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2015 Corporate Responsibility Report


Digital life, learning, working – with people at the heart of all our technology. We want to make people's lives a little bit better. Just like that of Tamim Bahadori. We gave him new perspectives after he fled Afghanistan by offering him an apprenticeship at our company.

A natural sales talent

„Khodahafez“, says Tamim to his mother as he hangs up the phone. He regularly calls her in Afghanistan. Everyone is doing fine, which means Tamim can go to work at the T-Mobile Shop without any worries. Selling is what he was born to do. As a child he even used to help out at his grandfather's store, which is why he enjoys his job so much. Today is even busier than usual. As soon as one satisfied customer leaves the store, the next walks through the door. One of them is a regular customer who comes in to have Tamim answer his questions. "Salaam!" Tamim greets the older man, who is also from Afghanistan.

Everything is possible

In 2007 at age 17 Tamim fled Afghanistan from the horrors of war alone. "I didn't want to fight a war against my own people," he says. He found a new home

At age 17 Tamim fled Afgha­nistan from the horrors of war

in Austria and did everything he could right from the start to integrate himself into the community. lobby.16 was there to help; the organization collaborates with companies to give young refugees career perspectives. One of their partners is T-Mobile Austria. T-Mobile has been reserving ten percent of its training positions for young refugees – among them, Tamim. He completed his training two years ago and is now one of the best salespeople at the company. His next goal is to become a store manager.

The future can begin

"Of course I miss my family," Tamim says. But his relatives are happy that he is safe. They are proud of his success. And Tamim is now a happily married man with a family of his own in Vienna. He hopes that one day the war in Afghanistan will come to an end, and he can take his children to see his homeland. Until then, he helps out at lobby.16, talking with the uncertain young people and giving them hope with his own story, just like an older brother. Tamim has achieved a lot in the last few years. He knows that he has been very lucky, and wants to share some of that luck with others.

Every second 6,000 kilometers
6,000 kilometers - that's the distance from Austria to Afghanistan. Tamim can get in touch with his family at any time thanks to our services.

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