About this report
    Foreword by the Chairman of the Board of Management
    Group profile
    Rankings, ratings & awards
    GRI index
        Economic performance indicators
        Environmental performance indicators
        Social performance indicators
        GRI Telecommunications Sector Supplement
        GRI Application Level check
    Global Compact Communication on Progress
    Independent assurance report
    User help
    Painting for climate protection
Strategy & management
    Values & Guiding Principles
    CR strategy
        CR categories
        CR key performance indicators
        Socially responsible investment
    CR governance
    CR program
    Stakeholder involvement
        Stakeholder expectations
        Formats of involvement
    Risk & opportunities management
    Data privacy
    Government relations & regulatory issues
    Regional added value
National companies
    Network & infrastructure expansion
        Fixed-line & broadband technologies
        2nd & 3rd generation mobile communications
        4th generation mobile communications
    Mobile communications & health
        Research & partnership
    Environmentally friendly network infrastructure
        Network upgrading
        Climate technology & energy use
        Green data centers
    Basics for product development & product design
    Climate and environmentally friendly products & services
    Barrier-free products & services
    Customer communication
    Phone & cell phone recycling
    Consumer protection
    Protecting minors
    Customer satisfaction
        Complaints management & customer care
    Research & innovation
        Smart grids & smart metering
        Connected cars
        Corporate volunteering & corporate giving
        Partnerships with NGOs
        Disaster relief
        Media skills
        “Yes, I can!” initiative
        Deutsche Telekom Foundation
        Commitment to training & development
        Promoting talent
        Cultural sponsorship
        Sports sponsorship
    Competitive workforce
        HR planning
        Personnel & organizational restructuring
        Health management
    Service culture
        Guiding principles
        Cultural change
        Employee involvement
    Talent agenda
        Employer brand
        Talent management
        Training & development
        HR development
    Sustainability strategy for procurement
    Supplier selection
    Supply chain management
    Social Audits
        2011 audit results
    International collaboration
Climate & environment
    Climate protection
        Climate protection initiatives
        Energy management
    Environmental management
    Resource efficiency at the workplace
    Waste management & disposal
    Climate-friendly mobility
Facts & figures
    Economic indicators
        Socially responsible investment
        Financial indicators
    Environmental indicators
        CO2 emissions
        Used cell phone collection & waste generation
        Other environmental indicators
    Social & HR indicators
        Social commitment
        Employee satisfaction
        Diversity & company pension scheme
        Training & development
        Employee health
        Ideas management


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