and areas of our Company, from customer service and internal processes through to product innovations. With its interactive tools, ideas management also paves the way toward even greater openness for Telekom, both internally and externally. In 2011 the genial@telekom IT tool, introduced back in 2009, was supplemented by a new way of generating ideas, the Ideas Garden. This IT tool enables employees to work with other interested parties and experts in a virtual environment to turn initial suggestions into fully developed ideas. Although the Ideas Garden is still in the pilot phase, more than 10,600 registrations and 2,180 active employees prove that this way of getting involved has been warmly welcomed.

External Web 2.0 activities: 425,000 fans on Facebook, 40,000 followers on Twitter.

In terms of external customer contact and recruitment, Deutsche Telekom in Germany is one of the leading DAX-30 companies. For example, more than 40,000 people follow our activities on Twitter and Deutsche Telekom has more than 425,000 "fans" on Facebook, with numbers rising. Our European subsidiaries are also increasing their use of Web 2.0 to contact their clients and other external stakeholders.

Internal Web 2.0 activities: 55,000 employees use our social media platforms.

Around 55,000 employees use our internal social media platforms for in-house cooperation: they hold discussions on the Telekom blog platform and work on more than 2,300 projects and topics on Telekom MyWiki. We have been merging all of the numerous internal social media platforms that have sprung up over the last few years into a Group-wide Telekom Social Network since 2011. This will be the technological basis for very simple, cross-area and cross-level collaboration in 2012. Online Telekom Jams—virtual get-togethers—with several thousand employees across various units and seniority levels tackling specific issues over a limited time period, are to be rolled out Group-wide in 2012.

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Our collaboration platform is available to all employees as the open TelekomWiki, and to closed project and user groups as Telekom MyWiki.

Working differently: Dialog about the working world of tomorrow.

Our move to Enterprise 2.0 affects our whole working culture: how are we going to work and with what tools? What will be our understanding of leadership, achievement, personal responsibility, service, research and creativity? What areas of our company will be affected by this and to what extent? Starting in Germany, we have initiated an open dialog on the "Working differently" blog and at open discussion events. These give our employees the opportunity to take part in this discussion, so that we can answer these questions with one common vision for the future.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Refocusing ideas management   Implementation underway.
  • Central organization and Group-wide provisions implemented in Germany: target achieved
  • Establishment of the Group-wide, web-based IT platform genial@telekom in 2009: target achieved
  • Expansion to include a communication platform based on web 2.0 ("Ideas Garden"), launched in 2010: target achieved
  • Implementation of campaigns within the Group, e.g., a sustainability drive in ideas management with 346 ideas launched in 2010: target achieved
  • Tapping synergies in the Group by interlinking ideas development (E2.0 strategy) with the planned "Jam" online discussion forum in 2012

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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