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  • 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report
2015 Corporate Responsibility Report


Their community volunteer efforts make our employees the most effective representatives of our values. Through their efforts, our employees express our relationship to our society and contribute to strengthening the sense of community we share. This is not only helpful for the community, but also fosters Deutsche Telekom's reputation. Volunteering is also very beneficial when it comes to internal HR development. It strengthens identification with the company, expands each person's horizon and has a positive impact on social skills and teamwork.

That is why we give our employees ample opportunity to volunteer, preferably with a focus on teaching media literacy. This is just another way in which we help simplify and enrich the lives of those around us.


  • Using our core expertise to benefit society


  • Corporate volunteering
  • Corporate giving
  • Donation Policy
  • Cooperation with non-profit organizations


  • Social Commitment KPI’s
  • Reviewing compliance with Donation Policy

We contribute to society in a number of ways with our corporate citizenship program, engagement@telekom. In times of digital transformation, we want to be a trusted partner to our community. We contribute our core expertise and the knowledge of our employees to these efforts. engagement@telekom is based on two pillars:

  • Corporate volunteering  (supporting our employees in their volunteering activities) and corporate giving  (our donation activities)
  • Long-term partnerships with non-profit organizations


We give our employees the opportunity to volunteer for social projects or the environment within the scope of our Social Days. These volunteer opportunities are often within the context of our longstanding partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Lebenshilfe and DKMS, the German Bone Marrow Donor Center. One of our focal points are projects that promote media literacy, in which our expertise can be particularly effective. Corporate volunteering img is also an important component of our training and development activities. The volunteer efforts of our apprentices are given special recognition in our Group competition, "Responsibility wins!".

With our corporate giving activities we support the work of aid organizations worldwide, preferably those with which we have longstanding partnerships. We also provide fast disaster relief. Our 13-year collaboration with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition, is an excellent example. Our Group Donation Policy outlines the framework for our donation activities.

We collaborate closely across country borders when it comes to our involvement and share experiences and best practices. A set of KPIs helps us measure the success of our social commitment. In addition to our Social Commitment ESG KPI  we successfully tested three additional KPIs in 2014 and included them as a standard part of our KPI img set in 2015. These new KPIs are the Community Investment ESG KPI, the Beneficiaries ESG KPI and the Media Literacy ESG KPI.The KPIs enable us to make targeted measurements of the investments we have made as well as the number of people involved and the target groups reached by our efforts. We can also determine specifically the number of people participating in our media literacy programs, thus drawing a direct relationship to our core business.

In 2015 we also conducted an extensive strategy process in order to more effectively align our activities with our corporate image and core expertise. Our strategy now includes a list of criteria for selecting future projects.

Our annual "Responsibility wins!" competition gives our apprentices and students in cooperative degree programs the opportunity to develop their skills beyond the scope of their professional training in order to benefit others. Many of them all over Germany once again participated in 2015. Three excellent projects received an award in February 2016 at an awards ceremony held at Deutsche Telekom headquarters in Bonn. First place this year went to a team from the Landshut training center, who promoted agreement between residents and night owls in the city of Regensburg with their "Party fair" project. The team conceptualized and filmed video clips addressing problematic behavior such as drinking, vandalism and aggressive behavior.

Deutsche Telekom provided emergency relief in three cases in 2015, each time supported by donation campaigns conducted by our employees, in the twelfth year of our successful collaboration with Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Germany's Relief Coalition.

Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
In March 2015, Cyclone Pam touched down with full force on the island state of Vanuatu situated northeast of Australia. The cyclone was the worst natural disaster in the history of Vanuatu. According to the United Nations, at least 24 people lost their lives during the cyclone and 3,300 lost their homes. Deutsche Telekom provided fast aid to the victims of the cyclone. The Group donated 50,000 euros in emergency aid to Germany's Relief Coalition and we asked our employees to donate as well.

Earthquake in Nepal
In April 2015, Nepal experienced its biggest earthquake in more than 80 years followed by a number of severe aftershocks. More than 8,000 people lost their lives and the geographic location made it difficult to provide aid. Deutsche Telekom donated 50,000 euros in emergency aid to Germany's Relief Coalition and helped facilitate communication in the disaster area by canceling roaming fees for calls and, in some cases, for text messaging. In addition to Deutsche Telekom in Germany, T-Mobile USA and our national companies T-Mobile Netherlands, T-Mobile Czech Republic and T-Mobile Austria as well as Telekom Albania, Crnogorski Telekom (Montenegro) and Telekom Romania all participated in the efforts. Deutsche Telekom employees were ready to help as well, collecting 45,400 euros in aid funds in a cross-border employee donation drive; Deutsche Telekom doubled this impressive donation to express its appreciation to its employees.

Aid for refugees
Deutsche Telekom also supports the refugee aid efforts of Germany's Relief Coalition. In addition to asking employees to make donations, we held charity runs at all of our 16 German training centers. The 50,000 euros we collected were donated to a project dedicated to trauma work at a refugee camp in northern Iraq. We also created our own refugee aid program early on. It pools the company's various aid programs to ensure that support can be provided faster and with less red tape.

For the tenth consecutive year in 2015, Hrvatski Telekom ran its successful donations’ competition “Together we are stronger”, which is staged to support worthy causes in the community that aim to enrich people’s lives and further community development. In the ten years of this initiative, Hrvatski Telekom has been able to support the realization of more than 240 projects with grants totaling almost HRK 8.5 million (over €1.1 million). The projects were in areas such as technology, lifelong education, healthcare, care for the elderly and infirm, humanitarian work, ecology, and sustainability.

The fund for 2015 grants amounted to HRK 720,000 (ca. €94,000) and was again intended for organizations and institutions that carry out initiatives of importance to the local community. The categories for the 2015 competition, which ran from September to November, were:

  • Technology and communications: Projects relating to the application of contemporary technologies in life and work
  • Education and digitalization: Projects contributing to improving the quality of life and enabling inclusion and equal opportunities for all
  • Environment and sustainability: Environmental projects contributing to environmental protection

345 projects applied to take part in “Together we are stronger” in 2015. In all, twelve non-profit organizations from a wide variety of fields received grants and the respective outcomes are to be monitored and communicated. There has already been extensive media coverage of all phases of the competition and, of course, of the winners.


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