Doesn't expanding high-speed networks require more energy than the new technology will be able to save?


We are driving a nationwide expansion of our broadband infrastructure in all of our markets. High-speed Internet and reliable mobile communications connections are key prerequisites when it comes to enabling equal participation in society. We are providing 4th generation mobile communications technologies (4G) that offer high data rates to more areas than ever before as a substitute for fixed-line services. In 2011 we were voted Mobile Network Operator of the Year for the twelfth time.

ICT networks need to promote a sense of community.

How are we going to manage the transition over to the new digital age? What is Telekom's contribution?

  • CR category "Connected life and work"

  • CR category "Connect the unconnected"

  • CR category "Low carbon society"

The matrices map the results of our 2012 stakeholder survey. We use the survey to determine how relevant our internal and external stakeholders consider the various topics addressed by our CR categories to be. Further information regarding the stakeholder survey can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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