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CR governance.

  • CR Board pushes climate protection strategy and sustainability campaign.
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  • Specific targets for CR KPIs create the basis for CR Controlling.
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  • Climate Change Group supports internationalization of climate protection strategy.
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Telekom has created an integrated governance structure for CR in order to closely link strategic management and operational implementation throughout the Group. By incorporating CR into the CEO's department, Telekom has made sure that sustainability issues become an integral part of all of Telekom's business activities.


CR Board: Group-wide management of the CR strategy.

The CR Board develops recommendations for the Board of Management regarding the implementation and future focus of the CR strategy. Targets and key performance indicators (CR KPIs) for the group-wide CR program are also discussed during the board's meetings.

The CR Board generally meets three times a year to discuss the latest developments at the Group, in society at large and in the markets in which Telekom is active. Additional meetings are called as needed. In 2011 the CR Board debated the following topics:

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The CR Board is comprised of the heads of those corporate areas that play a key role in steering and implementing CR throughout the Group:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Public and Regulatory Affairs
  • Brand Management
  • Chairman's Office
  • Technology
  • Deutsche Telekom Foundation
  • Europe Board department
  • Corporate Responsibility

The broad-based organizational positioning ensures that the CR strategy is in line with the Group and brand strategy as well as with the corporate values.

The CR department as a central interface.

The central CR department is responsible for strategic CR management and CR communication. It coordinates and manages the implementation of the CR strategy in day-to-day business operations throughout all business areas and international subsidiaries. At Group level, the CR department acts as an interface in collaboration with all relevant departments. It plans and implements projects in the areas of climate and environment, sustainable products and services, supply chain management, social commitment as well as stakeholder involvement.

Development of Group-wide CR controlling.

In order to support the management of the CR department in relevant decision-making processes, we are developing Group-wide CR controlling. CR controlling can be used for early identification and management of opportunities and risks regarding the company's reputation, costs and revenue.

The Controlling unit will be established on the basis of the strategic CR KPIs defined by us and the associated parameters. We determined specific target values for several CR KPIs during the reporting period, thereby creating the basis for central CR controlling.

In order to collect CR data and to be able to calculate the CR KPIs based on this data, we introduced the CR database in 2009. As the database is the foundation for reporting and for Group-wide CR management, we are continually upgrading it. To this end, we hold regular feedback rounds and are making management aware of the necessity of collecting data, for example at the meeting of the CR Manager Network in Bratislava in October 2011.

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Web-based software for data collection enables a transparent CR reporting process throughout the Group. The database ensures standardized, mandatory processes at the Group and subsidiary levels. All CR-relevant data and CR KPIs are validated in a multiple-phase process and consolidated centrally. This gives us a better understanding of the quantitative developments of strategic and operational CR topics and makes it easier to monitor deviations from set targets. The software also enables Group-internal benchmarks.

International CR Manager Network.

Networking is a central strategic topic at Telekom and also a key issue within our CR organization. The International CR Manager Network plays an important role in this regard.

Climate Change Group.

Telekom founded the Climate Change Group in order to contribute to an environmentally friendly society. The group is comprised of internal energy and climate experts and consults with external specialists as the occasion demands. Its task is to effectively reduce the Group's energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Over the course of the reporting period, the Climate Change Group focused on taking the climate protection strategy to an international level and developing the associated country-specific targets. It supported both the international subsidiaries as well as T-Systems' local business units in recording their greenhouse gas emissions and adopting measures for reducing these emissions.

Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.

Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Implement a CR governance structure   Target achieved.
  • Start of work and regular meetings of the CR Board
  • Climate Change Group established
  • Germany core team meets regularly
Use of the rating analysis results for the entire "Leading the way" project   Implementation underway.
  • Recommendations for action, measures and measurement criteria established: target achieved
  • Controlling to review measures established: target achieved
  • First measures implemented
  • Annual review of the "Leading the way" project

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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