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CR key performance indicators.

  • CR KPIs are mandatory for all international subsidiaries.
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In order to steer its CR performance, Telekom uses seven key performance indicators (CR key performance indicators or CR KPIs) that apply throughout the Group. These help us to systematically and transparently optimize our services on an ongoing basis.

The CR KPIs are divided into two categories:

  • KPIs with targets standardized Group-wide, and
  • KPIs with specific targets per international subsidiary.
CR KPIs mandatory as of 2012.

Since January 1, 2012 all international subsidiaries are obliged to determine their CR KPIs. The indicators that were still "voluntary" in the previous year are now of a mandatory nature.

For the first time, we also included selected CR KPIs in the Annual Report 2011. The Energy Consumption CR KPI and the CO2 Emissions CR KPI were included in the report as KPIs for Telekom's ecological performance. This is the first step on the way to a closer link between the Annual Report and the CR Report which shows that sustainability is a fixed element of Deutsche Telekom's core business.

CR KPIs with Group-wide targets.

We collect consolidated data for the entire Group for the following three CR KPIs:

We are planning to measure the sustainability of our product portfolio based on the Sustainable Products CR KPI in the future. The indicator should also become mandatory for all international subsidiaries.

CR KPIs with country-specific targets.

Four of the seven CR KPIs are based on individual, regional targets. The targets take into account the regional situation as well as specific developments at the respective international subsidiaries.

  • Based on the CO2 Emissions CR KPI, we determine the CO2 reduction achieved compared to the reference year 2008. We aim to achieve a reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent compared to 1995 values.
  • The Energy Consumption CR KPI, with which we measure our electricity usage, is based on the Monetary Power Efficiency Indicator (MPEI). It shows the amount of electricity consumed compared to net revenue.
  • We use the Social Commitment CR KPI to measure the perception of Telekom's CR activities in the public arena as an indicator of our social commitment.
  • The Used Cell Phone Collection CR KPI compares the collected used cell phones measured in numbers of items or the equivalent value in kilograms to the number of a subsidiary's customers.


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