Our employee survey

Every two years we ask our employees across the Group (not including T-Mobile US) how satisfied they are with their work at Deutsche Telekom. This helps us to identify weaknesses and eliminate them. We use the responses to calculate the commitment score, a gauge for employee satisfaction.

In the framework of the 2021 employee survey, the questionnaire and the pertinent measurement model were revised, and updated on the basis of feedback and the latest scientific findings. The changes included changing the scale length for the commitment score (formerly, “commitment index”) from “1 through 5” to “0 through 100.” In addition, the procedure for calculating the commitment score has been revised in the area of responses to questions in the categories of,” “employer attractiveness,” “brand identity,” and “inspiration.”

A total of 80 percent of all employees throughout the Group took part in the 2021 employee survey. This participation percentage was a record, corresponding to more than 117 000 employees throughout the Group. It demonstrates clearly that our employees truly care about our organization – and that they are passionate about contributing to our success. The commitment score amounted to 77 points.

The topics on which our employees were surveyed included sustainability issues, and the results in this area were gratifying: 84 percent of those surveyed stated that they identified with Deutsche Telekom's environmental and social commitment. A total of 83 percent believe that Deutsche Telekom acts responsibly towards the environment and society. Both figures represent an increase of seven percentage points on the 2019 survey. With the employee survey, we also determine the Group-wide health index. Further information about this is available here.

Twice a year: The pulse survey KPI

In addition to our employee survey, we also carry out a semiannual pulse survey to gauge employee satisfaction. The last pulse survey, carried out in May 2021, saw a 77 percent response rate among employees.

In our Group-wide pulse survey of May 2021, we included – as in the two surveys carried out in 2020 – a special survey on the COVID-19 pandemic. An improvement was seen over the already good results of the initial surveys in this area. Once again, we learned that our employees felt very well informed by the company and had access to the necessary equipment and tools to be able to work properly. They were also very satisfied with Deutsche Telekom's dealings with its employees and customers.

High ratings = Very good, good/agree fully, agree.
Low ratings = Poor, very poor/do not agree, do not agree at all. “Neither agree nor disagree” ratings are not included.

Explanations of questions asked:

  • Satisfaction = How do you feel in the company?
  • Employer attractiveness = I would recommend our company as a great place to work.
  • Changes = I can understand the changes in our company.
  • Strategy = I can clearly explain to others the strategy of Deutsche Telekom.
  • Collaboration = In my experience, we all work together as partners at Deutsche Telekom in the interests of the Group’s success.
  • Workload/quality = In my team, the workload and quality requirements are consistent with one another.
  • Work-life balance = The current working hours allow a good balance between private (family/leisure act.) and job-related interests.
  • Processes = Processes and procedures allow me to effectively meet my (internal and/ or external) customers' needs.
  • Recognition = Considering all my efforts and achievements, I feel that I have received the appropriate amount of recognition at work.
  • Guiding Principles = I feel that the Guiding Principles are reflected in my day-to-day work.
  • Learning = Our company supports innovative learning formats and offerings.
  • Digitalization = I feel that digital platforms/tools support dialog, networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration at our company.
  • Quality of leadership = My supervisor acts with integrity and walks the talk.
  • COVID-19 Information = I feel well informed about the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on our company and the relevant safety measures.
  • COVID-19 Mobile working = I can do my work, also remotely (if applicable), in an effective manner.
  • COVID-19 Equipment = I have access to the necessary equipment and the tools needed to work.
  • COVID-19 Care = My company cares about employee concerns throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
  • COVID-19 Customer centricity = I am satisfied with the way our company reacted during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic towards our customers.
  • COVID-19 Protection = I have the necessary protective equipment and access to disinfectants to carry out my work

Employee identification with ESG KPI “CR commitment” KPI

We use the Employee Identification with ESG KPI img “CR commitment” to determine the degree to which our staff identify with, or how satisfied they are, with our CR commitment. This is based on the Group employee survey (excluding T-Mobile US), which we conduct every two to three years. The last survey has been conducted in 2021. The vast majority of our employees believe that Deutsche Telekom acts responsibly towards the environment and society, and 84 percent identify with our commitment.

Our ambition: increase KPI

Reporting against standards

German Sustainability Code

  • Criterion 7 (Control)
  • Criterion 14 (Employee Rights)

Global Compact

  • Principle 3 (Uphold freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining)
  • Principle 6 (Elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation)




Satisfaction and commitment score KPI

As measures of employee satisfaction, we collect the satisfaction rate and the engagement score. We base this on the employee survey carried out every two years and monitor how effective these measures are through the half-yearly pulse survey. This allows us to continuously analyze and optimize our processes. It gives us the opportunity to continually improve employee satisfaction. The Group-wide satisfaction rate of our employees rose to 90 percent in the year under review.
The engagement score of the 2021 employee survey shows a value of 77 on a scale of 0 to 100 at Group level. In the 2019 survey, the score (formerly “engagement index”) was displayed as an average value on a scale of 1 to 5 and achieved a value of 4.0, which corresponds to 80 points after conversion to the new scale. The engagement score thus fell by three points in the reporting year compared with the last survey.

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