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2015 Corporate Responsibility Report


Conserving resources, protecting the climate, creating added value for society – our network can do it all. Even in places where you wouldn't expect it – like a farm. Cornelia Stürtz from Deutsche Telekom explains how our network helps farmers reduce water consumption.

Farmer wants a cloud

"Imagine being able to reduce your water consumption by between 30 and 50 percent. The connected farm makes it happen. Sensors record key data like soil moisture; the cloud processes the data and controls the irrigation system on the field." As the contact for the German Farmers' Association, Cornelia is all too familiar with the concerns of German farmers. Smart irrigation is only one of the many topics of interest to farmers today and an area where digitization can help.

Big changes …

Digitization in agriculture has been a standard topic for some time now and is being discussed in many places. An event with the Farmers' Association

“We want to gain a better understanding of what interests German farmers”

is on the agenda for this afternoon. Preparations are already in full swing. "We want to gain a better understanding of what interests German farmers and the challenges they face," she explains. Almost every fifth farm currently uses digital applications. Deutsche Telekom helps develop the right solutions. "That requires intensive dialog with the farmers. After all, we are all interested in being able to meet the growing global demand for food," Cornelia says.

… but they all depend on people

Discussing, advising, negotiating – Cornelia is in her element. Back at the office she takes on the next task together with her colleagues. Always something new – that's what she loves about her job. She has been working in sales at Deutsche Telekom for 20 years. A lot has changed during that time, even when it comes to agriculture, which is currently facing very different challenges. But despite automation, everything still depends on the farmer. "No innovation in the world can replace the knowledge of an experienced farmer."

Every second 3 swimming pools
According to the SMARTer2030 study, ICT solutions will be able to reduce water consumption in agriculture by 251,041 billion liters in 2030, or an average of 7,960,457 liters per second. That's roughly three Olympic swimming pools measuring 50 x 25 x 2 meters = 2,500 cubic meters.

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