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2015 Corporate Responsibility Report


Sarah Schuchardt works at the Deutsche Telekom Cyber Defense Center. She plays a key role in protecting the Deutsche Telekom network from unauthorized access. With her hard work she strengthens the trust customers have that their data is in good hands at Deutsche Telekom.

Searching the network for clues

Early morning in Bonn. Sarah checks the "cyber defense wall." Where did the last attacks on the Deutsche Telekom network happen? And then, there it is: an unusual incident. Sarah and her colleagues' highest priority is keeping the Deutsche Telekom network safe. They quickly determine whether any damage has been done. Is there still time for the Cyber Defense Center team to stop the attack? Relevant data is collected, processed and appears on the screen within seconds – the team is working at full speed.

A passion for programming

Never boring - exactly how Sarah had always hoped her job would be. She even left her native city of Berlin to take on the challenge. Right after

She is one of the ten selected few to enter the program each year

finishing her cooperative study program at Deutsche Telekom she received an offer to train to become a cyber security professional. That makes her one of the ten selected few to enter the program for professionals each year. A stroke of luck for the passionate programmer; data privacy and security skills are in high demand on the job market. Once she completes the program she will be one of few experts in the field; the program is still the only one of its kind in Germany.

The secret weapon: communication

The stereotype that IT security experts like Sarah spend all their time sitting alone in front of a computer doesn't apply here. Communication is key to effective cyber defense. Sarah knows how important close collaboration is, whether within her own team, with partners, external companies or associations. Discussing the early morning attack with her colleagues brings fast results, as well: Maybe the tool developed by another team can help identify the hackers? It works. At lunchtime the co-workers celebrate their success and then go back to tackle the next challenge. Sarah has found her place, and not only at work.

Every second 11 cyber attacks
Our Cyber Defense Center records more than 1 million cyber attacks on our networks every day. That‘s 11 attacks per second.

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