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Telekom wants to create added value for society with its involvement in the community. To do this, we support various organizations and projects in the context of our CR categories. Many Telekom employees also make a very personal contribution to society, breathing life into our CR strategy. We help our employees combine their charitable activities with their job.

We use the positive effects of our employees' joint involvement, such as increasing social skills and strengthening team spirit, for personnel development purposes. We also make corporate donations worldwide to support non-profit organizations or to provide fast aid to the victims of disaster. We often give our employees the opportunity to help decide where donations should go.

Corporate volunteering program in Germany.

In fall 2010, Telekom in Germany introduced a comprehensive corporate volunteering concept as part of the engagement@telekom platform which consists of three main components:

  • An intranet portal gives employees tips on volunteering in their free time as well as contact information for participating in activities and opportunities to talk about their experiences with other active colleagues.
  • Corporate volunteering is being integrated into employee training and development.
  • Employees can apply at Telekom for aid funding for charitable projects. 1,000 applications submitted by employees are approved each year and the company makes donations totaling EUR 250,000. To receive funding, employees have to be involved in volunteering for the organization in their free time and the organization's activities need to relate to one of the three strategic CR categories.
Policy paper on volunteering.

Deutsche Telekom published the "Volunteering—A matter of honor for companies?" policy paper in February 2012. In this paper Birgit Klesper, head of Corporate Responsibility & Diversity, talked about the role of companies required to strike a balance between involvement in the community and economic responsibility. According to this, society is based to a considerable extent on stable, successful companies that are able to invest in social projects beyond their own business activities. Corporate volunteering plays an important role in this: It has an immediate impact, is perceived accordingly by the public, is very motivational and has a highly integrational effect. It can create a stable foundation for an open corporate culture based on integrity.

Award for "taking responsibility."

Telekom was recognized for its engagement@telekom platform in November 2011: We received a special award in the Corporate Volunteering  category at the European Change Communications Award 2011 in Salzburg, Austria.

In the speech that was given at the award ceremony, we were praised for taking responsibility as a key component of our corporate strategy. Tangible examples and daily activities reflected how corporate values are filled with life at Telekom.

Online portals for employee volunteering.

The engagement@telekom portal, which was launched in 2011, received positive response from employees and non-profit organizations: 156 employees presented their volunteer activities on the intranet and non-profit organizations presented 58 projects. A mosaic was uploaded onto the intranet to provide a platform for our employees' volunteer activities and to demonstrate how highly we value their involvement. Employees were able to present volunteer activities here and talk about what motivated them to volunteer. The mosaic was redesigned to form the word "DANKE" (Thank you) on Volunteer Day and then used in internal communication accordingly. Eight selected employee volunteer efforts were featured for two months in an intranet special.

Corporate volunteering platform at T-Systems Iberia.
In December 2011, T-Systems Iberia also started bringing together its corporate volunteering projects on one intranet platform. The platform is designed to be a place where employees can present their projects and ask for support from others at the company.

Participation in "Getting involved week."

Telekom presented its engagement@telekom platform and the "Yes I can!" initiative at the kick-off event in Berlin for the Germany-wide "Woche des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements" (Getting involved week) from September 16 to September 25, 2011. Telekom participated in the kick-off event together with many initiatives, associations, volunteers and German celebrities such as Ulrike Folkerts and Peter Maffay. Birgit Klesper, head of Corporate Responsibility & Diversity at Telekom, talked about the reasons behind the company's involvement in interviews held on stage at the event as well as on the German morning show, ZDF-Morgenmagazin.

We also introduced our engagement@telekom platform in detail in the event's magazine Ehrenamt macht stark and in a newsletter featuring Corporate involvement day.

International Volunteer Day.

 Telekom used the occasion of International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2011, to motivate its employees to get involved and to recognize those who already volunteer.

Community involvement marketplace at Headquarters in Bonn.
Representatives from partner organizations presented their organizations' activities and their collaborations with Telekom in Germany in the foyer at Group Headquarters in Bonn. Participating organizations included the German bone marrow donor center DKMS, the Bonner Tafel food bank, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, an initiative by German aid organizations as well as the Telekom Foundation. On Volunteer Day, DKMS was present at four locations in Bonn and Magdeburg as well.

Numerous employee volunteer efforts were also presented in an exhibition. The head of Human Resources at Telekom Deutschland, Dietmar Welslau, recognized six "life savers" whose bone marrow donation gave leukemia patients the chance at a new life in 2011. On International Volunteer Day, one Telekom employee met the recipient of their donation, a nine-year old boy. A total of 152 employees registered in the DKMS database on Volunteer Day.

Telekom employees also donated high-quality, non-perishable foodstuffs to the Bonner Tafel food bank at the event. The Group had asked its employees to contribute a donation to needy people in the region that were to be handed over on December 5th.


T-Mobile Austria donates EUR 3,000 for three projects.
On International Volunteer Day, T-Mobile Austria donated EUR 1,000 each to three projects for which employees volunteer their time. Support was given to a school project in Ghana, an advertising campaign conducted by a soccer club to address children and young people, and the waste separation scheme in office buildings. All employees had the opportunity to submit their own project suggestions.

Slovak Telekom recognizes "best volunteers."
Slovak Telekom's employees had the chance to submit a picture of them doing volunteer work on Volunteer Day. Slovak Telekom raffled off a dinner as well as three t-shirts bearing the words "Best Volunteer" among the participants.

3,524 employees participating in Social Days in Germany.

During our Social Days our employees volunteer for a non-profit organization for an entire day. 169 Social Days took place in 2011 with the participation of 3,524 employees. They volunteered at schools and day care centers, gave Internet and cell phone seminars to senior citizens, participated in DKMS typing drives and volunteered for the environment. Long-term involvements and regular joint activities often resulted from the Social Days activities. Employees also initiated and conducted many additional projects on their own.

Support for Lebenshilfe aid association.
Telekom in Germany and the Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung aid association for people with mental disabilities cooperate closely. Telekom employees continued to support the association in numerous ways in 2011. Corporate Communications employees revamped the playground for the remedial day care center in Bonn on May 26th and 27th. Employees also held a workshop in Bonn in June on how to use cell phones for people with mental disabilities from the Lebenshilfe assisted living facilities. Trainees created a "garden of the senses" at another Lebenshilfe facility and helped out at the summer festival. Managers from Customer Service visited artists with mental disabilities at a Lebenshilfe atelier in Berlin.

Nine people with mental disabilities from the Lebenshilfe association visited the Service Counter employees at the Telekom branch office in Bonn on February 3, 2012. They learned the basics of using the Internet at an all-day workshop, for example skills such as searching for information on Google and bookmarking websites. Telekom field staff talked to them about possible risks involved in using the Internet. Afterward, the visitors took a tour of the building and were able to ask questions.

An afternoon for Berliner Tafel and Bonner Tafel food banks.
Around 60 Telekom employees helped the Berliner Tafel organization collect 120 metric tons of fruit and vegetables on the last day of the Fruit-Logistica trade fair and distribute them to people in need on February 10, 2012.

At Guiding Principles Day on September 28, 2011, employees sold homemade baked goods to their colleagues and donated the proceeds of EUR 700 to Bonner Tafel.

Social Days and volunteer programs in Hungary.
In 2011, the Hungarian subsidiary Magyar Telekom again worked to raise the social awareness of its staff by organizing volunteer programs. As in previous years, the Jövő/Menő program offered the opportunity for anyone interested to get involved. The program aims to promote sustainable development in poorly developed regions of the country. Furthermore, Magyar Telekom used corporate volunteering in 2011 for the first time ever to aid team development. A total of 389 employees participated in corporate volunteering activities in the course of the year, donating 480 days of volunteer work with an equivalent value of HUF 19.86 million ( EUR 68,235).

Digital Bridge events in Hungary.
The aim of the Hungarian Digital Bridge program is to provide people in remote villages with the possibility of using modern information and communications technology, thus counteracting the digital divide in society. As part of the program, Magyar Telekom organized eight events with a total of around 1,000 participants in 2011. Around 300 volunteers from Magyar Telekom instructed visitors on how to use the Internet. In addition to this there was an Internet search competition and talent contests for both children and adults. Since the program began in 2004, Magyar Telekom has organized a total of 159 events.

Social Day in Albania.
In July 2011, 45 employees from the Albanian subsidiary AMC volunteered to help children at the SOS Children's Village in Tirana, a facility for hearing-impaired children as well as a facility for blind school students. With a budget provided by AMC, the volunteers redesigned the outside and internal areas and set up a mobile video library. The project is scheduled to be continued in 2012.

Huddle Up in the U.S. for better neighborhoods.

Employees at T-Mobile USA have worked hard to improve leisure activities offered to children and young people under the "Huddle Up!" scheme since 2006. After-school activities are offered to young people thanks to financial support and employee volunteer efforts. The program also brings people from the neighborhood together and motivates them to actively improve their community. 1,650 employees volunteered 13,200 hours in ten cities in 2011.

CR Report from the previous year

T-Mobile Czech Republic: 3,017 workdays for people in need.

More than 670 employees from T-Mobile Czech Republic, almost a quarter of the company's employees, participated in the "One day for people in need" campaign in 2011. They volunteered one whole day for the NGO of their choice at full pay. The employees have volunteered a total of 3,017 workdays since the corporate volunteering campaign was launched in 2005.

In 2010 T-Mobile Czech Republic also expanded its volunteer activities in collaboration with the VIA Foundation. Seven employees of the Czech subsidiary had worked together with external experts to train a total of 170 NGO employees at PR and human resources workshops by the end of 2011.

Donations for Christmas parties.

Telekom employees in Leipzig initiated several donation drives before Christmas 2011 and collected money as well as goods for children in need. The employees collected toys valued at around EUR 800 in just a few days. The donations were given to the Schutzengel e.V. organization, which helps families with small children living in deprived areas, at the organization's Christmas party.

Getting trainees and students involved.

Telekom is one of the largest vocational training providers in Germany. In addition to providing our more than 10,000 trainees and students in cooperative study programs with specialized technical skills we also want to communicate values and increase their social skills. That is why volunteering activities are a permanent fixture in Telekom's training programs.

Involvement in the community as part of the training course.
The CR department presented the engagement@telekom platform at the annual meeting of Telekom's training officers in Bad Honnef, Germany in November 2011. The training officers agreed on a more intensive collaboration between the Training units and the engagement@telekom platform in order to embody the idea of community involvement in training courses. Practical examples of such collaborations with training centers are projects in Essen (17/70 project), Bremen (SOS Children's Village), Bonn (Lebenshilfe aid association) and Berlin (Berliner Tafel).

Volunteer Day in Essen.
The training center in Essen held its first Volunteer Day in July 2011 under the slogan "Let's all volunteer together!"

113 trainees from all training groups and classes experienced what it is like to volunteer first-hand at different locations in Essen. They participated in various activities that a trainee project team had organized. Trainee photo journalists documented the Volunteer Day.

"Responsibility wins" award.
The internal competition, "Responsibility wins," in which we recognize the volunteer efforts of our trainees, entered its third round in February 2012. Some 1,000 trainees and students in cooperative study programs submitted over 100 projects in which they volunteer to help people in difficult situations.

Telekom recognized the three best projects in Bonn on February 1, 2012: A garden of the senses for people with disabilities created by the Bonn training center, SOS Children's village sponsorship by the Bremen training center and a concept for an internship for deaf teenagers developed by the Munich training center. Our young employees continued their involvement in the projects even after the award had been presented. The Bremen training center donated its prize money to the SOS Children's Village.

CR Report from the previous year 

Employees volunteer for the climate and environment.

Our employees throughout the Group work for a clean environment and for climate protection and nature conservation.

Volunteering for forestry projects.
Some 180 employees helped do forestry work on the Venusberg in Bonn in July 2011. They installed gates and made birdhouses, tables and benches for a "green classroom" under the Haus der Natur (House of nature) scheme. The activities took place in the context of the International Year of Forests 2011.

One month before, participants of the forest redesign project, Living Beech Forest, which is being conducted by the city of Bonn, Deutsche Telekom and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe environmental organization, began initial preparatory work in the Bad Godesberg city forest. As a result of the redesign efforts, part of the Bonn city forest will be transformed back into a mixed forest, similar to its natural state.

In December 2011 Telekom employees once again supported the Bonn city forestry and planted 200 shrubs and 25 trees to encourage biodiversity.

T-HT Hrvatski Telekom: Donations and employee reforestation efforts.
The Croatian subsidiary T-HT Hrvatski Telekom has been supporting various environmental projects since 2008. The international subsidiary continued to support the reforestation of areas destroyed by forest fires in cooperation with the public institution, Croatian Forests, in 2011. 100 T-HT Hrvatski Telekom employees supported the company's involvement in December 2011 by volunteering to participate in the reforestation efforts. Thanks to the subsidiary's support, project participants were able to reforest an area of 27 hectares.

Globul, AMC, T-Systems Slovakia: Working for a cleaner environment.
Employees from several international subsidiaries volunteered to preserve forests and collect trash in forests and parks during the reporting period.

  • In 2011, our subsidiary Globul supported the Bulgarian WWF "Nature parks national day" for the third year in a row as part of protecting the countries largest nature reserve. Globul donated financially as well as being part of a national awareness campaign. A total of 100 employees helped to clean up some 15 tons of garbage in the eleven national parks.
  • Every fifth employee at the Albanian subsidiary AMC participated in waste clean-up initiatives in mountains and on beaches in June and July 2011.
  • Eleven employees from T-Systems Slovakia participated in voluntary environmental protection initiatives in the Košice region in June 2011. They were able to choose between various activities such as waste clean-up initiatives, community activities or conducting public awareness events.
New donation policy adopted.

Changing conditions as a result of new internal and external regulations as well as our new CR strategy led us to revise our donation policy in 2011. The policy now governs all of the company's donation activities, thereby forming the basis for extending our corporate volunteering and corporate giving activities.

Combining volunteer work and corporate donations.

T-Systems UK supports and gives donations.
Incorporating personal expertise is a central element of T-Systems UK's CR approach. Since 2010 employees at T-Systems UK have been choosing which non-profit organization they want to support from a list of organizations put together by themselves and their fellow employees. In 2011 they selected the NGO, The Respite Association. The organization provides respite care so that caregivers can take some time off. The employees of T-Systems UK supported the organization by designing a new visual identity, writing and producing a fund-raising brochure and redesigning the charity's website, which went live in June. Employees raised GBP 3,500 (EUR 4,130) through activities and donations to The Respite Association in 2011. This amount was matched by T-Systems UK to give a grand total of GBP 7,000 which was a significant contribution to the charity's best year ever for income. In 2012, employees are once again able to choose the organization to which they wish to donate their time, now on an individual basis with company support.

T-Mobile Czech Republic supports the environment and community.
T-Mobile Czech Republic sponsored different non-profit organizations for the seventh year in a row with the T-Mobile Fund for Employees in 2011.Donations were made under the slogan "Healthy planet" for the second time. All employees had the chance to submit projects in which they were active participants. The company selected 27 projects out of 132 submissions. The selected projects contribute to either improving life in the community or the natural environment of the region. T-Mobile Czech Republic donated a total of CZK 2 million (around EUR 80,102). The company has supported more than 200 projects with around CZK 14 million (around EUR 560,711) since the start of the project.

Croatia: "Together we’re stronger."

H-HT Hrvatski Telekom has been asking its employees since 2006 to nominate local humanitarian initiatives or institutions for the company's donation program with the slogan "Together we're stronger." Employees selected 24 projects and institutions from among 294 suggestions in 2011. From helping people with disabilities to supporting educational projects and environmental and health projects, the company was again able to sponsor a wide variety of non-profit activities. T-HT Hrvatski Telekom donated at total of HRK 775,000, or approximately EUR 102,061, to the projects suggested by its employees in 2011.

CR Report from the previous year

50x1,000 employee initiative.

We launched the corporate giving initiative, 50x1,000, in the Bonn area in summer 2011. We asked employees to suggest non-profit projects to receive donations. For the project to qualify for a donation our employees had to demonstrate voluntary involvement in it. Suggestions included volunteering to renovate a Bonn day care center and sponsoring a school orchestra for which an employee volunteered regularly.

Because of the positive response to this initiative, we launched the "Everyone needs education—education needs everyone" project in December 2011 in cooperation with the Telekom Foundation. The project supports employee volunteer work at day care centers and schools that focus on the STEM  subjects.

Community support in Slovakia.

The Helping the Community sponsorship program was launched for the eighth time in October 2011. Employees of the Slovak Telekom have the opportunity to suggest projects to be sponsored, thereby contributing to the development of their local communities. 152 projects were submitted in 2011, 66 of which were chosen and sponsored with up to EUR 1,000. The total amount donated came to EUR 60,000.

Employees donate money and goods to those in need.

Donating money to Herzenswünsche e.V.
The Sales and Service Quality Management unit has been donating money to Herzenswünsche e.V. for over two years. Employees donated EUR 1,000 to help critically ill children in 2011.

T-Systems Malaysia.
T-Systems Malaysia has been giving its employees the opportunity to get involved by conducting donation drives since 2009. In October 2011 the company used the Hindu Festival of Lights as a reason to donate. Employees donated MYR 2,719 (around EUR 671) for clothing and food and helped purchase the items as well.

Cosmote Greece donates goods.
As part of the program "Cosmote family helps Greek families" Cosmote Greece employees have been regularly donating clothing, games, books and food to families in need since 2005. In December 2011, around 115 employees donated a total of 98 boxes filled with clothes, toys and food which were then donated to two institutions for children in January 2012. Earlier in the year, employees had already collected a total of eight boxes of food which were donated to families in need.

PTC employees donate part of their pay.
Employees of the Polish subsidiary PTC can have their donations for projects and institutions of their choice directly taken out of their paycheck as part of the Together for Others campaign since 2003. PTC matches the donations and then sends them to its collaboration partner, the United Way Foundation. Through this program, PTC and its employees have helped finance over 100 different projects, including projects for education and health. Employee donations totaling PLN 49,070 (around EUR 11,804) were collected in 2011. The foundation received around EUR 23,608 after the company had matched that amount.


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