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Małgorzata Rybak-Dowżyk

Małgorzata Rybak-Dowżyk
Corporate Communications & CR Department Director
T-Mobile Polska S.A.

Over the past several years, we have been taking measures that will make the planet a friendlier place for future generations – and that is our environmental responsibility. It is hugely important to realize that we have taken on what can be viewed as a huge loan in relation to our planet. And the interest rate is growing so fast that we have to start paying it back and setting ourselves ambitious targets here. We are taking up the Group’s challenge of zero carbon, but we are also doing a great deal ourselves to achieve this goal. You could say that 2021 was a truly landmark year. Starting with green energy issues, we constructed photovoltaic installations, introduced recycled phones, and made changes in our car fleet. We have focused on the resources we can reduce – this year the priority was paper. We ran a “Magenta Forests” campaign aimed at B2B customers. This involves us planting a tree in their name for every two pieces of paper saved. And we’re not stopping! More challenges, investments, and reasons to be proud!

The past two years in the era of the coronavirus have clearly shown us that there are situations where we cannot just sit on the sidelines. This situation has demonstrated to us that there is more to life than everyday business and we have seen that our stakeholders really expect us to respond to important social issues. At T-Mobile Polska, we have known for a long time that the goal of business results is not the only factor in the mix – there’s a much bigger picture.

We are committed to making life easier in difficult times – and that is our social responsibility. But we are also committed to ensuring that no one feels digitally excluded and that the use of technology is safe – and this is our digital responsibility. After all, impacting on the environment is not just about reacting to what’s happening here and now. It’s also about looking to the future. We have to remember the foundation of our business – we provide services, technology, and we are responsible for how they will impact on society. So we want to talk primarily about two groups here. Firstly, looking after those who are intimidated by technology, namely retirees. And secondly, those people who sometimes are all too familiar with it – in other words, the youngest users. We need to look after their safety. Another very important element of our activities focused on social action is the promotion of diversity – inside and outside our organization. This is because we truly believe that we can all – regardless of gender, age or background – be one #magentafamily. 


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

T-Mobile Polska is one of the three leading network providers in the Polish mobile market.

Number of customers   11.3 million
Number of employees   4 127
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   1995 operational shareholder, since the beginning of 2011, 100 percent ownership

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018

Please refer to the internet for further information  

www.t-mobile.pl and https://firma.t-mobile.pl/en/company

Local CR reports   T-Mobile 2020 sustainability report

Awards and memberships

T-Mobile Polska is a member of associations and organizations:

  • Global Compact
  • Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Digital Poland Foundation
  • Lewiatan Confederation
  • German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Responsible Business Forum
  • Golden Leaf Award: T-Mobile Polska was for the second time awarded the Golden Leaf Award for its CSR activities. It was acknowledged as a company that is striving toward achieving a highly effective business while being mindful of its impact on society and the environment.
  • As many as 19 T-Mobile initiatives have been described in the report Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” published by the Responsible Business Forum. This is the largest and most comprehensive review of sustainable development initiatives in the country.
  • On the occasion of the European Diversity Month, the list of employers who are most advanced in diversity and inclusion management in Poland was presented for the first time. The list was created on the basis of the results of the Diversity IN Check research, conducted by Responsible Business Forum and a group of partner organizations. T-Mobile was among the selected entities for which diversity and tolerance are the foundation of the entire company’s values.
  • T-Mobile once again took part in the Responsible Companies Ranking competition organized by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna together with Deloitte, Responsible Business Forum, and Kozminski University. This year, we took third place in our industry category.

Joy of Helping

The employee volunteering program was born in 2002. It started with the Charity Auction – a one-off project involving employees and their families. The campaign became a regular initiative in which employees and their children create works for the auction. Additional auctioning attractions are “Gifts full of passion” – a mini-volunteer competition in which employees of the company offer unusual gifts for auction. The amount paid by employees during the bidding is doubled by T-Mobile and all the money collected is entrusted to T-Mobile volunteers. They cooperate together to roll out their own social projects with local organizations.

CHILD ALERT – Anyone can do something for others

T-Mobile was the first operator in Poland – and so far remains the only one – to cooperate with the Police Headquarters under Child Alert – a system that uses technology to support the search for a missing child. Child Alert is an alarm system managed by the Center for Missing Persons at the Police Headquarters. It involves providing rapid information about missing or abducted children to the public through all the available media including mobile phones. When an alert is issued, T-Mobile sends a special MMS (Child Alert) to customers. The message is prepared by the police containing basic information about the incident and the missing child. Messages are only sent to T-Mobile customers who have previously agreed to receive these notifications.

Improvements for customers with disabilities

T-Mobile Polska is on a mission to create an environment where modern technologies serve the sustainable development of society. This is a natural consequence of the responsibility shouldered by the company providing innovative solutions in the field of modern technology. One of the company’s priorities is the continuous pipeline of solutions to ensure full accessibility for all customers.

Accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing people

  • Connection with a sign language interpreter at all T-Mobile shops during their working hours – as first operator on the Polish market.
  • Support from a sign language interpreter on our hotline. More details about this solution can be found here

Facilities for the blind or visually impaired
In order to ensure that people with visual impairments benefit fully from the services offered by T-Mobile, we have facilitated the ordering of document printouts with enlarged fonts, and printouts of documents translated into Braille. 

Facilities for people with mobility disabilities
We make every effort to ensure that our outlets are adapted to serve people with disabilities in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. 

B.NET: education for cyber security

Together with the Digital University Foundation, we started the B.NET educational project. This initiative will run several dozen training courses and workshops for children and teachers aimed at developing digital skills and increasing awareness of online threats. The project received the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Digitization and the National Research Institute of NASK.

The Internet is a boon – a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment. In recent months, it has also become an integral part of everyday school life that no student could do without. However, in order for the Internet to be a source of inspiration and not unpleasant incidents, it’s important to know how to use it properly. The knowledge that makes even the youngest children conscious and aware Internet users protects children from online threats.

This is why we launched the nationwide educational project B.NET. in cooperation with the Digital University Foundation. It’s addressed to teachers and students of primary schools, employees of libraries and community centers in towns with less than 50 000 inhabitants.

As part of the project, we invite teachers to B.NET online training sessions in order to discuss the most important aspects of online safety for students aged 6 to 13. During the course of the training, teachers are provided with in-depth knowledge and ready-made scenarios with activities to be carried out in their schools using B.NET during the week. The scenarios have been prepared in three versions: for grades 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8, and the class topics are appropriately profiled to match the ages of the students. At the end of the project, the project experts will organize B.NET tournaments for students – full of fun and interesting challenges – in schools with the most proactive and committed teachers.

WE <3 DIVERSITY. SIŁA RÓŻNORODNOŚCI (The power of diversity)

At T-Mobile, we have been implementing projects to support the D&I topic for many years. However, our ambition is to develop this topic further and get more involved. In 2020, we therefore decided to review our activities and refresh our approach to diversity.

In 2021, we started to implement further changes. First of all, we created the “D&I STRATEGY 2021-2022” and presented our vision for setting ourselves specific diversity goals. We invited prestigious guests to the launch meeting for all our employees, including Birgit Bohle, Head of HR at Deutsche Telekom, and the Polish Ombudsman.

We are continuing our educational activities. Throughout the year, we hold monthly meetings with interesting people related to the topic. We talk about equality, inclusion, the needs of people with disabilities, women’s development, and much more. During the summer vacation period we organized #DiversityThursday, in which we translated the theme of D&I into our company values and presented the values in amusing pictures. We also promote e-learning tailored to our employees. 

We are modifying the recruitment process by including a D&I module in our onboarding and making our adverts gender neutral. We train Hiring Managers in unconscious bias and regularly survey candidates on whether they feel the process is fair and non-discriminatory.

We place strong emphasis on hiring people with disabilities. We have started a series of training sessions for mangers in order to encourage them to interact more in their teams. Additionally, we have introduced a package of further benefits for people with disabilities working at T-Mobile Polska.

Network of generations

T-Mobile has joined forces with the TV Puls “Pod Dębem” Foundation to implement the social project “Network of generations – safe seniors online.” As part of the initiative, a dozen or so nursing homes have been equipped with computers. A program of educational classes explaining the use of technology has been prepared for residents and specially trained call center staff are available.

Only 43 percent of people aged 65-74 in Poland make use of the Internet. This is very low compared with other age groups in our country, but the number is also very low compared with access to the Internet in other European countries. Unfortunately, the situation has not been improved by the pandemic. In the case of older people, the family is the most important source of social contact and it often provides guidance to the world of modern technologies. By having to isolate themselves, retirees have been deprived of the opportunity to meet, but also further digitally excluded. The situation is particularly difficult in care facilities.

The “Network of Generations” project is intended to popularize access to modern technologies and improve digital skills among seniors, as well as giving them the tools to develop their passions and make contact with their loved ones. As part of the campaign, T-Mobile has donated dozens of laptops to eleven facilities for senior citizens’ facilities and social care homes throughout Poland. But there’s more – all seniors will receive free access to a specially prepared, 10-part course “Digital World for Everyone,” in which the most important concepts related to using computers, surfing the Internet, and online safety are explained step by step. For anybody with additional questions, telephone consultations will also be organized with Magenta’s helpline operators.

“Generation Network” is not the first initiative of this kind by T-Mobile. The company has been consistently conducting activities aimed at integrating excluded groups in the world of technology. In recent months, the company has carried out a number of campaigns including an educational campaign “Seniors, beware of those numbers” to protect the elderly from telephone scammers, and “ABC of technology for seniors” – a series of advice articles published in popular magazines.

On a winning position

Four young influencers, four live meetings, and four videos prepared especially for the viewers, touching on important topics relating to online safety, and the platform www.nawygranejpozycji.pl. This is T-Mobile’s latest educational initiative aimed at children and teenagers.

Generation Z cannot imagine life without a phone and has no problem with using technology. Digital exclusion, however, is not only a lack of skills, but also a lack of awareness of the dangers of being online. Many young people suffer from online bullying or lowered self-esteem resulting from comparisons with unrealistic beauty models shown in social media. T-Mobile is a modern and responsible company. It wants to raise the awareness of young people to the risks that come with using the web, but also highlight the huge number of positives delivered and encourage youngsters to use it with their heads.

The corporate responsibility initiative “Na Wygranej Poscji” aims to provide a guide through the world of modern technologies, addressing its audience in language that appeals to the young target group. Hence four young influencers who are building their careers on the Internet have been invited to cooperate. The selected creators will talk about their experiences with hegemony, self-acceptance, privacy, and security. Four outreach influencers have been invited: Zuza Borucka, Haaipapi, Colorowy, and Wicia.

Every Thursday at 20:00, a selected influencer took part in a live meeting when participants could ask questions in a chat room. At the beginning of the meeting, a video prepared by the influencer was presented and this inspired a subsequent joint discussion. The initiative is being launched by Colorowy, i.e. Patryk Zapała, who touched on the topic of responding to negative comments and protecting an individual’s privacy on social media. Subsequent meetings addressed fake news, dealing with emotions, and unrealistic models of beauty promoted on social media.

Magentowe Lasy (Magenta Forests)

As part of the Magenta Forests campaign, every two pieces of paper saved means that T-Mobile will plant one tree. Any of our business customers who use paper invoices can take part in the program. We hope to be able to double the 30 000 trees we plan to plant with our customers at the start of the initiative. The total number of new trees may eventually reach 100 000 in the next stage of the campaign.

Taking part in the campaign involves going to the program website. After verifying conversion to e-invoice, the customer receives a special link. By clicking on the link, the customer can choose the place for the tree to be planted. There are six forest districts to choose from: Lipusz in Pomorskie Voivodship, Oborniki Śląskie in Dolnośląskie Voivodship, Miechów in Małopolskie Voivodship, Świdnik in Lubelskie Voivodship, Jabłonna (Mazowieckie Voivodship) and Wichrowo (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship). We will plant a tree and the customer will receive a special certificate from us for every two pieces of paper saved by a customer. 

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