CR program.

In its CR program, Telekom specifies mandatory targets to be implemented throughout the Group in the relevant processes of its core business. In this program we define specific measures and a timeline for implementation. We also provide information on the implementation status in the CR program.

Detailed information on the CR key performance indicators, which we use to quantify our performance in each area, is provided in the CR Report.

Highlights in the reporting period:

Revising the CR program.

We revised our CR program during the reporting period in line with our goal of becoming the industry leader in terms of corporate responsibility by 2015.

In addition to the new 2011/2012 CR program, we continue to report on the progress made with the 2010/2011 CR program. That enables us to ensure continuity and transparency for the purpose of communication on progress. We report on the implementation of sub-targets from the old CR program in different sections of the report under the heading, "Update on the 2010/2011 CR program." The 2010/2011 CR program update was reviewed by an external auditing firm.

The current 2011/2012 CR program.

Our new 2011/2012 CR program focuses on CR topics that will significantly impact the Group's future business development as well as the development of society in general. The new CR program is not subject to external review by an auditing firm.

CR-programm 2011/2012


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