Media skills.

  • Free high speed Internet for 34,000 educational institutions.
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  • Telekom supports projects encouraging seniors to use new media.
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  • Slovak Telekom hands out 93,000 handbooks on online safety to parents and teachers.
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Telekom is dedicated to promoting media skills in society. The focus here is especially on showing children, young people and the elderly how to use the new information and communications media safely, because the new media can help them to make their lives easier and participate in society.

Examples of our involvement include the Telekom@School project and initiation of the "Internet—it's not a question of age" competition, which focuses on cross-generational activities relating to media skills. One key element in this is communicating media skills to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Free Internet access for 34,000 educational institutions.

As part of our Telekom@School infrastructure project, we offered to permanently increase the DSL bandwidth at some 34,000 general education and vocational schools in Germany from a maximum of 6,000 kbit/s to up to 16,000 kbit/s in April and May 2011. There was no charge for the switch-over or for subsequent use of the Internet. Telekom also gave each school licenses for its new child protection software.

We also offered to upgrade the connections of all schools in VDSL expansion areas to VDSL  at reduced rates. VDSL  enables data transmission speeds of up to 50,000 kbit/s.

High-speed Internet for Greek islands.
The Greek subsidiary Cosmote has been promoting unlimited online access in rural regions since 2010 with the Surfing the World project, the only one of its kind in Greece. Its goal was to connect all schools in remote parts of the Greek islands to the broadband network and equip them with the necessary hardware by the end of 2011. Since the start of the program; the company has been able to provide online access to 4,000 students at 81 schools.

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In Germany, Telekom has been providing free Internet access to around 34,000 general education and vocational schools as part of its Telekom@School infrastructure project since 2000. Some 30,000 of these schools already have a broadband connection thanks to DSLInfo. The aim is to give school children and their teachers the chance to incorporate new forms of communication and media into the educational process.

Data privacy becomes a focal point in the classroom.

In the run-up to the European Privacy Day, Dr. Claus-Dieter Ulmer, Data Privacy Officer at Deutsche Telekom, participated in an information event which addressed data privacy at schools and was held at the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium in Bonn on January 24, 2012. The event focused on topics such as how to handle personal information, cyber mobbing and cost traps. Our offer to hold information events at schools is available throughout Germany. Interested schools can find out more on Telekom's Responsibility portal.


A five-minute ad, also addressed the dangers of the Internet, data privacy and necessary safety measures. The ad was filmed by the Telekom Foundation in collaboration with the 9 b class of the Europaschule in Bornheim, Germany, during the reporting period. The students talked about their knowledge of the topic during the eight-hour filming session. The Europaschule is the first school at which this type of ad was filmed. Ads will be filmed at three more schools. The Europaschule's ad has been available on the website since February 14, 2012. The platform is targeted at teachers as well as parents who want to learn more about current media.

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Teachtoday Deutschland is an initiative that was founded by Telekom, Google, Microsoft, O2 and Vodafone. The initiative's aim is to actively support teachers when it comes to using ICT technologies safely and to promote young people's media skills.

The initiative is being conducted in cooperation with the European Schoolnet as well as the klicksafe EU initiative and Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Multimedia-Diensteanbieter FSM e.V., the German association for the voluntary self-monitoring of multimedia service providers.

"Internet—it's not a question of age" competition launched.

Enabling people of all generations to use the Internet is a core responsibility of our company. That is why Telekom, Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Senioren-Organisationen (BAGSO, the German association of organizations for the elderly), and klicksafe, the EU initiative for a safer Internet, launched the "Internet—it's not a question of age" competition in February 2012. With the competition, we intend to sponsor projects and activities that help teach older people how to use the Internet. The competition was launched on February 7, 2012, Safer Internet Day, under the patronage of Kristina Schröder, German Federal Minister of Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth.

Winners will be selected by an independent jury in April 2012 and will receive their prizes on the tenth German Senior's Day from May 3 to May 5. Winners will receive EUR 5,000 to further finance their projects.

Getting seniors involved in concept design.
During the planning phase, we discussed the competition concept with BAGSO and interested senior citizens at an expert panel held on November 9, 2011. The suggestions made were taken into account in the design phase.

We have included communication about the competition into our sustainability campaign, posting all information on our website and thereby encouraging our customers to participate.

Seminars on the protection of minors in Slovakia.

Other international subsidiaries are also involved in teaching people how to responsibly handle personal information online. During the reporting period, Slovak Telekom and the NGO, e-Slovensko, conducted 543 seminars on the protection of minors for teachers and students. 1,277 teachers and 13,800 students participated in the seminars. In addition, 93,000 handbooks addressing online safety were handed out to teachers and parents. Slovak Telekom also published nine new cartoons for children addressing the risks involved in using the Internet, cell phones and new media in an entertaining format.

Experience the Internet—surfing together

We also continued our support of the "Experience the Internet—surfing together" initiative in 2011. Telekom sponsored the Social Networks special award for the "Wege ins Netz" media skills competition.

Telekom awards the prize to an outstanding Internet project that promotes active participation in society and encourages people to help create the future. This may be a social network or blog or a website revolving around offline activities. In 2011 the prize went to the "Be an angel today" project conducted by the foundation in Munich, an innovative initiative that promotes short-term community involvement.

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Since August 2010, Telekom has been supporting "Experience the Internet—surfing together," a pilot project initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). The initiative is directed at people that do not know how to use the Internet in a targeted way so that they can take advantage of the professional and social opportunities provided by digital media.

More media skills for children in Berlin-Marzahn.

The branding agency, mc-quadrat, and Deutsche Telekom teamed up with the Straßenkinder e.V. organization in late 2011 to launch a project to increase media skills among children and young people. The aim of the project is to give young people from Berlin-Marzahn the chance to learn how to use media responsibly in a way that is fun and entertaining.

Participants told their own stories using modern media and published them on their own website. They were mentored by a media education expert. The Jugendhaus Bolle youth center was equipped with digital cameras, laptops and software for implementing the project.

The young people's website containing initial content including photos, animation, short films and stop-motion sequences has been online since February 16, 2012.

Telekom trainees in Berlin supported the project as well. They helped the "Bolle kids" use the media responsibly and gave them valuable advice.

Internet mentorships started.

Our Group-wide request to employees in October 2010 to become Internet mentors received a large response. Around 400 employees are willing to help people learn to use the Internet and help them take the first steps into the online world. The program, which was initially set up to address seniors, was extended to immigrants in 2011 at the suggestion of a Telekom employee. In 2011, Telekom employees conducted over 100 Internet seminars for seniors and immigrants in Hanover alone. These activities led us to renew our cooperation with the Wikimedia organization, which runs the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, in late 2011. Wikimedia offered to let the seniors trained by Telekom work as authors for Wikipedia under a special program. The project will begin in July 2012.

Telekom and the local Volkshochschule community college conducted the "AG 50 plus" project in the city of Datteln. In January 2012, trainees taught seniors how to use cell phones at a seminar for beginners. The advanced seminar took place in February. A total of 18 seniors attended to learn about their cell phones' more advanced features.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.
Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Strengthen the protection of minors, improve cooperation between the programs and intensify international exchange of information about specific projects within the Group   Target achieved.
  • Establishment of structures for regular exchange of information
  • Youth protection guideline
  • Collaborations including those with Teach Today, Frag Finn, etc.
  • Child protection software, Data Privacy at Schools project 
  • Data Privacy at Schools project launched throughout Germany
  • ICT principles
  • CR manager meetings and calls were used as an exchange platform.

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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