Social commitment.

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CR KPI „Social Commitment“.

The Social Commitment CR KPI indicates the discrepancy between perceived importance of social commitment and perception of Deutsche Telekom's actual involvement in this area. This difference had decreased to 8 percent in 2010. It increased to 13 percent in 2011 as a result of increased importance attributed to CR activities by the public.

CR KPI „Social Commitment“ Deutsche Telekom Group in Germany.

Source: TNS Infratest, exclusive telephone survey of 1,000 persons resident in Germany, October 2011.

Data verified by PwC. Data is partly provided by external service providers.

We are able to specify the Social Commitment CR KPI for all years back to 2008. We are pleased that perception of Telekom's community-related activities increased by one percent in 2011 and even more according to a survey of "CR experts." At the same time the importance attributed to social commitment by the public increased considerably from 52 to 58 percent year on year, which widened the discrepancy between importance and performance by 5 percent. Source: TNS Infratest. Exclusive telephone survey of 1,000 German residents. Question on importance: "How important is it to you that companies are active in the community?" Answer: "extremely important" or "very important." Question on performance: "I am going to read a list of other companies (...) to you (...) and would like you to tell me if you think (...) that these companies are committed to community engagement." Answer: "yes" for "Deutsche Telekom."

Reporting against standards.

By reporting our Social Commitment CR KPI as an indicator of progress regarding the effectiveness of our community involvement we partially cover the SO 1 (Impacts of operations on communities) GRI performance indicator. This data is also relevant for criteria 18 (Corporate citizenship) and 7 (Rules and processes) of the German Sustainability Code.


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