• 1,800 executives in Germany trained in the Service Academy.
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  • Service campaign creates more than 2,000 new jobs in sales and service at Telekom Deutschland.
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The shift over to the One Company structure in Germany and Europe calls for changes in the way we think and act as well as how we perceive service. We are promoting these changes in many ways such as offering skills development schemes such as the Service Academy and the opportunity provided by service careers.

Service initiatives provide training for 1,800 executives at the Service Academy alone.

Our executives are service role models, ambassadors and purveyors of our corporate culture. To take our service culture forward we have been enrolling executives across Germany in the Service Academy since 2008. Some 1,800 executives took part in phase 3 of the Service Academy in 2011. Each year the program consists of a two-day workshop complemented by a one-day service experience and a half-day learning module of the participant's choice.

Some of our subsidiaries have extended or introduced their own service initiatives. Here are just three examples:

  • The Management Workshop@TSG at Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft targets a common understanding of the best in-store sales and service experience. The workshops took place in 2011 and achieved high participation levels and positive approval ratings.
  • In 2011 we also introduced "magenta T" in our Polish subsidiary PTC. To consolidate the loyalty and high commitment levels of 6,800 employees, our Polish colleagues have worked with 80 change experts to run 200 half-day or full-day workshops.
  • T-Mobile Netherlands won awards for good service, the Best Customer Performance Award (2010) and, for the Online Shop, the Best Web Performance Score (2009, 2010, 2011).
More than 2,000 new service jobs.

As part of our service campaign we are creating new jobs: 2011 and 2012 sees us taking on over 1,000 new employees in sales and service for Telekom Deutschland alone.

Service careers for over 3,600 employees since 2009.

Since 2009 we have furthered the development of over 3,600 employees under the service career model. In this way we are securing and improving the quality of our customer service along a wide front.

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The service career is a career path that has been tailored to the service companies in Germany. It offers high-performing employees a high-caliber opportunity to develop professionally. The training phase takes no more than ten months and qualifies employees for a range of activities in Sales and Service in Germany, for instance as a customer service representative or team leader. With this initiative, we want to improve both our employees' personal development opportunities and their solution and service competency for our customers. The service career also offers financial rewards.

Service Stars recognized for excellent service.

One way in which our employees are recognized for excellence in internal and external service is through personal awards. In 2011 we selected 20 Service Stars and honored them with a place on the Walk of Service at Group Headquarters. We hope this will encourage all our employees to follow their example.

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Walk of Service: Similar to the concept of the Walk of Fame on which film stars receive a star in Los Angeles, Telekom employees are recognized on the Walk of Service by getting their own floor tile placed in the foyer at Group Headquarters.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
All senior executives of the Group in Germany attend the Service Academy regularly   Implementation initiated in December 2007.
  • Participation of almost 100% of senior executives in phases 1 and 2. Almost half completed phase 3
  • Phase 4 has been underway since January 2012

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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