Commitment to training & development.

  • Cosmote Greece and OTE grant scholarships and awards with a value of EUR 270,456.
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  • T-System Singapore takes action against illiteracy in Asia.
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As an international ICT group, Deutsche Telekom is dependent on qualified junior staff. As one of the major vocational training providers in Germany, we invest heavily in training programs for the young generation. We also set up external projects to facilitate access to the information and knowledge society for all young people.

T-Systems Slovakia sponsors IT training.

T-Systems Slovakia has been sponsoring IT training in the region of Košice by offering a summer and evening university program since 2006. The company offers ICT administration courses in cooperation with local universities. More than 350 students had attended the seminars at no charge by the end of 2011.
The company founded the T-Systems Education Academy in 2008 in collaboration with the Technical University of Košice. T-Systems Slovakia is designing lectures on ICT for the university as part of this project. The lectures are recognized by the Slovak Ministry of Education.
In 2011, T-Systems Slovakia launched an additional educational project in cooperation with three elementary schools in Košice: Ten volunteers taught Windows and Linux to school students to make them aware of how important ICT is in education. The company plans to expand the program to reach all educational levels in the future.

Greek subsidiaries invest in education.

Cosmote Greece has a tradition of supporting needy students with grants and special awards. OTE joined the program in its tenth year, making it possible to award 15 instead of 10 grants. Each grant recipient received EUR 15,280. Cosmote Greece also gave 27 students an award of EUR 1,528 for exceptional academic and extra-curricular performance. That put the total amount of money granted in 2011 at EUR 270,456. The Greek subsidiaries particularly focused on students who need aid because of a disability or low-income family situation.
Even in the face of the economic crisis in Greece, Cosmote Greece and OTE have not stopped sponsoring education and continue to offer paid internships. Their aim is to help make it easier for young people to start their careers and give them the skills they need to do so.

CR Report from the previous year 

Collaboration with schools to provide wireless Internet access.

In collaboration with Marienschule in Limburg, we launched the joint WLAN-AG project in 2010. Teachers, school students, Telekom trainees and the head of the Telekom training center work together to provide the school with a WLAN access and to come up with new ideas on how to extend the school's IT infrastructure.

Further projects in implementation phase.
Telekom helped school students to set up an Internet access in the school cafeteria and media library in April 2011. An extension is planned for the fall break 2012 to include the teachers' lounge and the schoolyard. We are also working on a new design for the wireless network. Other projects are currently being implemented, including the installation of a school network and a learning platform.

Books and educational materials for children in need.

T-Systems Singapore collects books for disadvantaged children.
With its BookMATTERS project, which was launched in 2011, T-Systems Singapore hopes to encourage reading in small children and young readers in Asia, thereby helping put a stop to illiteracy. To help them achieve this goal, the company conducted a book drive in collaboration with the non-profit organization Blessings in a Bag. The aim is to collect 1,000 books in six months. T-Systems Singapore's 150 employees donated a total of 410 books.

OTE employees donate school equipment.
The Greek subsidiary also conducted a nation-wide drive for school materials among its employees during the reporting period. The company collected some 70 boxes of materials and donated them to needy children via the non-profit organization, The Smile of a Child, so that those children have equal opportunities in the educational system.


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