Czech Republic,

Jose Severino Perdomo Lorenzo

Jose Severino Perdomo Lorenzo
CEO, T-Mobile Czech Republic

Our ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) agenda is a strategic priority for us. We are consistently working on the promotion of our ESG goals and the importance of this agenda among all our employees, customers and stakeholders. We introduced a new CSR strategy in line with the Deutsche Telekom EU ESG strategy and we established an ESG working group. We were active in the environmental pillar #GreenMagenta and started implementing sustainable business practices in all areas of our operations, ranging from strategic planning to retail. Our aim is to maximize efficient use of resources and reduce our negative impact on the planet and society. Consequently, all the electricity we used in 2021 was sourced from renewable resources. We also reduced the amount of printed materials, we eliminated unnecessary plastics, and we enabled pre-used smartphones to have a second life.

In 2021, two major events disrupted our #GoodMagenta activities. Firstly, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, secondly the devastating tornado in June that hit the south of our country. In both situations, we focused on ad-hoc, effective assistance but we were still able to maintain our ongoing strategic plans promoting sustainability and digital inclusion in particular. We are dedicated to supporting education over the long-term. We invest in the construction of optical networks, build state-of-the-art 5G campus networks, and develop innovative centers that connect society and show digital optimism.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Mobile is the biggest operator in the Czech Republic, already providing mobile services to 6.3 million customers. It is continuously innovating and expanding its mobile infrastructure, operating more than 1 042 5G transmitters, and covering 21 percent of the Czech population with its fifth-generation network. As a digital leader, T-Mobile is making a major contribution to the digitalization of the Czech Republic by building and developing fiberoptic infrastructure in order to fulfil its long-term vision of a Connected Country.

T-Mobile is working with leading Czech technical universities to build private campus networks for the industrial use of 5G networks. Joint projects in the form of innovation hubs and testbeds serve to provide targeted support for the digitalization of established companies, startups, and the development of the innovation sector in the Czech Republic.

T-Mobile is a stable and strong partner for companies of all sizes, offering them state-of-the-art datacenters and advanced solutions for secure and reliable data management. Services in the field of cyber security or Cloud, and system solutions are used by corporations, government departments, and small-business owners.

One of the company’s priorities is responsible and sustainable business practices. In addition to meeting specific goals as part of the Green Deal initiative, T-Mobile has a long-term focus on bridging the digital divide, mental wellbeing, and support for socially responsible activities. The company provides targeted support to not-for-profit organizations and individuals, assists in times of crisis, and employees regularly participate in a variety of voluntary activities throughout the Czech Republic.

Number of customers   6 300 000
Number of employees   323
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1996

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 50001

Please refer to the internet for further information   More information about the company is available at our website, and the portal for journalists. Information on the company’s CR activities can be found here.

Awards and memberships


  • A-CSR (Association of Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • APMS (Association of Mobile Network Operators)
  • CAEK (Czech Electronic Communications Association)  
  • Alliance pro mladé (Alliance for Young People)
  • Transparency International Club
  • UPP ČR (Association of In-house Lawyers of the Czech Republic. Member of the European Company Lawyers’ Association)
  • AmCham (American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union)
  • CNOPK (Czech-German Chamber of Trade and Industry)
  • AKI (Critical Infrastructure Association)
  • SP ČR (Czech Confederation of Industry)


  • Czech Top Shop – mistoprodeje.cz – Magenta Experience Center
  • ICONIC AWARDS 2021: Innovative Architecture – Selection for Magenta Experience Center (Project ID: IAIA2021-13534) in the category ARCHITECTURE – Retail
  • Creative Retail Awards – second place – Magenta Experience Center
  • Top Employers – first place in the Telco category – Association of students and absolvents (ASA)

Employee engagement

Traditional internal collection “Let’s help the stories,” corporate volunteering “One day for a good deed,” internal collection for the Morava and Louny areas affected by the devastating tornado in June, sports activities for a good cause. This is just a short list of the activities from our employee engagement.

“Let’s help the stories” – employees nominated a total of 20 vulnerable people. After publication of their stories on our Intranet, the person nominating a particular story had to donate the first EUR 40 to prove their support, invite colleagues to join in, and help raise the full amount required. T-Mobile pledged to match every donation 1:1. Almost 400 employees participated, and EUR 40 900 were donated by employees and the company. This initiative resulted in support for people in difficult life situations (most frequently this was due to illness or an accident).

A second internal collection helped the areas affected by the tornado in June. 700 employees participated and T-Mobile Czech Republic matched the amount collected by employees 1:1. The total amount donated in the collection was almost EUR 75 000.

Our volunteer program “One day for a good deed” enables employees to spend one working day a year volunteering in a not-for-profit organization. Around 349 volunteers took part in the program in 2021. They helped about 30 NGO’s. Unfortunately, the volunteer program was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown, but after the statutory regulations were lifted our employees were quick to return to volunteering.

Help for areas affected by the tornado

In June 2021, part of the Czech Republic was hit by devastating tornados, leaving several villages completely destroyed. A number of people tragically lost their lives. T-Mobile Czech Republic immediately provided targeted assistance to the affected areas and continues to help in places of need.

  • T-Mobile CZ donated EUR 200 000 through humanitarian organization ADRA.
  • Some 700 employees joined in our employee collection organized by the VIA foundation and raised more than EUR 36 000. T-Mobile Czech Republic matched this amount 1:1.
  • We provided free calls, texts, and data to all our customers in the affected areas.
  • Psychological help was a big need for those affected by the horrific tornado. We therefore equipped crisis-line therapists with phones and free services.
  • Humanitarian field workers also received our phone numbers and services free of charge.
  • We ordered corporate Christmas presents from our tornado-hit customers.
  • Dozens of our employees volunteered in the affected areas. The company provided two paid volunteer days to those operatives who helped. 

COVID-19 Help

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to significantly affect our lives in 2021. T-Mobile Czech Republic therefore went on giving assistance to disadvantaged groups and affected companies.

We are still helping single-parent families by providing them with laptops, modems, and free Internet access. We have provided these devices to a total of 500 families.

We also lend tablets to retiree facilities. In 2021, there were almost 200 such loaned devices around the country. We participated in a mentoring program called DoToho!, which helped small and medium-sized businesses affected by the pandemic. We gave financial support to the program and shared our know-how. Our employees acted as mentors and trainers. The project helped 124 companies and all content for them was free of charge.

Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion is one of the pillars of our ESG img strategy. Education has been on our list of investments for a long time. We want to deliver quality infrastructure to education in the form of a truly fast Internet connection to facilitate hybrid education. Our aim is also to provide new approaches and procedures that will reflect the needs of education in the digital age. We are building advanced 5G campus networks and implementing several projects that strengthen digital and media literacy.

In 2021, we opened a unique space called the Magenta Experience Center. This is a unique project combining education, fun, and inspiration. On an area of over 800 square meters, T-Mobile offers a place for co-working, gaming, podcasting, as well as a showroom for smart home and conference facilities with a daily digital education program for the public and our partners. The Magenta Experience Center is a completely unique concept, created and brought to life by Czech architecture students. The operation of the center highlights the environment, recycling, sustainability, and support for domestic startups and not-for-profit organizations.

We have recently launched the Digital Academy for Not-for-profits, which offers digital education and content to the not-for-profit sector free of charge. We also focus on promoting our services for the hearing impaired – an infoline for the deaf and e-transcription at stores. We provided financial support for several professional conferences focusing on the future of education in the digital age. We launched a project with an influencer that engages with media literacy and many other topics. The Magenta Experience Center hosts an educational cycle for digital competencies in primary school pupils. 3 250 children tried out the center in a pilot run.

Personal wellbeing in the digital world

Our local Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focuses on the effects of positive and negative usage of connectivity and technologies. Mental health, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, is an important but overlooked topic. We therefore see this as the most relevant topic for telcos in today’s world. Since this is generally a neglected topic, we decided to change things and rolled out several activities.

In April 2021, we partnered with a local NGO Nevypusť duši which focuses on promoting the importance of mental health and is up front in talking about it. And the same is true for us. We recorded and published a series of 24 short videos talking about topics such as: the importance of mental health, chronic stress, mental wellbeing, depression and anxiety, PTSD, coping with children’s anxiety, how can I tell if someone is not doing okay, where to ask for help, relaxation techniques, better sleep, movement, how to cope with home office, digital detox, etc. The videos reached over 23 000 views on YouTube and over 92 000 impressions on social media.

Our partnership continued in the new school year. We organized a whole-day event for students of 8th and 9th grades in elementary school on World Mental Health Day. We divided the students into four groups led by professionals. During the day, students were taught the basics of coping with stress and anxiety, about the principles of healthy mental hygiene, discussed the line between mental health and illness, and created their own crisis plan including available contacts for professional help. Our support continued in the afternoon when we invited single parents and held an hour-long conference talking about effective and affordable mental healthcare. We focused on coping strategies, short relaxation techniques, and help available for children and adults.

We plan to extend our cooperation into the upcoming year and want to launch new activities and promote the conversation about mental help. 


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