Partnerships with NGOs.

  • 855 employees registered as potential bone marrow donors.
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  • T-Mobile USA donates EUR 1.1 million for after-school care for children and young people.
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  • Telekom has been supporting Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. youth counseling line for 20 years.
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Telekom emphasizes long-term cooperation when it comes to its involvement in the community. We are involved in long-lasting partnerships with various organizations such as the Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling line and DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center. Our employees also play an important role in our involvement. They regularly volunteer and donate to good causes.

EUR 1.5 million donated to Ein Herz für Kinder.

Deutsche Telekom donated EUR 1.5 million to the German charity organization Ein Herz für Kinder in December 2011. Chairman of the Board of Management René Obermann presented the check to host Thomas Gottschalk during the Ein Herz für Kinder gala event, which was broadcast live by the German television station ZDF. 158 of our Telekom employees volunteered at the call center in Brühl to answer the calls of people wanting to donate and help the process run smoothly.

Employee involvement in cell phone collection campaign.
Telekom employees also participated in various initiatives to support Telekom's major cell phone collection campaign to benefit the Ein Herz für Kinder charity. Employees in Düsseldorf held a children's activity day where kids could get their face painted and receive a teddy bear by handing in an old cell phone at the Telekom Shop.

Women's Soccer World Cup 2011 campaign in Germany.
We were also involved in other activities over the course of the year and donated the proceeds to various organizations. For example, the German Football Association and the German women's national team sponsored Telekom's Herzrasen campaign during the FIFA Women's Soccer World Cup 2011.

Collaboration with DKMS.

Since we started collaborating with DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center, in 1994 we have conducted 97 company typing drives and one Christmas donation campaign.

19 typing drives were held at eleven Telekom offices in Germany in 2011. A total of 855 employees signed up to be registered in the database for the first time. Six German employees donated stem cells in 2011, giving sick people the chance at a new life. The "life savers" were recognized for their involvement on December 5 at Volunteer Day. 6,000 Telekom employees participated in the typing drive that was held in Münster in January 2012.

Trainees donate EUR 1,000.
Telekom trainees presented a check for EUR 1,000 to DKMS on May 19, 2011. They sold homemade baked goods to raise money for DKMS. The bake sale was held as part of Telekom's Germany-wide "Responsibility wins" initiative that has been ongoing since February 2010. At several events in Berlin, trainees also called upon their colleagues to register in the donor database and launched a DKMS blog as well.

Employees donate bonus.
Employees of the Systems Integration unit at T-Systems donated their employee bonuses totaling EUR 10,000 to DKMS in September 2011 to help fight leukemia.

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Telekom sponsors DKMS, the German bone marrow donor center, in its fight against leukemia. We have been conducting company typing drives and assuming the costs for employee typing for 16 years. Every potential donor who wants to be registered in the DKMS bone marrow database submits a tissue sample to be typed. More than 6,000 Telekom Deutschland employees have been registered in the database as potential stem-cell donors since 1994 as a result of 97 registration drives within the company. Since then, more than 60 employees have given leukemia patients the chance at a new life by donating stem cells or bone marrow.

EUR 10,462 from pixel campaign.

On January 24 and 25, 2012, visitors to the website had the chance to resolve blurry images pixel by pixel. The image became clearer with each square they clicked on until it was entirely visible. We donated one euro to a charity for each pixel that was clicked on. The choices were:

  • Children's charity Ein Herz für Kinder
  • Environmental aid organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe
  • German bone marrow donor center DKMS
  • Aid organization for people with mental disabilities, Lebenshilfe
  • Youth counseling line Nummer gegen Kummer
  • Food bank association Die Tafeln

Participants decided which of the six charity organizations they wanted their donation to go to when they clicked on the pixel. We donated a total of EUR 10,462 and are planning to continue this campaign.

Successful blood drives.

Numerous international Telekom subsidiaries conduct regular blood drives.

  • Crnogorski Telekom responded to a request by the Montenegrin Red Cross and the Blood Transfusion Center and conducted a blood drive in 2011. Around 50 employees and managers gave blood. Crnogorski Telekom also donated three mobile transfusion beds to the Blood Transfusion Center.
  • In collaboration with partners from the non-profit Slovakian Donor's Forum, Slovak Telekom organized a blood drive during the Volunteer Days on September 23 and 24, 2011. Almost 200 employees and managers from eight large companies donated a total of more than 90 liters of blood.
  • Employees from the Greek subsidiary OTE donated a total of 3,189 units of blood in 2011. 1,135 of these were made available to OTE employees throughout Greece and the remaining 2,054 were made available to the public.
  • T-Systems Slovakia also conducted blood drives as part of two "health weeks" in May and October 2011. A total of 69 employees donated more than 31 liters of blood at the drives.

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First aid refresher course.

Telekom in Germany offered its employees a free first aid refresher course in 2011. Some 2,000 employees at 50 locations attended 133 courses. They are now able to assist in emergencies alongside the company's mandatory first aid staff.

Cooperation with City Year at T-Mobile USA.

T-Mobile USA has been cooperating closely with the U.S. organization City Year, which organizes activities such as the T-Mobile Huddle Up Service Days, since 2006. T-Mobile USA donated a total of USD 1.5 million or approximately EUR 1.1 million to the organization during the reporting period, thereby supporting after-school care for children and young people. T-Mobile USA also provided City Year with WLAN and technical services. Together, both donations have a value of over USD 2 million (around EUR 1.5 million).

Collaboration with Lebenshilfe.

Our employees breathed life into our partnership with the German association for people with mental disabilities, Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung e.V., during the reporting period through various corporate volunteering activities.

Christmas campaign.
Artists from the Lebenshilfe association for people with mental disabilities designed the motifs for the Group's Christmas card once again in 2011 for the second time in a row. We donated EUR 20,000 to Lebenshilfe for the motifs. Telekom employees were able to select four out of ten motifs on the intranet. 250,000 cards were printed and sent to business partners and colleagues along with numerous e-cards.

Slovak Telekom helps the hearing impaired.

Through its Endowment Fund, Slovak Telekom continued its social involvement in 2011. The fund concentrates on projects that promote the ability to read, the integration of people with disadvantaged backgrounds in the information society and focuses on art and culture. The Endowment Fund donated over EUR 170,000 to 49 projects in 2011.

The fund is managed by the Slovakian Intenda Foundation, which also oversees the projects being supported by the fund.

Continuing education offers in sign language.
Slovak Telekom's program for people who are deaf or hearing impaired and want to start up their own business entered its fourth year in 2011. More than 40 people with hearing impairments have attended courses as part of the Looking for Another Sense program since 2008. The courses are held in sign language. Ten people participated in the program during the reporting period.

In addition, 20 business people with hearing impairments who had already participated in a business start-up course attended a workshop in October 2011 where they learned about marketing and communication.

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The Slovak Telekom Endowment Fund, which was initiated in 2007, particularly supports projects for disabled or disadvantaged people, gives them access to state-of-the-art ICT and makes it possible for them to actively participate in the knowledge society.

Collaboration with Nummer gegen Kummer.

The youth counseling line Nummer gegen Kummer has been providing advice to children and young people in difficult life situations for 30 years now. Numerous Telekom employees in Germany support the initiative and have been volunteering at the hotline for years. Deutsche Telekom has been a partner of the Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling line for the past 20 years and supports the organization both financially and with technical expertise.

Conference on the use of state-of-the-art ICT technology.
We provided rooms at our Berlin Representative Office for the meeting of the European New Communication Technologies workgroup in late November 2011.

The event agenda included using new technologies for European help hotlines and how to best structure collaborations with companies in the ICT industry. The collaboration between Deutsche Telekom and the Nummer gegen Kummer youth counseling helpline was discussed as a positive example.

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Partnership with ACHSE e.V.

The Eva Luise and Horst Köhler Foundation presented the 50,000 EUR Eva Luise Köhler award for research on rare diseases in cooperation with Allianz Chronischer Seltener Erkrankungen (ACHSE) e.V. for the fifth time at Telekom's Berlin Representative Office on February 28, 2012. Telekom has been supporting ACHSE, the German alliance for chronic rare diseases, since 2007. Telekom and Achse worked together to launch the information and communication portal, which compiles available knowledge about rare chronic illnesses for doctors and affected persons.

EUR 86,000 donated to Bonner Chancen competition.

The Bonner Chancen competition, designed to offer "opportunities for Bonn" and sponsored by Telekom, was held in 2011 under the slogan "Different together. You. Me. Us." Projects that improve communication between generations and cultures and help create a feeling of community, such as plays and an international song project, were the focal point of the 2011 competition. Telekom selected projects from eight schools and four youth facilities as the winners of the competition from among the 30 projects that were submitted in 2011. We donated up to EUR 10,000 to each project, a total of around EUR 86,000 to help realize the most creative and valuable projects.

Bonn residents who work with children and young people at schools and recreational facilities as well as at senior resident centers and cultural institutions were invited to participate in the competition. We received a total of 30 project suggestions in 2011.

More than 400 children, young people and adults celebrated the winners of the Bonner Chancen 2011 sponsorship competition at an event held at Telekom Headquarters on November 26.

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With the Bonner Chancen competition, Telekom sponsored educational and recreational offers for children and young people in the city of Bonn, where its headquarters are located, from 2005 to 2011. The purpose of the competition is to provide young people with better recreational and educational facilities in an attractive environment for life in the city. Every year, Telekom donates around EUR 100,000 for participants to realize creative project ideas.

Helping young refugees in Austria.

Nine young refugees between the ages of 18 and 22 successfully passed T-Systems Austria's IT Essentials course in July 2011. In 55 course units, course participants learned the basic computer skills needed for an apprenticeship or to continue secondary education.

As part of the "Learning pathways" program, T-Systems Austria helps the lobby.16 organization find internships and trainee positions for young refugees. The subsidiary itself provided two internship positions in the Field Services area in the summer of 2011.

T-Mobile Austria has teamed up with lobby.16 to enhance the "Learning pathways" program. The six-month education program for young refugees includes German, English and mathematics courses and is supplemented by sector-specific training. In the case of T-Mobile Austria, these involve product training, communications and sales training as well as practice days in the stores and in customer service.

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T-Systems Austria and T-Mobile Austria have joined forces with the non-profit organization lobby.16 since 2010 to give a brighter outlook to young people by investing in their education. lobby.16 provides job perspectives to young refugees from Afghanistan and Sudan who are living in Austria without their parents, for example by helping them to find internships and training programs. The aim is to help young people develop their skills, become confident in their abilities and gain self-confidence.

Christmas campaigns to benefit non-profit organizations.

Many international subsidiaries use the Christmas season as an opportunity to help others.

Penalty payments benefit environmental projects.
As part of this year's Christmas campaign, Telekom employees in Germany donated penalty payments for high CO2 emissions company cars, which totaled EUR 300,000 in 2011. 4,000 employees voted to select a charity they wanted the donation to go to. 49 percent of the votes, i.e., EUR 45,000, went to the One Earth – One Ocean e. V. organization, which develops technical solutions for cleaning up plastic trash from the ocean. Naturparadies Grünhaus, a project to restore the natural landscape of a former brown coal mine, came in second with EUR 42,500. The Bonn-Beuel comprehensive school received EUR 40,000 for its plans to make the school CO2-free.

Many international subsidiaries use the Christmas season as an opportunity to help others.

Traditional Christmas auction at PTC.
The Polish subsidiary PTC has been holding annual Christmas auctions since 2002. Works of art that employees created together with children in the Share your Passion project are auctioned off at the event. 950 employees participated in the auction on behalf of their departments in December 2011. A total of PLN 66,041 (around EUR 15,886) in proceeds from the auction was donated to the non-profit Polish Santa Claus Foundation. PTC gave the same amount, and so the foundation received around PLN 132,082 (EUR 31,772).

Montenegrin employees hand out Christmas presents.
Employees of Crnogorski Telekom in Montenegro handed out 170 Christmas presents to preschool children from the Konik refugee camp near Podgorica. 30 disabled children, all members of the Association for Children and Youth with Disabilities, received presents as well. The Montenegrin employees collected, wrapped and handed out the presents to the children.

Employees spread Christmas cheer in FYRO Macedonia.
The T-Mobile for Macedonia Foundation has been promoting social involvement in the FYRO Macedonia and donating to charities since 2002. In December 2011 the foundation initiated the New Year Caravan for the sixth time in a row. 30 employees from T-Mobile Macedonia and Makedonski Telekom handed out Christmas presents to 900 children at 15 institutions such as children's homes and hospitals.


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