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Laiza Palombo
Process Manager/Quality Manager
T-Systems Brasil Ltda.

Two online conference calls were held to celebrate the Environment Week in June 2021. Almost 500 people signed up to the conference calls, one of our customers (Boticário) collaborated, and one environmentalist came as a guest. The participants were therefore able to address different sustainability themes and understand how they can be applied in our everyday life as an IT company and as individuals.

We identified and took action to eliminate wasted energy: We increased the temperature of Chillers and CRAHs at the datacenter with no impact on the servers and changed the policy for the use of air conditioners in the office area from 24x7 to 13x5 – only when people are present in the datacenter office. This measure resulted in a reduction of 1 058 kWh a month, which amounts to 12 700 kWh every year.

As part of our internal campaign launched in 2021 in partnership with our customer Hewlett Packard, we collected 700 kg of obsolete electronic equipment. We converted that into an equivalent amount of food which we then donated to not-for-profit institutions for the benefit of hundreds of vulnerable families.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  
  • Core business: Information and communications technology services
  • Stake held by DT (indirectly/directly): 100 percent
  • Headquarter: in São Paulo
  • Offshore & Nearshore Competence Center in Blumenau (SC), with more than 300 employees, 50 percent German speakers, Global Systems Integration Hub

T-Systems Brazil has 10 offices in 5 States and  1 486 employees (as of Dec 31, 2021), making it one of the most important IT service providers in the country. It is on a steep growth trajectory to serve local companies as a trusted advisor.

T-Systems offers business customers end-to-end solutions for Information and Communication Technology (ICT img), ranging from applications to complete IT and Telecom infrastructure, highly secure data centers, and a unique Cloud ecosystem made up of standardized platforms and global partnerships. The portfolio includes classic ICT and most importantly digital transformation services, key infrastructure, platforms, and software from the Cloud, as well as crucial future areas such as Big Data, the Internet of things and Industry 4.0 img – always based on maximum IT security.

T-Systems is a long-standing partner to the Brazilian manufacturing and automotive industries, finance, insurance, services, utilities, retail and telecommunications. T-Systems Brazil has robust knowledge in SAP implementation and integration, making this technology its leading business. Alongside highly qualified SAP knowledge, T-Systems Brazil is breaking into new markets with System Integration, Application Management & Modernization (AMM), Cloud Services (Public, Private and Hybrid), M2M/IoT solutions and magenta security. T-Systems Brazil is also focusing on the provision of services to global companies from the office located in Blumenau (SC). More than 300 professionals serve customers around the world from this location.

All T-Systems services are compliant with international quality standards and offer outstanding value for money on the back of economies of scale.

Number of customers   more than 1 000 (25 new customers achieved in 2020 and 2021 (as of Oct, 2021))
Number of employees   1 486 (including trainees)
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 20000-1:2018
ISO 22301:2012
ISO 27001:2017
ISO 27017/18    

Please refer to the Internet for further information   T-Systems Certificates

Awards and Memberships

  • T-Systems was ranked as leader in quadrants: Microsoft Ecosystem Partners Brazil 2021, Next-Gen Private Hybrid Cloud Solutions & Services Brazil 2021, SAP HANA Ecosystem Services Brazil 2021 and Digital Business Solutions & Services Brazil 2021, within the following categories: Digital Business Consulting Services; Digital Supply Chain Transformation Services; Managed Services for Large Accounts – Private/Hybrid Cloud; Managed Services for Midmarket – Private/Hybrid Cloud; Managed Hosting; Managed Services for Azure – Large Accounts; SAP on Azure; Managed Application Services for SAP ERP; Managed Cloud Services for SAP HANA; SAP S/4 Hana System Transformation – Midmarket;
  • T-Systems takes leadership in ISG Provider Lens™ study
  • T-Systems is highlighted in ISG Provider Lens™ report, with managed services for Azure in huge accounts and SAP on Azure

#GreenMagenta Program

As part of our environmental program, we implement various measures to save resources:

  • Selective waste collection – employees deposit waste in containers distributed by T-Systems. A company is responsible for carrying out this collection and forwarding the waste to a screening center where waste is segregated prior to reprocessing.
  • Disposal of batteries through companies in conformity with the statutory legislation.
  • Disposal of lamps through companies in conformity with the statutory legislation.
  • Datacenter corridors have lighting sensors designed to reduce energy consumption.
  • Elimination of all disposable cups from the company and replacing them with mugs.
  • The home-office program consistently reduces consumption of natural resources (mainly electricity and water) within the company.
  • Since March 2020, our offices have been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic and we have therefore experienced a significant drop in waste at all our sites (from October 2021 onward).
  • Establishment of an internal information page on Health, Safety and Environment, containing full details of our measures relating to the disposal and destination of waste at some T-Systems sites.


T-Convido is a platform created to connect employees and enable knowledge sharing. It allows each employee to create a discussion on a topic and invite other employees to join in. Employees define the content themselves and talk to the moderators about adding new events to the platform. A date is then set in the calendar, the number of participants is monitored, and a reminder is sent to participants before the start of an event. We also launched the platform to keep the entire team engaged and connected during the pandemic.

New Normal

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic when all employees started working from home, a good benefit was identified through reduction of costs associated with energy, water and property rental. Since almost all activities can be performed perfectly well at a remote location and the same excellent service was verifiably delivered to our customers, a reduction in available workspace has been planned and implemented. Sites have been reduced significantly (by approximately 63 percent) and workspaces can now be booked using a reservation system on a mobile App img.

Sustainability Committee

A group of volunteers named “T-Green Team” has been created with the goal of launching sustainability campaigns and educating people on how to become a contributor to the planet. Topics can be classified into three categories: Environment, Social and Governance. Several activities have been driven by the team, giving sustainability a higher profile in T-Systems Brazil.

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