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Jesper Kryhlmand

The Management Board of T-Systems Nordic has defined guidelines for Corporate Responsibility (CSR) efforts and carries out monitoring to ensure progress on the objectives in the various fields. The major themes identified for our CSR work are:

  • Employee welfare (enabling a sustainable lifestyle in a digital world)
  • Climate and environment (low-carbon society)
  • Digital welfare (enabling a sustainable lifestyle in a digital world)
  • Supplier relationship (connect the unconnected)

The themes identified will be our focus points for CSR work over the upcoming years and this is our contribution to Telekom’s group-wide strategy. As an IT vendor, we see opportunities in digital solutions for a better climate and environment.  

We are implementing various measures at T-Systems Nordic to enhance climate protection and resource effficiency. For example, we are participating in a tree planting project to reduce our carbon footprint. Furthermore, we lease our office locations and reduce our office space in compliance with the New Normal initiative. Even though we are relatively small, we are ensuring that the electricity procured at our office locations is sourced from green energy. We have made sure that T-Systems Nordic is fully on board by procuring Carbon Offset Certificates (COC) for 2021 in order to support the group-wide CR strategy of 100 percent renewable energy in 2021. 

We intend to create a good working environment with our employees, customers and partners. This will be the core of our selected focal areas defined by the Nordic Management Board and set out in our Employee Relationship Policy and Social Charter img. The workplace will be built on respect, diversity and open-mindedness. It will be motivated and driven by upholding the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Digital inclusion and connecting the unconnected is also part of our strategy. Apart from the company communication email, we have a weekly Campfire session, together with T-Systems Limited as part of T-Systems Northern Europe. The Campfire session is arranged virtually. This enables all the people working at T-Systems Northern Europe to participate. The session is used to update the company and it forms a platform where everyone can ask questions. Anybody who cannot participate in the session can find more information about each session on the local page in our internal social network YAM UNITED.

Jesper Kryhlmand
CEO, T-Systems Nordic A/S


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  
  • SAP, Public Cloud, Managed Infrastructure, Internet of Things img, and Digital Solutions.
  • Also focus on SD-WAN (Ngena), Multi-Cloud, and Security
Total number of employees   Owing to the carve-out on 30/08, T-Systems Nordic has 38 employees.

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018

Please refer to the Internet for further information   https://www.t-systems.com/dk/en
Company code   1887-1893
VAT number   Denmark (1887) – DK 14815244
Sweden (1888) – SE 516403215
Finland (1889) – FI 17603705
Norway (1890) – NO 986087796
Estonia (1891) – EE 101980744
Latvia (1892) – LV 50203065041
Lithuania (1893) – LT 100010973616
Location   Denmark – Copenhagen (HQ/Sales/Delivery)
Sweden – Malmö and Stockholm (Sales/Delivery)
Finland – Helsinki (Sales/Delivery)
Norway – Oslo (Branch Office)
Estonia – Tallinn (Branch Office)
Latvia – Riga (Branch Office)
Lithuania – Vilnius (Branch Office)
Financials 2021  
  • Orders booked: EUR 38.2 million
  • Revenue: EUR 38.1 million
  • EBIT: EUR 0.7 million

Connect the unconnected: Campfire session

Apart from company communication by email, we have a weekly Campfire session together with T-Systems Limited as part of T-Systems Northern Europe. The Campfire session is arranged virtually so that all T-Systems Northern Europe can participate. The session is not simply used to update the company, it is also a platform where everyone can ask questions. Anybody who cannot participate in the session can find more information about each session from the local YAM UNITED page. 

Due to the coronavirus, we have been more or less working from home. Consequently, the feeling of being disconnected from colleagues has increased. The management has decided to connect everyone by using the Campfire session as a platform where all of us can connect. Managers have received positive feedback from employees that they have a sense of being connected and feel part of the company. Recently, we had a security audit and the auditor is impressed with the way we connect all of the employees through this weekly Campfire session.

Furniture donation – New Normal

T-Systems Nordic A/S has complied with the New Normal initiative derived from TSI. We carried out a review and established that the location in Denmark was able to align with the initiative. The outcome was that we moved to a new location with a reduction in floorspace of 56 percent. 

Since we relocated to much smaller premises and couldn’t take all the surplus furniture with us, we had a lot of office furniture that could be reused by someone else. We therefore contacted a local school and a not-for-profit organization, and they were able to use the office furniture that was surplus to our requirements. 

Planting a tree 2022

As part of the global warming challenge, we would like to take part in the tree planting project to reduce CO2 and minimize our carbon footprint. As well as planting a number of trees, we will also plant some extra trees for our employees’ birthdays. This will engage our employees as part of the project.

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