How does Telekom make sure that human rights are protected along the entire supply chain?


Deutsche Telekom promotes a sustainable supply chain throughout the Group. We employ the principles of trust, dialog and audits in our relationships with suppliers in more than 50 countries. We support sustainability in the supply chain in industry initiatives as well. During the reporting period, we focused on continuing to improve transparency and efficiency in the supplier selection process. We intensified our dialog with stakeholders in East Asia by hosting our first Sustainable Procurement Stakeholder Dialog Day in China.

Risks in the supply chain call for intelligent, collaborative solutions.

Where does Telekom's responsibility for a sustainable supply chain begin, and where are its limitations? Is it Telekom's responsibility to denounce suppliers that do not engage in sustainable practices?

  • CR category "Connected life and work"

  • CR category "Connect the unconnected"

  • CR category "Low carbon society"

The matrices map the results of our 2012 stakeholder survey. We use the survey to determine how relevant our internal and external stakeholders consider the various topics addressed by our CR categories to be. Further information regarding the stakeholder survey can be found in the "Strategy & management" section.


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