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  • "Yes, I can!" initiative has reached more than 500,000 children since 2009.
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  • "Yes, I can!" Cup links educational institutions.
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Employees, managers and members of the Board of Management at Deutsche Telekom founded the "Ich kann was! - Initiative für Kinder und Jugendliche e.V." association in 2011. The structure and sponsorship activities of our initiative, which bears the same name, have been fully transferred to this non-profit organization in order to establish the initiative as a legal entity. Our aim is to increase sponsorship capacity through additional donation channels and collaborations with partners. This will enable us to help even more institutions in their work to support young people. The association began its work officially at the start of 2012.

Promotion of more than 50,000 children and young people.

Telekom once again sponsored numerous projects for children and young people from deprived areas in 2011 with its "Yes I can!" initiative. A jury selected 87 projects from among more than 850 applications. We sponsored each of the winning projects with a maximum of EUR 15,000. We have sponsored 200 projects and have helped more than 50,000 children and young people since the initiative was launched in 2009. Total sponsorship volume came to around EUR 2 million by the end of 2011. The association will again provide over EUR 500,000 for 2012.

Focal point: "Fair society."
A focal point of the competition in 2011 was the "fair society." We asked applicants to submit projects that promote mutual respect and tolerance, whether it be film projects dealing with social marginalization, intercultural plays or workshops on non-violent communication. Empathy and the ability to deal with conflict are key skills when it comes to making a future for oneself.

Children and young people from different walks of life and cultures, both with and without disabilities, spent one week together in 2011 at the Tolerance Camp organized by the Freidenker Barnim association in Bernau near Berlin. The camp experience revolved around values such as assuming responsibility, tolerance, trust and respect.

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With the "Yes, I can!" initiative Telekom improves the skills that enable children and young people to take on the challenges of their everyday lives and shape their life successfully. Based on the criteria published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) these key skills include

  • The ability to act independently and confidently,
  • The ability to successfully interact with different social groups and
  • The ability to skillfully use communication and knowledge tools.

The initiative targets children and young people between the ages of 9 and 14. By experiencing success in activities such as music workshops, cooking classes and working together to build a ship, young people are encouraged to further develop their skills. The initiative places great emphasis on supporting institutions that are in or close to deprived areas. The projects supported range from the attainment of everyday skills, to projects with a media-based or cultural focus, to programs offering new experiences.

The "Yes I can!" project network.

During the reporting period, we continued to successively network the sponsored institutions and projects. As part of these efforts, we held the second "Yes I can!" Cup in Berlin in 2011. More than 180 children and young people from sponsored projects all over Germany came to the capital and competed in 24 teams in the soccer competition.

UN Decade award.

The "Yes I can!" initiative received the UN Decade Education for Sustainable Development award on February 28, 2012, for the second time. The chairman of the national committee, Prof. Dr. Gerhard de Haan, and the general secretary of the German UNESCO  commission, Roland Bernecker, presented the award at an international workshop in Bonn. At the workshop, experts from all over the world discussed a variety of topics revolving around education for sustainable development.

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You will find more information on the ´Yes I can!´ initiative here: http://www.initiative-ich-kann-was.de/index.php?id=119


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