Ideas management.

genial@telekom. Ideas management.

In 2011, employees submitted 10,831 suggestions for improvement using the genial@telekom ideas platform, which was introduced several years ago. The savings generated by these improvements came to EUR 116 million. We registered 244 patents in the reporting period as well.

genial@telekom. Ideas management.

Modern ideas management on the advance.
In 2011, the number of patent applications stood at 244.

Suggestions for improvement 7 295 5 592 10 498 10 831
Savings in million € 141 122 136 116

Reporting against standards.
Employee involvement is encouraged via the genial@telekom ideas management platform. This data is relevant for criterion 14 (Employee rights) of the German Sustainability Code.

Portfolio of intellectual property rights.

The portfolio of intellectual property rights has increased continuously over the past four years and came to more than 7,500 in 2011.


Portfolio of intellectual property rights Deutsche Telekom Group in Germany.
  2008 2009 2010 2011
Patent applications 6 328 6 881 7 434 >7 500

Industrial property rights include inventions, patent applications, patents, utility models and registered designs. The latter give their owners the sole right to use an aesthetic format (design, color, form). The IPR portfolio is reviewed on a regular basis and those rights that are no longer relevant are eliminated. We manage these property rights based on cost-utilization criteria. (Data source: 2011 Group management report, p. 121)

Reporting against standards.
This data partially covers the TA 5 (Practices relating to intellectual property rights) GRI performance indicator as well as the V04-05 (Number of patents registered within the last 12 months) and V04-06 (Percentage of patents registered within last 12 months in relation to total number of patents) EFFAS indicators.


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