Talent management.

  • New online Job Exchange lets candidates apply in just 3 minutes.
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  • Telekom supporting 360 students as part of the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program.
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  • The number of female students in cooperative STEM study programs has more than doubled.
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  • Deutsche Telekom receives Golden Victoria for Integration award.
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Any company looking for new talent should go where the talent can be found. The digital native generation, for example, can be found online, in particular in social media.

Looking for talent in the digital world: More awards.

On the Internet, especially in social networks, digital natives use the possibilities of interactive networking and real-time communication with unconventional forms of communication and flat hierarchies. Nowadays, applicants expect direct insight into the company. They want to know what their potential employer looks like, they want to meet their future colleagues and get an idea of topics and areas. This is one of the great advantages of social media. For years, Telekom's Web 2.0 commitment has been seen as leading among the German DAX 30 companies. Our European subsidiaries also have a presence on the talent markets through social media. In 2011, we took first place for the second year in a row in the HR Social Media Activities of DAX 30 Companies. The Online Talent Communication study ranked us in 5th place. The study evaluates social media, career sites, job forums and mobile recruiting channels. Some 30,000 students and graduates around the world were surveyed.

We also increase interactivity and personal relevance through campaigns such as the crowdsourcing competition "Your idea!," which is the only one of its kind so far in German HR marketing. Here, for the first time, students and graduates can design their own app for the Facebook fanpage TelekomKarriere or to incorporate in our careers page on the Internet.

New job exchange planned for first half of 2012: three-minute application process.
The aim of the new job exchange is to accelerate the application and recruitment process. Professionals, for example, will be able to apply for our jobs in just three minutes. Our job postings will reach a larger audience. We will be using external job portals and social media channels more heavily than ever before thanks to automatic interfaces to sites such as Monster, StepStone, Facebook and Twitter.

Attracting talent among students and graduates.

More than 300 international university graduates used the opportunity to start their careers in 2011.
We successfully continued our entry-level offers for graduates, the entry program Start up! and the direct entry program Jump in!. Start up! is our international, project-based program for university graduates. The fifteen-month program is held under the particular attention of the Board of Management and is offered, for example, in the areas of human resources, finance, IT, technology, sales, and service. The 56 university graduates who began through Start up! last year came from 14 different countries. More than 30 percent of participants in the program are international, 49.3 percent are young women. Jump in! offers university graduates in all subjects direct hire positions at Telekom in their preferred field. Supporting measures provide new employees with precisely targeted encouragement in their first 24 months. In 2011, more than 250 graduates joined Telekom through Jump in!.

360 grants under the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program by 2014.
Deutsche Telekom AG has been supporting the German federal government's scholarship program since the 2011 summer semester. The Group will sponsor a total of 360 students under this scheme by 2014. A third of the scholarships are reserved for Masters degree programs, two thirds are provided by the company for Bachelor degree programs. Students who are eligible for support particularly include those studying STEM  subjects (STEM = science, technology, engineering, mathematics) at one of seven German universities: TU Dresden, WWU Münster, LMU Munich, HS Munich, TU Darmstadt, TU Dortmund and FH Dortmund.

Getting in touch with graduates and young people with talent with numerous events and programs.

A whole range of events and programs supports the goal of building up and maintaining contact with graduates and promising young people:

  • "Flexikum—the internship where the Company adapts to interns' timing." The Bologna university reform substantially restricts the timing options for doing internships. However, in order to build a bridge between theory and practice for budding academics, Telekom has developed the Flexikum: participants can tailor their internship plan to their personal needs, the company adapts to their plans.
  • LoungeXING. T-Systems combines Web 2.0 activities with events for making personal contact, for instance LoungeXING. The expert forum was held for the fourth time in collaboration with different groups from the XING social network such as IT-Connection and StuttgartBC.
  • Telekom ambassadors. In 2011 Telekom's unique ambassador network comprised 530 experts and executives (compared to 300 in 2008). As Telekom ambassadors, they hold guest lectures or give presentations on practical issues at universities and contribute significantly to improving the company's image as an employer through personal contact.
New approaches to school student marketing: Gold Award for "reif."

With channels such as the award-winning youth magazine "reif" and our new platform "Knowledge changes everything", we are increasing the number of applications, especially for technical cooperative study programs, and the number of applications from women. More than 85,000 participants have been exploring Telekom virtually on the wissen-veraendert-alles.de microsite since November 2010. In "reif," Telekom pools all its information on career paths. The magazine is both a training brochure and a youth magazine. The Best of Corporate Publishing competition—the biggest of its kind in Europe—awarded "reif" the gold medal. 4,000 readers' letters and 200,000 clicks on reif-magazin.de confirm the very strong reader loyalty.

Telekom's commitment to education.
  • STEM  (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics):

HfTL mentoring program for young women: Through a wide range of STEM  initiatives, we hope to inspire girls and young women to go for technical and science-based careers, professional and management positions. For example, the second mentoring program for young women will start at the Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig (HfTL) University of Applied Science in the fall semester of 2012. We are particularly interested in getting girls and young women from immigrant families involved in the program.

More women in STEM  degree programs: In 2011, the percentage of women on all STEM  study programs (on-campus, cooperative, part-time) increased from 13.4 percent in 2010 to 20.7 percent. For cooperative STEM  study programs alone, the figure more than doubled to 26 percent.

STEM  handbook: Telekom also shares its experience with interested companies and institutions in a handbook on the "JUMP in MINT" youth mentoring program, which is available at no charge. The handbook talks about the mentoring program concept and gives recommendations for how other companies and institutions can adopt the program.

  • Programs for disadvantaged young people:

Helping young adults get a start with their careers: Golden Victoria for Integration award.
We take our corporate and social responsibilities very seriously at all levels of education. In 2011, we offered 100 young people the opportunity to get a foot on the career ladder. We plan to give more young people solid prospects for beginning a career with the pilot project "My chance to get going," which we are carrying out in collaboration with the German Federal Employment Agency, until 2012. The program particularly addresses young people who come from a background of long-term unemployment. In 2012, we plan to provide 150 places. So far, the results of the project have been positive. Of the 66 young people who did an internship under this scheme in 2010, 48 (i.e., 75 percent) have started vocational training with us. 32 young people were even accepted directly into the second year of training. In 2011, Telekom received the Golden Victoria for Integration award for this commitment. For our vocational training, we endeavor at each training center to recruit the same percentage of apprentices from a migrant background as are represented in the regional population.

  • Part-time training for single parents: New pilot project launched with 17 mothers.

In September 2011, Telekom together with the German Federal Employment Agency launched a project to provide training and study for single parents. In the pilot project, 17 single mothers began training part time at five of our training centers. In addition, in October 2011, three young mothers started a technical cooperative degree program on a part-time basis.


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