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Our aspiration to lead the way in our industry requires a coordinated approach to be adopted in all Group units. To this end, we have created a powerful steering structure at the subsidiaries to implement our major CR objectives worldwide. In this context, we rely on the three strategic CR categories of our CR strategy. Many of the 19 international subsidiaries currently represented in the CR Manager Network have incorporated these categories into their local strategy in the meantime.

International cooperation in the CR Manager Network.

The CR managers from the different business areas and subsidiaries are responsible for operational implementation of the CR strategy. The international CR Manager Network was established in 2008 to intensify Group-wide collaboration. 19 international subsidiaries were members of the Network in 2011. At regular meetings and teleconferences, CR managers discuss current topics and best practice examples. The international subsidiaries also work together in working groups focusing on specific topics.

In 2011, the manager worked on the focal topics of climate protection, waste management and participation in international initiatives and organizations. One of the main activities was implementation of the CR key performance indicators (CR KPI) and their mandatory implementation starting in 2012.

Two network meetings of the CR managers took place in the reporting period:

  • On April 18 and 19, 2011 the CR managers met in Bonn in order to discuss the introduction of the climate protection strategy at the international level. They also shared their experiences and discussed networking options in the corporate volunteering area.
  • On October 4 and 5, 2011, the CR managers met in Bratislava to discuss the 17th World Climate Change Conference in Durban and the EU Commission's CO2 objectives and to obtain information about SRI ranking and rating agencies.

The CR Manager Network also cooperated with the Climate Change Group in 2011 in order to determine the extent to which the Group's climate protection strategy was implemented in all five non-technical areas ranging from facility management, IT equipment and data centers through to travel and fleet management.

In the course of internationalizing the CR strategy, the manager network will continue to further develop the CR KPIs and monitor their implementation in 2012. The climate protection objectives as well as implementation of health, safety and environmental management systems (HSE) at the international subsidiaries will be the main topics of 2012. At the operational level, we will continue to network the international subsidiaries by linking local activities with the Group's programs. With the expansion of the engagement@telekom platform, the volunteering activities of the international subsidiaries will be linked to the Group's program. In addition, we plan to internationalize our stakeholder involvement activities.

CR roadshows in Hungary, Montenegro and Spain.

The central CR department has been organizing CR roadshows for the international subsidiaries since 2009. The purpose of these events is to increase CR awareness among the top executives of the international subsidiaries and to expand international collaboration at the operational level.

The CR roadshows planned for 2011 in Hungary, Montenegro and Spain had to be postponed due to organizational reasons.

New CR strategies in Hungary and Poland.

The Hungarian subsidiary's new sustainability strategy, encompassing five years (2011-2015), has been harmonized with the strategies of other corporate divisions. The main objective of the strategy is to make sustainability part of Magyar Telekom's identity, thus providing a competitive edge to the company in the long run. The company wish to achieve this objective on the basis of the performance demonstrated so far, the responsible investment ratings and the principles followed during the last three years, with a more intensive communication of the commitment to its stakeholders, new and ambitious goals, adopting best practices, as well as forceful and targeted communication.

The strategy will be implemented through the tasks of 22 topics, along the following key priorities:

  • Brand management: raising awareness to the concept of sustainability and enhancing the sustainability perception of Magyar Telekom
  • Innovation management: increasing innovations aimed at society and environment
  • Climate strategy: reducing the CO2 emission of the group by 20 percent by 2015 (base year: 2004)
  • Supplier standards: developing a regulated, sustainable supplier chain process
  • Effects of telecommunication services: increasing the ratio of sustainable products and services, and keeping the customers informed

PTC is planning new CR strategy.
The Polish subsidiary is scheduled to approve its CR strategy in 2012.

First CR report from T-Systems Iberia.

The Spanish subsidiary T-Systems Iberia published its first CR report on its intranet in September 2011. The report comprises the Spanish and Portuguese branches.

Group-wide CR integration at Cosmote.

The Greek subsidiary Cosmote is coordinating the measures designed to put CR into practice at the entire Cosmote group. The measures are mainly aimed at the subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Romania and Albania. In 2011 they entailed special training on reporting according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and the introduction of environmental management systems according to ISO 14001. In addition, Cosmote's CR performance has already been measured based on CR KPIs since 2008.

Croatia appoints CR manager.

The Croatian subsidiary T-HT Hrvatski Telekom appointed a CR manager in August 2011 to implement the Deutsche Telekom climate and environmental protection strategy. The CR manager is responsible for operational implementation of the CR strategy and for designing CR activities and projects in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom.

New CR initiatives in Greece.

The Greek subsidiary OTE has integrated CR targets into its corporate strategy for 2012-2014 that support the collection of data for the Telekom Group's CR KPIs. OTE continued implementing its CR strategy during the reporting period with a variety of measures:

  • Planning CR activities for the general directorates of all branches included in the strategy
  • Integrating sustainability criteria into the new procurement policy, which will go into effect in June 2012
  • Adopting new group policies, for example concerning the prevention of sexual harassment
  • Employee training on topics such as data privacy and corruption
  • Submitting the report for the European Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment
  • Integrating CR topics into training and development offers for employees
  • Numerous measures to reduce energy consumption as well as reduce CO2 emissions
Update on the 2010/2011 CR program.

Sub-targets Status of implementation/measures
Group-wide CR strategy roll-out   Target date revised.
  • Group-wide CR vision developed: target achieved
  • CR strategy roadshows (nine in 2009; eight in 2010): target achieved
  • Additional CR roadshows in 2012: according to need and in consultation with the subsidiaries

2010/2011 CR program

The current 2011/2012 CR program can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.

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