Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
CEO, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH
& Comfort Charge GmbH

Deutsche Funkturm is the leading infrastructure provider for mobile network operators, broadcasters, operators of radio relays, and the radio networks of authorities and other institutions in Germany. As a full-service provider of active and passive infrastructure, Deutsche Funkturm acquires, plans, realizes, operates, and markets radio sites throughout Germany.

Acting responsibly is a fundamental part of our strategy. In the sphere of climate protection and resource efficiency, we are developing and testing diverse renewable energy projects on our mobile communication sites together with Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiary PASM img (Power and Air Condition Solution GmbH).

We promote the implementation and awareness of our group-wide strategy by rewriting our own strategy and by “acting responsibly” within our supply chain. We have also rolled out our own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management with key activities like evaluation of TowerCo specific developments, and analysis of national and international circumstances.

In addition, we support Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary Comfort Charge, which provides sustainable charging stations for electric vehicles, largely by utilizing Deutsche Telekom’s existing infrastructure. Charging stations provided by Comfort Charge are supplied exclusively with certified green electricity and contribute to the mobility transition in Germany.

Rolling out the mobile network infrastructure enables us to build the foundation for people to connect, anytime and anywhere. Building new sites in remote areas makes a particular contribution to closing the digital gap and driving forward digitalization for everybody. 

We are operating in line with the national regulations for electric magnetic fields (EMF img) so as to be in harmony with the environment. Citizens and communities value us as a reliable and transparent partner. We have established a good reputation with our predictive planning in compliance with limit values. Experts at Deutsche Funkturm provide advice and clarification. 

We have several agreements with a number of federal states, cities and local authorities to strengthen our participation in national political dialogs and increase public acceptance of infrastructure rollout. We want to secure fast and reliable development of mobile infrastructure.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share   Deutsche Funkturm is a key player in developing infrastructure for German mobile network operators, broadcasters, operators of radio relays, and the radio networks of authorities and other institutions. Relevant markets: TowerCo and telecommunication. Market share: 39 percent in Germany.

German mobile network operators, broadcasters, operators of radio relays, and the radio networks of authorities and other institutions.

Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2002
Please refer to the internet for further information   Website DFMG

Awards and memberships

We have several Letters of Intent (LoI) and nationwide frame contracts with federal states setting out the following aims: 

  • Driving forward the expansion of mobile communications. 
  • Strengthening collaboration with cities and participation in national political dialogs. 
  • Speeding up and optimizing technology innovations (e.g. 5G) and processes. 

We are continuously expanding our collaborations with more cities and public services. Our aim is to be a permanent part of integrated political discussions for the representation of interests.

Renewable energy sources

We are working together with Deutsche Telekom and PASM img (Power and Air Condition Solution GmbH) on alternative methods for supplying energy to our mobile communication sites. The focus is on photovoltaics, wind power and fuel cells combined with intelligent energy storage solutions (i.e. monitoring and controlling). We have already successfully completed the first pilot projects at our sites.

Coverage in rural, undiscovered areas

Together with our main customer and Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Telekom Deutschland GmbH, we are working on sharing models with other MNOs in rural areas without coverage yet (so called “white spots”). The aim of the sharing model is efficient and collective cooperation for all MNOs. This is defined as a common collaboration for compliance with license requirements.

Furthermore, Deutsche Funkturm GmbH proactively applies for and takes part in public promoted (non-licensed) mobile communication sites. Hence, we have several contacts with federal states to discuss framework agreements, state funding programs etc.

Our aim is also to take part in Germany’s planned national support program. To this end, we are already in an active dialog with public representatives to establish a common program design.

Currently, we are involved in a tender process advertised by the Federal State of Bavaria.

Mobile temporary sites

Our own mobile sites for temporary solutions enable us to act fast and safeguard our customers’ needs in crisis situations (e.g. providing network access for people during catastrophes like the Ahrtal floods, fire and for hospitals during COVID-19). These solutions for mobile temporary sites and the associated management are carried out in close cooperation with Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Species protection

We promote biodiversity in the areas surrounding our radio sites. We work together with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union to take account of the habitats of local animals, e.g. peregrine falcons, and protect them by providing nest boxes and adapting our site operations. In addition, we provide green areas on our rural properties for beekeepers to set up beehives.


Reforestation and planting

We are expanding the mobile network in rural areas. When selecting suitable locations for radio sites, we take ecological factors into consideration. After our evaluation, we plant trees, avenues and flower meadows in collaboration with nature protection authorities in order to preserve native plant and animal life.

Sustainable awareness

We are constantly working on and improving our CSR management. Our actions ensure that our activities are in line with our defined corporate strategy and its CSR approach, i.e. evaluating, implementing and tracking CSR projects relating to specific national and infrastructural circumstances. In addition, we also reinforce our sustainable awareness by carefully thinking through our communication strategy internally and externally, and by developing a community for sharing CSR ideas and initiatives within the entire organization.

Comfort Charge/eCharging stations

As a full-service provider for charging infrastructure, Comfort Charge (only available in German) has developed a fast-charging network with approx. 160 public charging stations for electric vehicles across Germany. This essentially utilizes the existing telecommunications infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom. Thanks to this secondary use, we are creating a sustainable platform for the mobility revolution in Germany. Outputs of up to 150 kW make charging stations with Comfort Charge among the fastest urban charging options in Germany. The charging stations are only supplied with certified green electricity.

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