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Erik Slooten
CEO, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary takes responsibility and is committed to organizing its operations, services, governance, and overall corporate activities so as to generate a positive effect on society, the environment, and the economy. The mission of the company is a continuous journey and is compliant with the UN’s sustainable development goals and with our parent company’s CR mission. Our Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility strategy empowers digital sustainability and digital inclusion, low-carbon climate protection, high-quality education with reduced inequalities, and diversity.

Proactive management of topics relating to climate action and environment – such as emission reduction for direct and indirect energy consumption – is a core component of our sustainability strategy. At local level, we are targeting many aspects of environmental sustainability including green building solutions, fleet vehicles, commuting, and waste.

The company is improving energy efficiency, modernizing network and datacenters, and increasing the number of EV chargers. It is also raising the proportion of hybrid cars in the vehicle fleet, expanding bicycle storage facilities, and supporting colleagues with the Ride IT bike rental option so that they can enjoy environmentally friendly mobility. We strive to prioritize sustainability in any events we organize.

We run multiple CSR projects. For example, the Szendrőlád and Hősök projects are developing the programming abilities of kids with special needs. The Sustainability Program rolls out a variety of interesting topics on a monthly basis, connecting up sustainability with the everyday lives of our employees. We also donate secondhand computers to schools.

The Company leverages employee and customer engagement to demonstrate the positive impact of technology in society. It advocates the accessibility and affordability of telecommunications and IT infrastructure by offering services that drive sustainable economic growth and innovative solutions across areas such as education, social inclusion, and innovation partnerships with universities and municipalities.

Our colleagues teach programming to 50 severely disadvantaged children in our special educational program “Szendrőlád and the Heroes.” This impetus helps them to succeed in their subsequent studies. We support the education of the upcoming generations in strong collaborations with universities across the country. We fund scholarship programs, innovation-related projects, special faculties, Ideathon competitions, and tailored professional training courses.

Our company believes that diverse and inclusive teams drive performance and create business value. They are therefore a strategic asset for the business. A workforce with a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences drives innovation and makes the business more resilient.

Our overall approach is systematic and based on awareness, roll-out of local initiatives, programs, projects, campaigns, and events. The unambiguous goal of our sustainability strategy is to contribute to Deutsche Telekom’s mission and provide support with local actions. We have a rolling program of developing processes and procedures to assess, measure, and manage our impact on society and the environment.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share   DT IT Solutions Hungary is a delivery location for T-Systems, DTBS, DT Technik and TelIT, no local market activity
Number of customers   000+ end customers through parent companies
Number of employees   5 010
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2006, 100 percent subsidiary owned by Deutsche Telekom AG

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018 

Please refer to the internet for further information   https://www.deutschetelekomitsolutions.en/


Awards and memberships

Awards (country level):

  • PwC Most Attractive Employer 2021 Award 3rd Place in SSC/BSC

Memberships and collaboration/participation in political dialogs:

  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • German Chamber of Commerce 
  • HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency)

#GreenMagenta Program

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions is the largest nearshore location of T-Systems International. A headcount of000 makes it the largest ICT employer in Hungary. While conducting operations at four sites, we create value but also cause unavoidable waste. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint to the smallest possible size as well as to creating an environmentally-conscious corporate culture. Our principal initiatives are as follows:

Mill Park – Green Park
In summer 2018, the Budapest offices of ITSH moved to a new location, the seven-story Mill Park office complex (Budapest, 9th district) with floorspace of 35 000 square meters. The building has been awarded the Gold Standard of the LEED Green Building Certification System. It uses 25 percent less energy than traditional office space thanks to the fact that most of the offices receive sufficient natural illumination during the day through optimum sunlight entry. The building also uses passive solar energy due to its orientation – in addition to district heating. The insulation capacity of facade elements complies with net-zero building regulations, while photovoltaic (solar) panels are installed on the roof. Rainwater also has an important role to play since landscape irrigation and WCs make use of this water resource (this represents a water saving of approximately 75 percent in comparison with traditional office buildings).

Selective waste collection
DT-ITS is committed to achieving selective waste collection and preventing waste production. Selective waste collection in the company’s offices is available throughout the entire complex. This enables recyclable, superfluous materials to be forwarded to a disposal company for processing. Special bins have been installed in dining areas for collection of plastic, paper, and communal waste. We selectively collect plastic, ink and toner cartridges, batteries, and electronic waste within the company. Delivery and further handling of waste products takes place in compliance with selective waste-management guidelines and criteria. 

Think before you print
We all know that the paperless office is correct as an objective, but we acknowledge that it has yet to be achieved. Although we still use paper, we are reducing the quantity of paper and printed materials to a minimum. Bins suitable for collecting paper waste are located in the dining areas, enabling employees to selectively collect paper for recycling. We have positioned user notices above printers to highlight environmentally-aware photocopying and printing techniques. Our printers are configured for black-and-white printing on both sides as the default. This saves paper and ink. Print-based posters have been banished from our Budapest offices. All our billboard-type communication is presented on LCD displays situated in the lobby and installed in lifts.

Szenrdőlád and Heroes’ project

Our education program has involved 30 of our colleagues providing teaching for coding to 50 underprivileged children in Szendrőlád and 20 in Pécs over the past four years with in-person sessions. Alongside digital inclusion and teaching kids, the project also promotes establishment of a background in technical knowledge, IT infrastructure, IT tools, and classroom equipment.

Sustainability Awareness Program

In spring 2020, we launched the Sustainability Awareness Program designed to shape attitudes. Its objective was for us to help set in motion and raise awareness about those areas of our everyday life where we as private individuals could do much for a more liveable, sustainable planet by making a few tweaks to our everyday lives.

Each month during the program, we highlighted a new topic related to sustainability. We livened things up with speakers, challenges and various activities, and we also established a dedicated site packed with handy tips, articles, and links on our internal network “YAM UNITED.”

Ride IT

In 2020, we launched the Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary Ride IT program to support the eco-friendly commute undertaken by our colleagues on a bike and the electric-scooter fleet in Szeged and Debrecen. The bicycle fleet was rolled out in Debrecen from the Company bicycles idea submitted to What an Idea, and in Szeged with the support of the SASMOB European Union Mobility Project. For now, the fleet consists of five regular bicycles, one electric bicycle and an electric scooter in Debrecen, and five regular bicycles in Szeged. Colleagues can rent the equipment during and outside working hours, even for several days, but we ask that they take care of the equipment in accordance with the Bike and Scooter Rules.

Mental wellness month – March and November

Mental health and its importance have fortunately been gaining awareness in the past years, and people are starting to realize that it’s just as important as physical health. We also realized that our colleagues might need a bit of a boost from a helping hand, especially in these trying times. That’s why we organized our Mental Wellness Month in March and November, including online lectures with experts. Small-group talks are also organized where colleagues can work together and find solutions to their problems. The topics addressed included how to be alone, expectations in a relationship, getting rid of addictions, how to combat fear, and how to remain normal.

Adaptation of our Sites to the New Normal

On the back of lessons learned from the COVID-19 crisis, our company started the New Normal Project. The crisis impacted on many areas of activity and continues to affect our daily work. One of those areas is utilization of office buildings. The project collects and evaluates building utilization figures before creating input for strategic planning. The rental contracts for each of our sites are under review to increase the efficiency of area usage. The ultimate aim is to lower our emissions.

Car Fleet Electrification/Pilot Project

Based on requirements for the climate target defined by Deutsche Telekom AG for 2025, we are launching a pilot project to electrify our car fleet. The aim of the project is to take the key aspects from Deutsche Telekom AG, evaluate our fleet usage and the types of car, assess the models of xEV vehicle available in the Hungarian market in line with our drivers’ needs, and appraise the development of EV Charger infrastructure at our sites. We also support the strategic planning process for carbon emissions and budget. The progress of the project will be measured using key performance indicators collected quarterly up to 2025.

Bátor Tábor Volunteers Day

The summer of 2021 needed a volunteering project to bring it to a successful close. DT-ITS defined a great goal. We decided to help with refurbishment around the Bátor Tábor campus in Hatvan.

There was no shortage of tasks: we painted a stable, built a new pavement, finished the missing part of a fence, laid concrete, prepared beds for the campers coming that weekend, cleaned up an untidy forestry area, and gave a new coat of paint to several piers and bridges.

More than 50 enthusiastic colleagues decided to join us, travelling from Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged, and Pécs.

Charity Miles Challenge

We only needed 48 days and the participation of 254 active colleagues to achieve our common goal of collecting 30 000 miles in record time. Of course it helped, that the challenge had a big purpose, donating HUF 1 million to a charity chosen by our colleagues. Based on your votes, we will support the work of Magyarországi Sürgősségi Ellátásért és Mentésért Alapítvány (Hungarian Emergency Care and Rescue Foundation). We used the Charity Miles App img to collect the miles.

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