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  • 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report
2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Service quality

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As a service-oriented, responsible company, we feel obliged to respond to our customers' needs and expectations. That's why we have set up a comprehensive customer relationship management system. We encourage dialog with our customers by giving them opportunities to quickly and easily contact us at any time via the communication channel of their choice, e.g., online, via app, phone or e-mail or at a Telekom shop.


  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty


  • "C1 – customers first" program


  • TRI*M method
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We strive to delight our customers and have integrated this goal into our Group-wide Guiding Principles. Even variable components of our managers' salaries are based on customer satisfaction. We use a variety of tools to regularly gauge the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. One of these tools is the TRI*M img customer loyalty study, which is conducted several times a year by an independent external service provider. The results are presented in the TRI*M index. Our target was to improve the results by around 10 percent in Germany by the end of 2015 compared to the results from 2012. We were able to achieve the target values from 2012 through 2014. A decision was made to put target achievement for the year 2015 on hold due to the ongoing transformation programs and increased number of customer inquiries regarding the migration to IP technology.

Since 2013, fixed-line and mobile communications customers in Germany have been able to reach us by phone around the clock at no charge. This applies to all of our service numbers, even for questions regarding Internet and TV services. Online inquires are becoming more and more important as well. More than 40 percent of all service inquiries at Telekom Deutschland are solved by support provided by our cross-area online platforms. We systematically evaluate our customers' inquiries and complaints to identify the root of the problem and make improvements.

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The "C1 – customers first“ program plays an important part in providing the best customer experience as described in our corporate strategy. The purpose of the program is to improve the satisfaction and experience of consumers and business customers and to surpass their expectations if possible. Last year we implemented the following measures:

  • In April 2015 we launched the customer program for MagentaONE for consumers, which offers free service advantages. Specially trained MagentaONE service teams are at the core of the program. They allow for fast response to customer requests. In order to tailor the program to our customers' needs we engaged in extensive dialog with them before the program started. We visited customers at home, held workshops and conducted a quantitative market research study. Results showed what our customers expect from a good customer experience and how important it is to them.
  • Another example of a successful "Customers first" measure during the reporting period is our welcome gift for customers who are moving. More than 9 million German citizens moved home in 2015. When moving, our customers expect a seamless transition of their Deutsche Telekom connection. We therefore consider this situation to be a moment of truth in customer relations: a perfect chance to foster customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also a situation in which bad service can ruin the customer relationship. For that reason we decided to reinterpret the traditional welcome gift of bread and salt in 2015. Customers receive a gift card welcoming them to their new home and giving them the opportunity to order bread and salt from our gift shop. The idea is to provide a positive experience in a stressful situation and to create an emotional bond between our customers and Deutsche Telekom.
  • We also gave order confirmations sent to new fixed-line customers a more modern, clearer, more concise layout in 2015. Important information can now be seen at a glance. The price, minimum term of contract and cancellation period are listed directly next to the purchased product and any important information such as the provision or termination date are highlighted.

Indicator shows customer retention progress
We use the TRI*M-index to gauge customer retention and regularly participate in benchmarkings. Our goal was to increase customer retention in Germany by 10 percent by 2015 compared with 2012. We were able to keep customer retention on the rise from 2012 through 2014. Due to ongoing transformation programs and increased customer inquiries regarding the migration to IP technology  we had to put this target on hold for 2015. For the Deutsche Telekom group, however, we were able to increase the TRI*M img from 65.9 points in 2014 to 67.4 points in 2015. With this, we have reached our initial goal in 2015. We plan to achieve a slight increase each year until 2018.

Customer satisfaction with our service was assessed by TÜV Rheinland technical services provider in the reporting period. The testers rated our service hotline, the Telekom shops, and our technical service as "good" for the third time in a row. They asked a representative sample of 2,750 customers about their experience. As in previous years, customers rated reliability, friendliness and competence. Based on the number of points determined by the testers, each individual area also received a score of "good."

Service study on mobile communications stores: Deutsche Telekom takes the win
Deutsche Telekom employees are always friendly and confident when providing customer assistance. That was the conclusion drawn in a study conducted by the market research institute, Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität. These results gave Deutsche Telekom the win with a total rating of "good." The mobile communications stores also scored points by having the most extensive offer of cell phones and featuring high-end retail space with a clear layout.

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