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CR strategy.

  • Catalog of criteria adjusted in order to attain a leading position as a responsible company by 2015.
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Deutsche Telekom aims to position itself as a global leader for connected life and work. At the same time, we are striving to become an international leader in our industry when it comes to assuming social and ecological responsibility. We are expecting to achieve this goal by 2015.

We have entrenched our commitment to sustainable corporate governance in our Group-wide CR strategy. The CR strategy has been derived from the Group strategy and also provides a framework for international subsidiaries when it comes to implementing CR in their areas of responsibility. In order to monitor and drive strategy implementation and our progress toward international leadership, we regularly measure our CR performance using CR key performance indicators.

"Leading the way" project defines criteria for success.

With our project "Leading the way" we are aiming to strengthen and expand our role as a CR pioneer. Our first step was to develop a criteria catalog in order to determine our position within the international ICT sector. We verified our position based on this catalog in 2011. Accordingly, some of the targets and measures had to be modified or supplemented. By the end of 2011, we had adapted the catalog of criteria to enable us to achieve our strategic goals.

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The central CR department launched the "Leading the way" project to help us pursue our objective of becoming a CR leader more systematically and monitor our progress in this area.
We developed a catalog of criteria by conducting extensive competitor and trend analyses as well as an internal analysis in which the integration status of CR into key business processes was measured.

This catalog covers the entire range of corporate responsibility topics and focuses on industry-specific challenges. The criteria catalog is in line with existing corporate goals and the CR strategy. It significantly contributes to permanently entrenching CR in our core business and establishing the sustainability principles throughout the entire Group.

We derived concrete action packages on the basis of these progress criteria. We will monitor each recommended measure until 2015. We will also review the existing CR KPIs by 2015 based on the results of the "Leading the way" project.

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