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CR facts: The Deutsche Telekom Design Principles

Deutsche Telekom introduced its mandatory Design Principles for product development in late 2009. These principles are in line with our Group strategy. They include not only design-related considerations but also sustainability aspects, which were put into more specific terms in our Sustainability Guideline for Product Design. The Design Principles help us to ensure that sustainability factors play a role in how our products are designed. They also form the basis for our Experience Style Guide and make sure that we offer a consistent, Telekom-specific product and service experience to our customers. Of course, they are also in line with Deutsche Telekom's sustainability strategy.

The Deutsche Telekom Design Principles at a glance

  1. Act responsibly. Think globally.
  2. Analyze and picture the future to design toward it.
  3. Create moments for sharing.
  4. Support throughout the day.
  5. Start with emotion.
  6. Focus on core benefit.
  7. Use learned recognition with a new interpretation.
  8. Be coherent.
  9. Design with passion and care for detail.
  10. Create desire at first glance.