Human Resources development.

We want to fill the majority of our expert and management positions with top performers from within the company. First and foremost, we offer our future experts and managers attractive working conditions in order to keep them in the Group. We assign demanding, exciting and challenging tasks. At the same time, we want to open up long-term prospects for their personal professional development.

Talent management: Internal HR development and talent promotion.

Talent Spaces to raise the profile of talented people internationally and across segments.
The Talent Spaces initiative is a milestone for our international and cross-functional talent management. True to our Guiding Principle "Best place to perform and grow," the aim of the initiative is to network and raise the profile of participants within the company. We initially started in October 2010 in five functional areas: technology, IT, procurement, finance and HR. In the second round of Talent Spaces from October 2012, we will integrate additional functions. The success of our Talent Spaces initiative can be seen from the figures. After 12 of the total 18 months, half of the almost 200 talents—of whom 44 percent are women and 42 percent international participants—have already progressed, either within or beyond their own functional area, business unit or country.

Core of personalized HR development: Performance & Potential Review and Compass.

The linchpin of our HR development is the valuation of our employees' and executives' performance, competence and potential. A high degree of transparency and comparability aims to ensure that we identify successors and open up challenging, including cross-functional and international career prospects for them. For this purpose, we have the HR development tools Performance & Potential Review and Compass. In 2011, we rolled out the PPR internationally for all employees not covered by collective agreements and for executives. Planning for connecting all international experts to the PPR is already underway.

In Germany, this huge step toward Group-wide transparency was followed by a first step toward greater comparability at employee level, also in 2011: Compass, the new annual development meeting for employees covered by collective agreements and civil servants. Compass enables our employees to assess and put into context where they stand professionally. Thus we reward and encourage good performance and breathe life into our Guiding Principle "Best place to perform and grow."

Career paths at Telekom.

Wide variety of development opportunities.
While we use the PPR at an international level to assess the potential of our executives and employees in expert, project and leadership roles not covered by collective agreements, with Compass, we focus on advancing employees covered by collective agreements. This development is part of our career paths, which we try to make as mutually permeable as possible:

  •  STEP up! for executive development and
  • Go Ahead!, the expert and project career.

We completed preparations for the uniform Group-wide roll-out of Go Ahead! in the reporting year. This is scheduled to take place in mid-2012. We launched Go Ahead! at T-Systems in 2011. Regardless of whether a project, expert or management career, the same always applies: we want to take high performers from within the company, develop them as specifically as possible, network them, and prepare them for tasks with greater responsibility.

STEP up!: Internationalizing our development programs with hundreds of participants.

Our executive development program Step up! includes the global Leadership Development Program (LDP) and the German-language equivalent, the FEP executive development program, which is temporarily still available. In this way, we support employees who are preparing for their first management position with greater, permanent personnel responsibility, but also executives on their way to a more advanced management role. 612 employees and executives took part in LDP and FEP in 2011; 32 percent of them were women.

International mobility, exchange and knowledge transfer.

In order to drive the development of know-how as well as a shared concept of One Company at a business-specific level and across national borders, we set great store by international development measures:

  • Telekom X-change as an international HR development initiative. The program offers high performers the opportunity to experience everyday work in an international environment for three to six months. This includes assignments to and from Germany, as well as directly between international subsidiaries.
  • Professional programs (PP) guarantee state-of-the-art expertise: Together with renowned business schools, we are expanding and developing specialist knowledge and strategically relevant skills of our employees. Many employees take the opportunity to get a Masters degree to crown their high dedication.
  • Master Classes: This European-wide development offer addresses selected top performers from Go Ahead!
Telekom School of Transformation: providing impetus for the Telekom of tomorrow.

In fiscal year 2011, we initiated the establishment of the Telekom School of Transformation. In the future, it will act as a provider of impetus for the Telekom of tomorrow. The Telekom School reflects changes in society, culture and technology, encourages sustainable solutions for future work and living environments and therefore promotes the continual transformation of Telekom.

The Telekom School of Transformation supports national and international networking within the company in the same way as the dialog with its external stakeholders. It identifies potential for innovation and change and encourages responsible entrepreneurial conduct in employees. It strengthens Telekom on its way to becoming the most highly regarded service company in the sector. Learning and experience spaces—virtual and real—allow the development of new competencies, and leeway for thinking opens windows into the future. In this way, our employer promise, The Great Experience, will be immediately tangible at the Telekom School. In mid-2012, the measures and offers of the Telekom School of Transformation will gradually go "live," thus becoming accessible to our employees.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Introduction of expert careers with emphasis on specific areas   Implementation underway.
  • The target group of 35,000 to be addressed by 2011 was achieved
  • 2011-2013: Further roll-out to additional corporate areas and subsidiaries

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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