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  • 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report
2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Cyber Security

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The hacker community continues to grow more professional and the damage they cause often affects all company departments. Vulnerabilities often meet with automated attacks as early as 8 hours after being published on the Net. As a responsible ICT img provider, we are fighting this trend. Our business model includes guaranteeing our customers a high degree of security and effectively protecting the data and infrastructure of the people and companies who use our services from unauthorized access.


  • Protecting infrastructure from attacks
  • Guaranteeing data security


  • Setting up the Cyber Defense Center
  • Analyzing attacks
  • Developing defense strategies
  • Entering into collaborations


  • Annual data privacy report
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Protecting our customers from online dangers is a major concern at our company. In our Cyber Security business area, we have the capacities necessary not only to identify cyber attacks in plenty of time but also to respond quickly with countermeasures. We are also developing new ways to prevent attacks on an ongoing basis. To help us do this, we opened our own Cyber Defense Center  where we analyze online behavior patterns and develop defense strategies.

Collaborating in the name of security
Cyber security is a shared responsibility. We work with research institutes, industry partners, initiatives, standardization bodies, public institutions and other online service providers worldwide to fight cyber crime and improve online security. We collaborate, for example, with the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) throughout Germany and with the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) at a European level.

To support our business customer segment we entered into a partnership with the AlienVault company in 2015. Together we offer a security solution for cyber attacks developed especially for SMEs. The solution lets SMEs use a defense system that was previously only available to corporations with extensive IT resources. We presented the new offer at CeBIT img 2015 for the first time.

With the aim of improving collaboration when it comes to digital security, we also regularly host the Cyber Security Summit in collaboration with the Munich Security Conference. The next conference is scheduled for 2016.

Telekom Security is pooling Deutsche Telekom's security expertise
During the reporting period the Board of Management decided to create the new Telekom Security unit. Units working on the topics of security that have been separate until now, such as the Cyber Security business area, will be brought together here under one roof. The purpose of consolidating these units is to increase our competitive edge and develop new, innovative offers for our customers. Telekom Security is to be formally established on April 1, 2016, and the new organization will officially be launched as a full-fledged separate unit on January 1, 2017.

Deutsche Telekom is the leading provider of managed security services in Germany. The analysts at Experton came to this conclusion in their Security Vendor Benchmark 2015 study. They reported that Deutsche Telekom has an attractive portfolio and proven competitive strength. The analyst firm conducted an extensive review of the offers of 450 security providers for the first time for the study. Deutsche Telekom received excellent ratings in the following categories: Security Information and Event Management, Mobile Security as a Service and Managed Security Services.

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