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Hrvatski Telekom is fully committed to achieving climate and resource efficiency goals. At the beginning of 2021 we achieved the objective of sourcing electricity from 100 percent renewable energy. We banned all plastic items from our procurement system such as bottles and cups and introduced “Half SIM” cards with 50 percent less plastic at the end of 2021.

We supported the global movement led by WWF in Earth Hour 2021 by turning off all lights in our buildings and shops. We also became the first ICT  business in Croatia to receive the “Cycle-friendly Employer” certificate by encouraging our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

At Hrvatski Telekom, we believe that no one should be excluded from the visionary possibilities that digitalization provides. That’s why we continued to work on our Corporate Social Responsibility projects in 2021 – Generation Now and Generations Together. These campaigns strive to connect young people and children with STEM  knowledge and teach retirees how to use technology properly.

Igor Vukasović
Corporate Communications Department Director
Hrvatski Telekom d.-d.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

The T-HT Group is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Croatia. It is the only company to offer the full range of these services, including fixed and mobile telephony, data transmission, internet, and international communications.

The basic activities of Hrvatski Telekom and its subsidiary companies involve the provision of telecommunications services, and the design and construction of telecommunications networks in the Republic of Croatia.

Alongside the provision of fixed telephony services (fixed-line access and traffic, and a fixed network of supplementary services), the Group also provides Internet services, including IPTV, retail electricity services, data transmission services (lease of lines, Metro-Ethernet, IP/MPLS, ATM img), GSM img, UMTS img, and LTE mobile telephone networks.

Number of customers  

769 000 fixed mainlines (retail + wholesale)
2 326 000 mobile subscribers
737 000 broadband access lines (retail + wholesale)
provision of TV services to 492 000 customers

Number of employees   FTE 5 454
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1999

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018 

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Local CR reports  

Corporate Social Responsibility

Awards and memberships

April 2021 – Hrvatski Telekom received the Grand Prix Award for public relations in large companies. The award saluted our introduction of the first commercial 5G network in Croatia.

July 2021 – Hrvatski Telekom was awarded the status of Employer of the Year for Persons with Disabilities for 2020 in the category “Example of good practice.”

September 2021 – Hrvatski Telekom again earned “Best Mobile Network,” “Fastest Mobile Network” and “Best Mobile Coverage” Ookla® awards, and umlaut’s “Best in Test” award for best mobile network.

October 2021 – Hrvatski Telekom received the award for the Best Investor Relations in the past year.

November 2021 – After receiving the awards for the best mobile network, Hrvatski Telekom also earned umlaut’s “Best in Test” award for the best fixed broadband network.

November 2021 – Hrvatski Telekom earned the Croatian Sustainability Index img award in the category for Best Community Relations.

Split Smart City project

Representatives of the City of Split and Hrvatski Telekom Group signed an agreement launching the project for a Split Smart City platform. This will represent the digital transformation of city services and allow citizens to communicate with city services quickly and easily via cellphone and web Apps.

The new smart digital system enables citizens to access all the useful data in one place. This includes the services that citizens or companies have with city companies, information on invoices, debts and the option to pay bills, reporting problems and complaints, kindergarten registration, information about events, as well as submitting requests and receiving documents issued by the city of Split. The system will be linked to other systems already in use in the city, such as the Split Parking App img and NextBike.

The digital platform lays the foundation for further modernization and digitalization of city services in Split and it is the next step to improve access to these services for citizens. “We are once again aiming for what is most important to us – the satisfaction of the people living in Split – through better and more transparent communication, simplicity and efficiency,” said the Mayor of Split Andro Krstulović Opara.

The Split Smart City project is a three-year project divided into three phases. Hrvatski Telekom provides the Cloud infrastructure, and Combis is responsible for the development and delivery of the App solution. The value of the project is 3.5 million kunas. The App has been available to citizens since the end of 2021.

Progress today is impossible without digitalization. Hrvatski Telekom and Combis aim to connect society as successfully as possible with the opportunities provided by new technologies. Smart City solutions are a critical step toward building a digital society. The concept came to life long ago and the results are excellent. However, the process is just starting in Croatia. “We are proud that this project in collaboration with the city of Split will enable us to raise the quality of life of its citizens and the efficiency of companies operating in the city. I’d like to congratulate Split for taking such a major step forward,” said Marijana Bačić, Vice President for Corporate Sales and ICT img Services at Hrvatski Telekom.

Fostering e-mobility: Expansion of charging stations

Hrvatski Telekom has taken a new step forward in e-mobility by enabling owners of electric vehicles in Croatia who are also users of Hrvatski Telekom’s charging service to charge their cars at almost 300 charging stations in Slovenia run by the two largest Slovenian operators.

More than 200 charging stations are managed by Elektro Ljubljana d.d. and more than 60 charging stations are operated by Porsche Slovenija d.o.o. These charging stations are now available for Croatian drivers who can charge their electric cars using the Hrvatski Telekom Magenta prepaid card available at selected T-Centers. Drivers can also use the espoTs App img that can be downloaded to their cellphones.

This project significantly facilitates the electric vehicle charging service in Slovenia for Croatian drivers. They no longer have to worry about where and how to charge their vehicles. Likewise, Slovenian drivers of electric cars who are users of these two Slovenian operators have access to charging stations in Croatia operated by Hrvatski Telekom. They no longer need to search for a T-Center to buy an appropriate card but can pay using the cards and Apps of their operators. This gives additional momentum to the growth of tourism in Croatia.

Hrvatski Telekom is the frontrunner for e-mobility in Croatia and the region with the largest number of installed charging stations. The company is also the most reliable technology partner for implementation and management, and providing digital charging services. This project was realized on the back of the roaming agreements (agreements on the use of charging stations in other countries) between Hrvatski Telekom, as the largest domestic operator of charging stations in Croatia, and the two largest Slovenian operators. Software connection between their software platforms for charging station management and charging service facilitated the system.

This integration was implemented within the CEKOM Rijeka project (Competence Center for Smart Cities). This includes the SmartCity.SURINMO project (Smart URban traffic Infrastructure eNabling smart MObility) being developed by the team of e-mobility experts from Hrvatski Telekom. The purpose of this project is to develop a domain platform to enable connected, energy-efficient and shared urban mobility. Connecting software platforms between Hrvatski Telekom and the two largest Slovenian operators was the first solution delivered within this project.

The solution was successfully tested in the city of Rijeka, where the first charging session was realized. The project itself is applied at all charging stations throughout Croatia managed by Hrvatski Telekom, and at all charging stations in Slovenia operated by Elektro Ljubljana d.d. and Porsche Slovenia d.o.o.

This makes an additional contribution to the use of electric vehicles as one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in road traffic. Ultimately, it will also create a sustainable and cleaner environment. As a socially responsible company, this is part of the mission of Hrvatski Telekom and the project itself. Electric charging stations are an integral element for the implementation of sustainability plans because the ongoing development of their network directly and significantly contributes to the social goals of reducing CO2 emissions and increasing air quality.

The availability map showing charging stations in Slovenia for all Croatian users of Hrvatski Telekom's e-mobility service can be accessed on the portal All publicly provided charging stations of Hrvatski Telekom in Croatia can also be seen here and on espoTs, an App that can be downloaded to mobile devices for a fully digital charging service.

Implementation of free WiFi Internet

Hrvatski Telekom has rolled out free WiFi img Internet in the town of Belišće and the municipalities of Donji Andrijevci and Petlovac, providing Internet access at public locations for citizens and visitors alike. As part of the European Commission’s WiFi4EU initiative, Belišće, Donji Andrijevci, and Petlovac were awarded vouchers of 15 000 euros. Thanks to the long-term successful cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, they chose Hrvatski Telekom as a reliable technology partner and contractor of choice.

Ten access points have been installed in the town of Belišće providing free Internet in the area around several locations: local-authority administration for the town of Belišće, the marketplace, children’s playground in the Hrvatskih Dragovoljaca Park, on Ante Starčević Square, around the Gutmann Palace, the Tourist Board for the town of Belišće, bus stations, the stadium, Belišće Pool, and the Sigmund Romberg Cultural Center.

“The town of Belišće is one of the smaller towns that systematically tracks changes in the world and strives to keep pace with the times. We are delighted with this project, which has further improved access to Internet services and consequently increased the quality of life and digital connectivity in the town, as well as facilitating access to certain services in public spaces. In 2016, Belišće installed Steora smart benches in every community in the area to improve conditions and create an ideal scenario for the residents of Belišće and the surrounding communities to enjoy an excellent quality of life. The benches take local people closer to the concept of smart cities of the future. Citizens and visitors were able to make use of free Internet and charge mobile devices. Smart benches provided our fellow citizens with free access to Internet services and WIFI4EU upgraded the existing network of free Internet,” commented Deputy Mayor of Belišće Domagoj Varžić.

Access points have been installed in Donji Andrijevci giving coverage at the locations of the municipal building and square, park, and school, and Stari Topolje and Community Center to provide free Internet access in public areas. The mayor of the municipality of Tomislav Marijanović pointed out: “This complex project would not have been feasible without the expert assistance of Hrvatski Telekom, continuing our successful and long-standing cooperation. We are very pleased to have completed the project of modernization and digitalization in our municipality. This new infrastructure supports our objective of creating better living conditions in the municipality for our fellow citizens and all the visitors we host.”

The WiFi4EU project is modernizing and digitalizing the municipality of Petlovac with provision of access points. Free Internet availability improves the lives of its inhabitants and is critical for the social and economic progress of Petlovac. “We thank Hrvatski Telekom for the successful cooperation and implementation of this project,” said Mayor Milan Knežević.

As the largest private investor in Croatia's digital infrastructure, Hrvatski Telekom has had a rolling program of finance for the quality and development of the mobile and fixed network. This success is highlighted by many awards and recognitions for the quality of Hrvatski Telekom's network along with inclusion of Hrvatski Telekom's mobile network among the ten fastest networks in the world. The fact that municipalities and cities in these projects selected Hrvatski Telekom is proof that the company is recognized as a reliable technology partner when it comes to providing quality Internet access, increasing economic activity, and enhancing quality of life for citizens. As the digitalization leader in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom remains focused on further investments and providing access to high-quality Internet for as many citizens as possible so that everyone in Croatia is connected to the leading network.

Women’s STEM Award 2021

Hrvatski Telekom, member of the Deutsche Telekom Group, once again invited female students at STEM img faculties in Croatia to participate in the international Women’s STEM Award program. It was held for the eighth year in a row and provided an opportunity to win the main prize of 3 000 euros.

Students of science, technology, engineering, and math were able to submit their bachelor’s or master’s theses by 14 March on one of the five strategic topics: Cloud, Internet of Things img, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Networks of the Future. The Papers had to be submitted in English or German. 

An expert jury consisting of experts from Deutsche Telekom, representatives of academia, and other prominent STEM experts evaluated and selected the best final paper and conferred the award of000 euros. The best and most innovative thesis from each of the competition topics also had the opportunity to win an additional 500 euros.

Hrvatski Telekom proactively advocates the promotion of STEM subjects and women’s position in science through long-term investment in the Generation NOW project. Over 300 educational institutions and more than200 children and young people have participated in it so far.

Hrvatski Telekom is one of the leading Croatian and European telecommunications companies measured by the representation of women present in the management structure. Some 44 percent of the management team is made up of women.

Measurement of air quality in Dubrovnik schools and kindergartens

Thanks to a project by Hrvatski Telekom and Smart Sense, three elementary schools and five kindergartens in the city of Dubrovnik measure the air quality at their premises in real time. Dubrovnik’s elementary schools and kindergartens are covered by the largest number of sensors for measuring air quality in Croatia.

The first stage of the project was implemented by installing 120 devices in Lapad Elementary School, Ivan Gundulić Elementary School, and Marin Držić Elementary School. They were also installed at elementary schools in Ciciban, Izviđač, Kono, Pile, and two kindergartens in Pile. The installed Smart Sense AirQ Indoor devices for measuring air quality take readings of CO2 levels, temperature, and atmospheric humidity. They are connected by modern NB-IoT img technology that enables environmental officers to react in a timely manner to changes in air quality and ventilate the premises to give children the best conditions for a safe and healthy education.

Hrvatski Telekom is strategically focused on building smart cities to increase the quality of life for citizens through new technologies. The city of Dubrovnik is a leading-edge role model applying unique smart solutions. This project has taken us a significant step toward bringing the opportunities provided by technology closer to the youngest members of our society. We believe that this project can serve as a model for other cities too.

Sensor installation is a project implemented by the Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA) as part of an array of activities for digital transformation of the City of Dubrovnik, making Dubrovnik a city “resistant” to global climate, economic, social, and institutional threats.

This specific project was prompted by many recent studies showing that children in educational institutions lose concentration after extended periods spent indoors. The research has demonstrated a strong correlation between air-quality levels and the rate of transmission shown by various infectious diseases.

This project is just one of many smart initiatives within the Smart City of Dubrovnik project. The aim is to integrate various technologically advanced solutions into an overarching smart concept.

“Cycle-friendly Employer” certificate awarded to Hrvatski Telekom

Hrvatski Telekom is the first ICT img business in Croatia to be awarded the “Cycle-friendly Employer” European certificate for the location Radnička cesta 21, in Zagreb. Hrvatski Telekom has therefore joined the international initiative of socially responsible companies with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and positively impacting employees’ health and lifestyle.

Certification in Croatia is carried out by the “Cyclists’ Union” association, which is part of the European consortium “Cycle-friendly Employer Certification.” “By encouraging its employees, clients, and partners to use bicycles as a means of transport, Hrvatski Telekom provides a positive role model for advocating and practicing sustainable mobility and responsibility toward health, the environment, and public spaces, but also making savings where possible,” commented the Cyclists’ Union.

The certificate gives Hrvatski Telekom the status of ranking among the group of prominent environmentally and socially aware European companies and organizations that have earned this certificate, such as the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, and IT and marketing agencies FIVE, 404, and IN2.

Hrvatski Telekom is a socially responsible company where we are fully committed to creating a better environment for the society we operate in. Knowing that many of our employees cycle to work, we made an effort to provide them with the best conditions geared to supporting their healthy lifestyle. Our aim was also to encourage other employees to join them. There is no better, healthier, and more environmentally friendly means of transport than the bicycle.

Hrvatski Telekom offers its cycling employees excellent conditions: a covered bicycle parking station with more than 100 spaces, showers, changing booths, and a bicycle repair point. From today, electric bicycles are available for them to go to meetings.

The Cyclists’ Union is a volunteer association committed to improving conditions for the use of bicycles as an efficient, sustainable, and healthy means of transport. They advocate humane cities and work toward transforming cities into clean, safe, comfortable, and green, custom-made, humane cities, promoting cycling as a desirable form of transportation. "Citizens who travel to work every day are our target group and a huge one at that!” Their choice of transport method dramatically affects the traffic situation in the cities” – said the Cyclists’ Union. Certification encourages employers to motivate their employees to choose a bicycle to be their primary means of going to work as often as possible.

The Cyclists’ Union has been implementing the certification program – heralded as the “Cycle-friendly Employer” organization – after being designated as the coordinator of certification for Croatia by the European Cycling Federation. The program includes consultations, evaluation, and certification. All organizations aspiring to become a “Cycle-friendly Employer” can contact the Cyclists’ Union at and contribute to confirming their status as a socially responsible business.

Generation NOW project: Winners of “Digital Play(thing)” creative competition announced

Hrvatski Telekom and the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM) have announced the 2021 winners of the creative competition “Digital Play(thing)” as part of the Generation NOW donation competition. The three best projects were selected out of 68 Internet of Things img entries for games and toys.

According to the expert jury the best project “Enjoy the world, save your planet” in the category of first to fourth grade of primary school was designed by students of Fra Ante Gnječa Elementary School in Staševica. In the category of fifth to eighth grade, the project “Digital Play(thing) Bee” of the Wind in the Sails Association from Zagreb was the best entry. The high school category's best work is ”Arduino MKR1000 piano” made by Krapina IT Club KRIK.

The creative competition “Digital Play(thing)” ran from 18 January to 23 March 2021 and was open to institutions participating in the Generation NOW donation project for the school year 2020/2021. Students used Neuron or Arduino Internet of Things kits assigned to them for the projects.

  • Project ”Enjoy the world, save your planet” – Fra Ante Gnječa Elementary School, Staševica
  • Project “Digital Play(thing) Bee” – Wind in the Sails, Association, Zagreb
  • Project “Arduino MKR1000 piano” – IT Club KRIK, Krapina

The Generation NOW donation project ran for the fifth year in succession to provide the most modern forms of education to young people and help them to develop their creativity and innovation using the latest technology.

The best projects submitted in the creative competition were selected by the expert jury:

  • Igor Vukasović, Director of the Corporate Communications Department at Hrvatski Telekom and President of the Jury
  • Paolo Zenzerović, Operations Manager at the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation
  • Boris Drilo, Member of the Management Board and Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer of Hrvatski Telekom.
  • Ana Džepina, Senior Expert Advisor in the Ministry of Science and Education
  • Gordan Gledec, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
  • Vuk Vuković, CEO at Oraclum Intelligence Systems
  • Lidija Kralj, Representative of the Learning Associates Association

“Unlimited Internet” for digital nomads with Hrvatski Telekom

One of the great benefits provided by today’s technology is not necessarily being tied to a desk, office, or even a country to do a job. A laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and a reliable Internet connection empower users to work anywhere in the world, and Croatia is an excellent choice for this.

Hrvatski Telekom has prepared an “Unlimited Internet” bundle that is simple to activate for the fast-growing community of digital nomads and provides high-quality working conditions. Any digital nomad can request this bundle on the website and it will be sent to them at their preferred delivery address. This allows the user to easily top up and use the card for a longer stay in Croatia.

The ease of use and the fact that no contractual obligation is required makes the “Unlimited Internet” bundle ideal for all digital nomads living life on the move. It can initially be activated for one week at the price of 85 kunas. This weekly offer includes seven days of unlimited surfing. The SIM card is activated when you first connect to the Internet and you can use the unlimited surfing option immediately after activation. For each additional reactivated Flat Surf option, users get a discount of 20 kunas, making the price of this option 60 kunas a week. The maximum single top-up is 2 000 kunas, which is enough to cover slightly more than eight months.

There are an estimated 4.8 million people in the world who have in some way opted for a digital nomadic lifestyle, with as many as 17 million people aspiring to this way of life. Hrvatski Telekom is well aware of the needs entailed by this kind of a lifestyle. They include mobility, flexibility, creating your own schedule, and choosing your work location. Hrvatski Telekom wants to provide digital nomads with a fast and stable Internet connection whenever and wherever they need it for their work.

We constantly listen to the market and the needs of our users every day. The “Unlimited Internet” bundle is our way of making work easier for digital nomads who are already in Croatia and for those who are considering Croatia as a destination to work in. This bundle is one of the ten fastest mobile networks in the world and it makes Croatia a possible and excellent choice.

Donations as part of the National Generation Together program

The national program of digital education of the retiree Generation Together project was implemented by Hrvatski Telekom in cooperation with the Volunteer Center Zagreb and it is continuing with the second phase. In 2021, Hrvatski Telekom donated tablets and free Internet for an additional 28 nursing homes throughout Croatia.

The Generation Together project is part of the broader socially responsible concept In Good Hands. In the first phase, Hrvatski Telekom donated tablets for 15 homes. In 2020, nursing-home residents were also taught how to use digital tools, such as setting up WhatsApp video calls, so they can stay in touch with family and friends. Members of the HT Group Volunteer Club also participated in the program. 

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hrvatski Telekom launched the national Generation Together program. Technology enabled us to show our senior citizens that they are not alone. The digital training program for retirees is continuing and helps us to go on fulfilling our mission of building a world of better opportunities for all.

Hrvatski Telekom and its partner Volunteer Center Zagreb are continuing to develop educational video materials that will be continuously upgraded and published on the official channels of Hrvatski Telekom and other stakeholders.

Winners of Hrvatski Telekom’s Generation NOW program

Hrvatski Telekom and the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM) have announced the winners for 2021 of the Generation NOW program, promoting STEM img knowledge and digital skills among young people with an annual donation worth 700 000 kunas.

According to the decision by the expert jury, the best project in the category of first to fourth grade of elementary school was “Friendship Restaurant” from Tučepi Elementary School, while in the category of fifth to eighth grade the project “LED PAD” from Zagreb Elementary School Malešnica was declared the best. Finally, the best work in the category of high schools was the “Project Bionica” from Krapina IT Club KRIK.

The “Friendship Restaurant” project presents a restaurant of the future with a robotic service that uses Neuron electronics to recognize your nutritional needs and is powered by solar and wind power. “LED PAD” is a fun game that helps to stretch and develop reflexes and is made in the form of a vertical interactive board with 30 buttons and 30 associated LEDs connected to an Arduino microcontroller. “Project Bionica” is a robotic arm that controls the movements of a human hand in the air. Using a Leap Motion sensor and dedicated computer software we transmit human hand movements to a robotic hand.

The 2021 program brought together outstanding young teams led by dedicated mentors and resulted in many ingenious projects highlighting the great creativity of the participants. We are using Generation NOW to encourage the adoption of STEM knowledge in children from an early age, and we are delighted to be helping them reach their full potential and develop important digital skills.

All educational and not-for-profit institutions promoting STEM were able to enter the competition. All participants were assisted by experts from the program’s partner Institute for Youth Development and Innovation (IRIM). Hrvatski Telekom donated state-of-the-art equipment to all participants, provided free Internet access with free data traffic, and supported them financially. The results were innovative projects by future STEM experts.

In 2021, the Institute for Youth Development and Innovation cooperated with Hrvatski Telekom to include 75 new institutions in the Generation NOW donation program and provide support to previously involved institutions in the Internet of Things img projects. A total of more than 180 institutions actively participated in the project during the school year. All mentors in the institutions were provided with training for Arduino – the world’s most famous platform for implementing DIY projects in electronics, automation, robotics, and engineering in general. Educated mentors transferred their knowledge to students who go on to create their own projects while developing STEM competencies and other digital skills needed to work and live in today’s digital world.

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