Socially responsible investment.

CR KPI „Socially Responsible Investment".

In 2011, 13 percent of all Deutsche Telekom shares were held by investors who take SRI/ESG  criteria into consideration at least partly in their investment strategy. 2 percent of T-shares were held by investors who give priority to SRI/ESG  aspects when managing their funds.

CR KPI „Socially Responsible Investment" Deutsche Telekom AG.

The Investment CR KPI indicates the percentage of Deutsche Telekom AG T-shares held by investors who show concern for environmental, social and governance criteria in their investment strategy. Due to annual updating of the calculation criteria, comparisons with the previous year may not always provide conclusive information.

Reporting against standards.
The KPI is relevant for criteria 1 (Strategic analysis, strategy and goals) and 7 (Rules and processes) of the German Sustainability Code.

Listing of the T-share.

Listing of the T-Share in sustainability indices/ratings.

Rating agencyIndexes/ratings/
Successfully listed in index
Successfully listed.
- Not listed.
* Previously RiskMetrics/KLD.
DJSI Europe
Oekom "Prime"
imug/EIRIS FTSE4Good 
Sarasin DAX Global Sarasin Sustainability
CDP Carbon Disclosure Leadership - - - -
Carbon Performance Leadership
(new since 2010)
- n.a. n.a.
MSCI * MSCI Global Climate
MSCI World ESG  - - - -
Newsweek Green Rankings Global 100 Rank Germany #6, Global #80,
Technology #12
n.a. n.a.
Sustainalytics STOXX Global
ESG  Leaders
(new since 2011)
n.a. n.a. n.a.

Reporting against standards.

The information is relevant for criterion 1 (Strategic analysis, strategy and goals) of the German Sustainability Code.


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