Disaster relief.

  • EUR 3.7 million donated to Aktion Deutschland Hilft since 2003.
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Natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes often have devastating effects on the people affected by them. They lose everything they have from one day to the next and are dependent on help from others.

Telekom has been working with renowned partners for years in order to help the people affected and provide direct, fast help. We provide equipment and money right after disaster strikes. Our employees are always ready to help people who have been affected by floods or earthquakes.

Donations for tsunami victims.

After the devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011, Telekom helped its customers get in touch with relatives and friends in Japan. We also helped local aid organizations through donations.

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Donations for drought victims in East Africa.

Deutsche Telekom has been supporting the Aktion Deutschland Hilft organization in their work during humanitarian disasters worldwide, most recently during the famine in Africa. In addition to the company's efforts, individual employees often get involved as well.
Telekom has donated a total of EUR 3.7 million to the organization since 2003, including relief donations and calls for employee donations.


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