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Dušan Banović
Chief Officer for Core Services and Digital Transformation

Responsibility toward the environment and the community is an important part of Telekom’s business. At Crnogorski Telekom, we continuously promote these principles through partnerships with various stakeholders from the public and not-for-profit sectors.

At Telekom, we believe that a just society is one where nobody is left behind. We aim to create opportunities for everyone to make the most of the possibilities in the digital world. Internet coverage for us is not simply a technical term. It is an expression of social inclusion.

Dušan Banović
Chief Officer for Core Services and Digital Transformation,
Crnogorski Telekom



Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Crnogorski Telekom is the biggest telecommunications company in the Montenegrin market. Crnogorski Telekom has a 54.30 percent share in the fixed-network market, a 43 percent share in fixed broadband, and a 33.25 percent share in the TV market. Crnogorski Telekom has a 33.12 percent share in the mobile market.

Number of customers  

Fix voice: 101 200
Broadband: 78 300
TV: 81 200
Mobile postpaid: 260 000
Mobile prepaid: 120 400

Number of employees   518
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2005

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018

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Awards and memberships

Crnogorski Telekom is a member of the following organizations

  • Montenegrin Foreign Investors’ Council
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Montenegro (AmCham Montenegro)
  • Chamber of Economy Montenegro
  • Montenegrin Employers’ Federation
  • Association of Montenegrin Managers. 

In 2021, Crnogorski Telekom was awarded the Employer Partner Certificate saluting the HR management strategy and results in the area of the company’s relationship with employees.

Competition for socially responsible projects “Za svako dobro”

After seven years, we have now retired a donation competition “Za svako dobro” for major projects relating to social responsibility in the community, naturally after guiding last year’s winners to the final stages of development for their projects. We brought this competition to an end because we made a strategic decision to organize similar competitions focused on innovation and the startup community. 

Areas of support for “Za svako dobro” included education and culture (media literacy and use of digital technologies for education of all generations, education for young people in STEM subjects, use of digital technologies for development and promotion of culture), environmental protection, inclusion, and creation of equal opportunities for participation in the digital society. Total annual funding for the competition amounted to EUR 30 000, and since 2014 almost 40 projects of special importance for the community were supported to the tune of EUR 210 000.

The foundation “Budi human” (Be Human) is just one of many examples of successfully funded projects. It collects aid and donations for children suffering from rare diseases who need treatment abroad and whose costs are not fully covered by the government. This foundation was established through support from the competition “Za svako dobro” and over the past four years it has collected EUR 1.1 million for children needing treatment abroad.


Since 2007, Crnogorski Telekom has been providing broadband Internet free of charge to all Montenegrin elementary and high schools, and to pre-school institutions. During 2021, the initiative was continued, and Telekom provided mobile Internet for several hundred schools in rural and suburban areas free of charge, because we believe that no school and no child in the education system should be left behind. 

Telekom Volunteers’ Club

In 2021, the Crnogorski Telekom Volunteers’ Club continued its activities with the aim of promoting the principles of social responsibility inside and outside the company. The club joined forces with various partners and organized tree-planting initiatives in the Montenegrin capital. The club also worked together with the Montenegrin Office for Blood Transfusion to organize a blood donation initiative for Telekom employees and management.

University of Montenegro - part of a gigabit society

In 2020, Crnogorski Telekom and the University of Montenegro have signed an agreement worth EUR 2.1 million over the next 15 years. Our goal is to increase the speed of Internet connection between all units of the University of Montenegro (UCG) by 100 times. This will significantly improve the quality of work and the functioning of the faculty and the university as a whole, as the highest institutions of the education system become part of a gigabit society and a world of new opportunities. These services are free-of-charge, i.e. a donation to UCG.

Psychological support line during the epidemic lockdown

The Clinical Center of Montenegro, the country’s biggest hospital, launched a psychological support line on the hotline number 1555 in cooperation with Crnogorski Telekom in 2020. The aim was to provide citizens with adequate mental-health support during the coronavirus pandemic. The virtual call center was a donation to the clinical center and calls to the number 1555 were free of charge.

Initially this initiative was scheduled to last for a period of three to six months but given the fact that the pandemic has continued, we have decided to keep providing this service during 2021.

The Psychiatric Clinic of CCM has indicated that an increase in stress and anxiety levels should be anticipated for all individuals during any epidemic. This is generally manifested through fear of illness or death, social exclusion and quarantine due to infection with the virus, followed by fear of loss, inability to work in isolation and anxiety about redundancy, along with feelings of powerlessness to protect loved ones.

Smart devices and services for vulnerable children

Telekom joined forces with partners from German not-for-profit organization Help to provide smartphones with services free of charge for people from particularly economically and socially vulnerable groups (i.e. the Roma population) who work in public institutions on projects targeting the same population. This gives them the capability to carry out their job more effectively.

Mathematical Kangaroo

Crnogorski Telekom supported the organization of the biggest math competition for children at elementary school in Montenegro called “Mathematical Kangaroo,” or “Kangourou sans Frontières.” Despite the year being overshadowed by COVID-19, several hundred children from three Montenegrin cities participated in the pilot project. Next year, we are planning to organize an even bigger competition with partners from the not-for-profit sector.

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