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Regional added value.

  • Net added value of EUR 31.1 bn in 2011.
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  • 9,600 trainees and students in cooperative degree courses employed.
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  • 360 Telekom experts perform research at T-Labs on sustainable communication solutions.
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As a responsible corporate citizen, Telekom considers it its obligation to promote regional added value and social stability at our company sites. In fiscal year 2011, our 235,132 employees worldwide (as of Dec. 31, 2011) generated revenues of EUR 58.7 billion, with more than half of this coming from outside Germany. Deutsche Telekom awarded contracts totaling EUR 18.4 billion in 2011. These figures show that economic development at our company sites is closely connected to long-term business success.

Telekom net added value.

Telekom publishes the net added value generated for the Group each year. These figures show how different stakeholders benefit from corporate performance. By paying wages and salaries and contributions to pension schemes, for example, we contributed substantially to regional purchasing power and a secure future at our locations. Net added value decreased to EUR 31.1 billion in 2011 from EUR 33.3 billion in the previous year.

Participation in the information and knowledge society.

In the past couple of years, including during the reporting period, our focus was placed on investments to expand fast and stable networks. Our cash CAPEX , a KPI that summarizes our investment in equipment and systems, came to EUR 3,644 million for Germany in 2011. Of this, we invested EUR 1,028 million in intangible assets (without goodwill) and EUR 2,616 million in property, plant and equipment.

Both in Germany and at the international subsidiaries, we also support initiatives and are offering needs-based solutions to give disadvantaged people access to new communications technologies and media. These include:

Telekom helps close the digital divide by supporting equal opportunities for all to participate in education, knowledge and communications. In doing so, the Group helps to strengthen the economic standing and quality of life as well as competitiveness at its locations and in its markets.

Education–the foundation of a sustainable society.

With 9,600 trainees and students in cooperative study programs, we are one of the largest training providers in Germany in the training year 2011/2012. In addition, the Deutsche Telekom Foundation is continually involved in promoting education in Germany.

Research investments in Germany.

The development of innovative ICT solutions is a key growth driver not only for our industry but also for many other sectors.

The Deutsche Telekom Laboratories (T-Labs) are the central R&D unit of the Telekom Group. In addition to our German locations in Berlin and Darmstadt, we also run institutes in Israel and the U.S. A total of 360 Telekom experts at the T-Labs  researched fast, secure and sustainable communication solutions in 2011.

We are also committed to financing professorships and creating pioneering ideas in cooperation with universities. Telekom's research and development budget totaled EUR 121.4 million in 2011.


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