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Values & Guiding Principles.

  • 63% of employees understand the Guiding Principles and apply them in their daily work.
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  • On Guiding Principles Day, employees reflect on the Guiding Principles and how they are embraced in daily work.
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  • Interactive Code of Conduct online tool used 35,000 times in just the first month after launch.
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Deutsche Telekom is continually working on establishing a value-oriented corporate culture throughout the Group that is characterized by responsible and sustainable behavior. Our Guiding Principles and the Code of Conduct based on them form the foundation of our corporate activities—both in our cooperation with external stakeholders as well as within the company itself.

Guiding Principles for the entire Group.

Our corporate culture is based on the Guiding Principles that were introduced Group-wide in January 2009. These principles represent our values and convictions and guide our actions.

Tekekom's five Guiding Principles:

  • Customer delight drives our action.
  • Respect and integrity guide our behavior.
  • Team together — Team apart.
  • Best place to perform and grow.
  • I am T — count on me.

We implemented the Guiding Principles throughout the entire Group in 2010. They are available in 19 languages and apply in 34 countries and 50 international subsidiaries.

We regularly conduct brief, Group-wide pulse surveys on our employees' satisfaction and their understanding of the Group Strategy. November 2011 marked the third time that we asked employees about their experience when implementing the Guiding Principles in their daily work. Some 63 percent of employees answered that they not only know and understand the Guiding Principles but also implement them in their everyday work activities.

Guiding Principles Day to promote corporate values.

In order to fill the Guiding Principles with life in everyday work, a Group-wide Guiding Principles Day is held every year. All employees are encouraged to share their views on the Guiding Principles and how to implement them in their daily work.

On September 28, 2011, numerous activities took place to this end, including games, competitions, messages to employees, and team breakfasts. Subsequently, a slide show was posted on the intranet to present the activities that took place throughout the Group. Here are just a few examples of the wide range of activities:

  • René Obermann and his team discussed the impact of the Guiding Principles on the work at Group Headquarters.
  • Executives in the Czech Republic organized a breakfast on Guiding Principles Day and used the opportunity for the team to share information and experience.
  • Romanian employees who do not typically come into contact with customers in their everyday activities spent Guiding Principles Day at stores or call centers as a way to strengthen the service culture.
  • Customer Service employees in Brühl (Germany) sold fortune cookies containing the Guiding Principles. Proceeds went to the "BILD hilft e.V. Ein Herz für Kinder" charity organization.
  • Austrian employees had a caricaturist do a sketch of the Guiding Principles and could pick out "their" Guiding Principle.
  • Employees from T-Mobile in Seattle (USA) were greeted with a rap version of the Guiding Principles and other activities in honor of "Values Day."
  • Employees in Frankfurt developed a "Guiding Principles digit game" and held a workshop on how to fill the Guiding Principles with life.
  • A Guiding Principle Hero was chosen at T-Systems Malaysia.
  • Technical Service employees from the Health & Safety area created a photo story entitled "The health of our colleagues is important to us."
  • The T-Systems Mobility Solutions Competence Center developed an app on the Code of Conduct and the Guiding Principles.
  • Many employee teams used the day to participate in non-profit projects.

Our trainees also got involved in Guiding Principles Day:

  • In Koblenz (Germany), trainees prepared an international multi-course meal featuring dishes from countries such as South Korea and Kosovo.
  • A treasure hunt through the city center was hosted by the training center in Ulm (Germany).
  • The trainees in Ulm also organized a charity race to support the Lebenshilfe Kempten organization. The organization's sports group participated in the race as well. Runners crossed the finish line with over EUR 2,600. The money was donated to the Lebenshilfe organization.

CR Report from the previous year

Group-wide implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct puts the five Guiding Principles into more specific terms and has served as a reference for clear rules of conduct for our daily work since 2006. The Code of Conduct applies to all Telekom employees worldwide. It connects compliance with laws and regulations with our requirements for ethical behavior and the Guiding Principles. Due to the increased aspiration of society for compliant and legally unimpeachable behavior and the launch of the Guiding Principles at the beginning of 2009, we revised our Code of Conduct in 2010.

Code of Conduct

In June 2011, we successfully completed the implementation of the revised Code of Conduct in Germany. For this purpose, a multimedia training package was given to managers, whereas the online Interactive Code of Conduct tool was made available to support the Telekom employees in Germany. The tool was used 35,000 times in the first month after its introduction in Germany in May 2011. International implementation was successfully completed by the end of December 2011, and considered local legal and data protection requirements.


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