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  • 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report
2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Cultural and sports sponsorship

Culture and sports are a source of pleasure, inspiration and also innovative strength for society. An inspiration to many people, they create a sense of community and enable understanding across cultural and political borders. As an international corporation, we feel that sponsoring cultural activities and sports is another element of our corporate responsibility.


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  • Promoting competitive and recreational sports


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Deutsche Telekom encourages variety in cultural expression throughout the Group. In Germany, it is one of the leading sponsors of culture and sports. As well as providing financial support, we offer our experience in communication and marketing activities to support artists, athletes, organizers and clubs. Regional involvement at our locations also plays a key role.

Sponsoring music is a long-standing tradition at Deutsche Telekom and a vital element in the company's brand communication activities. We want to give as many people as possible access to cultural events, thus encouraging them to share thoughts and ideas. Our main sponsorship focus is placed on events like the Beethovenfest and the International Telekom Beethoven Competition Bonn, which has been providing a stage for up-and-coming pianists from all over the world for 10 years.

Deutsche Telekom supports competitive and recreational sports equally. Our sports sponsorship activities focus on soccer partnerships with the DFB German Football Association, FC Bayern Munich and other German major league soccer teams. Deutsche Telekom also lays emphasis on those aspects of sports that foster community life. We sponsor athletes supported by the Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe, recreational and school sports projects as well as athletes with disabilities. As a Bonn-based company, we also sponsor the Telekom Baskets Bonn basketball team and the Bonn Marathon. We also encourage our employees to participate in the city's traditional annual run and in the "Staying in shape in the winter" running for health program.

2015 marked the 20-year anniversary of the Telekom Baskets Bonn. Deutsche Telekom celebrated the occasion with an extensive anniversary campaign in which fans and basketball enthusiasts had the chance to vote for their favorite player of each season over the past 20 years. Photos of the 20 selected "legends" were then posted as an XXL photo gallery at selected buildings in Bonn.

Ticket sweepstakes for the Telekom Baskets
Before the 2015/2016 season got underway, Deutsche Telekom launched its eighth Tix for Kids ticket sweepstakes. We raffled off two sets of tickets (2 x 30 tickets) for each home game. Participation was open to all schools in Bonn. Businesses also had the opportunity to become ticket sponsors for social welfare institutions, school classes, club teams and work centers for disabled people. Deutsche Telekom itself donated an additional 242 tickets to various organizations including the “Maria im Walde” children and youth center and refugee accommodations.

Second round for Baskets@school student training project
Deutsche Telekom's Baskets@school initiative makes it possible for students in 5th through 10th grade to have their sports idols visit their school. Children and young people experience what professional basketball training is like by participating in a training session that lasts for around 90 minutes. Because the previous year's response was so positive, the basketball club decided to expand the campaign's scope, and, for the first time, involved schools from other districts in the program. Head team trainers offered a total of eight training sessions from November 2015 through April 2016. The aim of Baskets@School is to get students from the region interested in basketball and to improve their team spirit.

The goal of Deutsche Telekom's ANSTOSS! soccer initiative is to make new experiences possible and support young talents. This broad-based project promotes soccer in the areas of amateur and recreational sports, developing young talent and disabled sports.

Listening to soccer instead of watching it
One focal point of ANSTOSS! is the "New sports experience" initiative, which has been encouraging young people to try out disabled sports since 2009, raising their awareness of what people with disabilities can accomplish. The initiative launched a new project during the reporting period called "'Seeing' soccer through sound," in which young people with and without sight impairments take a trip to the soccer stadium together. The kids "watch" the game in a very special way: equipped with darkened ski goggles, they can only hear the live commentary by a reporter who makes the game tangible to people with sight impairments. After the game, the participants get together to talk about their experiences. The experience helps them better understand what life is like for each other and helps them overcome their fears and reservations. A total of 45 young people from 7 schools participated in the "'Seeing' soccer through sound" program during the reporting period. The collaboration partners of "New sports experience" are the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS), the German Football Association (DFB) and the Sepp Herberger DFB foundation.

Deutsche Telekom looking for top goals by kids
Every month, Deutsche Telekom looks for the best goals scored by young people Germany-wide in its "Stollenstrolche – Germany's top goals by kids" initiative. Any young soccer player up to age twelve can participate. A jury selects the five best goals from the submitted videos and posts them on www.stollenstrolche.de where people can vote for their favorite. The Stollenstrolch of the Month wins a trophy and a 1,000 euro voucher for their club.

Deutsche Telekom became a partner of the Bavarian soccer association, BFV, in March 2015. The collaboration, which is scheduled to run until December 31, 2016, will be supporting the Stollenstrolch program as well as the "New sports experience" initiative.

Deutsche Telekom also became a premium partner of the first “Fußballiade” soccer competition. The four-day community event hosted by the BFV was held in the city of Landshut in June 2015 under the slogan, "Bavaria celebrates soccer." 3,000 soccer players from 209 clubs as well as more than 10,000 visitors attended the event. The Bavarian soccer association and Deutsche Telekom kept their eye out for the top goals scored by kids and announced the winner of the title Fußballiade soccer competition. Junior teams also had the chance to try out blind soccer.

Beethovenfest Bonn festival
In 2015 Deutsche Telekom was once again the main sponsor of the Beethovenfest Bonn festival where we presented two particularly special concert events: a concert given by the Wiener Symphoniker on September 6 and, on a different note, the Caribbean Showdown Vol. II concert on September 13. This explosion of South American music was organized by the student manager initiative of the Young Beethovenfest, which Deutsche Telekom has been supporting for five years. In the project, a team of 9 to 10 school students takes over planning and advertising a concert for the Beethovenfest Bonn over a period of eight months. The students handle financing and advertising and make sure the concert runs smoothly. The team is also responsible for artist and sponsor services, visitor services, the online presence on different channels, a press conference and planning and running the entire supporting and educational program. Beethovenfest employees assist the students in all of their responsibilities.

Jazzfest Bonn festival
Deutsche Telekom was also again the main sponsor of Jazzfest Bonn, which was held in May 2015. We presented a double concert at the Telekom Forum on May 16 within this context: Nigel Kennedy reinterpreted songs by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix in a world premiere. The act was opened by a captivating performance by Jazz clarinetist Rebecca Trescher.

Deutsche Telekom and the Junges Theater Bonn (JTB) launched a new media education project in 2015 to raise student awareness of how to use the Internet safely. Since the project was launched in fall 2015, fourth-graders at up to 30 elementary schools in Bonn and its surroundings have had the opportunity to participate in a special project day. Together with their teachers they wrote their own play focusing on the opportunities and risks of the Internet. One main feature of the class project was depicting the Internet as a "human machine." Some students played people using the internet, some played servers and others, routers. Thick ropes connected the users, servers and routers. Students then had the chance to perform the play for their parents and fellow students at their schools. In 2016, Deutsche Telekom will be continuing the JTB project at another 30 schools. The project is Deutsche Telekom's most recent collaboration with JTB, who we have been working with since 2004.

The main objective of the cultural sponsorships is to promote Greece’s cultural heritage by providing an advanced technological infrastructure, services and know-how to cultural institutions in Greece. Some of the major innovative cultural sponsorships in 2015 also supported local communities

“A Greek Island at the Gates of the East” – Rhodes Archaeological Museum
Rhodes Archaeological Museum hosted an exhibition entitled “A Greek Island at the Gates of the East” from the Louvre featuring treasures from the island of Rhodes from the 15th to 5th centuries BC. 48 unique and rare loan items were exhibited in their birthplace for first time. 3G/4G and Wi-Fi were provided to Museum visitors and in the surrounding Palace and Knight’s Castle.

Underwater excavation off the coast of Antikythera
Support continued for the underwater excavation expedition off the coast of Antikythera in September and October 2015. The international team of scientists carrying out the excavation came from the Hellenic Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities and the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the U.S. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. COSMOTE provided uninterrupted communications in Greece and abroad to meet the team’s telecommunication and publicity needs, as it had equipped the island of Antikythera with permanent new-generation telecom infrastructure in 2014.

Restoration of the National Observatory of Athens on Nymphs Hill, Thissio
Another important contribution to preserving Greece’s cultural heritage was the restoration of the historic Dorides Refracting Telescope and the building and dome it is housed in. The work was completed in May 2015. The building and telescope built in 1870 are located at the National Observatory of Athens in Thissio, directly opposite the sacred rock of the Acropolis. Now visitors can observe and explore the Attica sky and planets through the lens of the most historic telescope in Greece, as 113 years of scientific history have been brought back to life by the work of OTE Group technicians. They not only dealt with all the telescope’s electrical and mechanical problems but also repaired the structural problems in the building and the dome, and installed lighting for the path leading to the Dorides building.

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