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Andreas Truls
Managing Director
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia

We support the group-wide corporate responsibility strategy and we are on our journey toward net zero direct and indirect energy consumption and emissions. We are refreshing our fleet with a trajectory toward electric vehicles and we are introducing micromobility services for cross campus and city commuting. We reduce commuting and travel requirements by our activity-based working models, as well as our overall office space. Lastly, as a leading sustainable IT Provider we drive sustainability through digitization of internal and external processes.

We are committed to promoting social responsibility and continuously giving back to the community, in particular in the areas of education and digital literacy. We focus on digital inclusion at various levels within schools, and we support the Digital Skills platform along with a program called “MyMachine.”

We assist socially disadvantaged people in need of financial support and we foster voluntary activities. We continue to promote a large range of internal projects, e.g. donating reusable items.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share   Automobiles, energy, banking, healthcare, and other industries
Number of customers   More than 700
Number of employees   3 940 (FTE)
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2006

ISO 9001:2015  
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018  
ISO 27001
ISO 22301
ISO 20000

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Local CR report   Report (pdf)

Awards and memberships

Memorandum 2030 – Signing the memorandum means our company has confirmed the membership of the Business Leaders Forum (informal association of companies committed to being leaders in promoting CR and CSR principles in Slovakia). This represents a commitment to working with other member companies to create a culture of respect, trust, empathy, learning, and inclusion.

As a member of the forum, we believe that responsible businesses should strive to respect the needs of all stakeholders in the routine decisions taken within a company every day.

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia has been a leader in information technology and innovation in Slovakia for a long time. Close cooperation with local academic and national institutions allows our developers to analyze the current situation and apply new technologies based on the region’s position and create unique projects that aim to help disabled people.

One example is development of a registration App img for COVID-19 antigen testing. The App was developed by our software development team for Košice citizens with the aim of speeding up testing and avoiding waits in long lines at testing centers. The project also received an award from Košice city representatives.

Signing another Memorandum provides evidence of cooperation at a national level too. As part of the #partnerforsustainability initiative of the Slovak-German Business Forum (AHK), we joined 12 German companies in Slovakia in making a commitment to act responsibly and apply sustainability in our business operations and other activities. As part of the initiative, regular  calls are held with representatives of each company to share best practices. Round tables are also organized with representatives of the Ministry of Environment or Ministry of Education.

Magenta life

The Carpathian Foundation is our long-term partner and focuses on development and quality of life in the region. We have therefore agreed on the common goal of supporting education in primary schools. Two grant programs were launched: “School of the Future” and “Teacher of the Future.” The program provided a grant to schools or to a specific teacher who contributed innovation, creativity, and experiential forms of learning to the learning process.  

In the school year 2020/2021, we supported ten projects in the “School of the Future” grant program. This focused on natural sciences, robotics and 3D modelling, cognitive and social skills development. We promoted six projects in the “Teacher of the Future” grant program and these focused on development of communication and social skills, highlighted the importance of saving the environment, and connected theory with practice through experiential learning.

In October 2021, we launched the third edition of the grant programs. 

Supporting education in the region

Education was the strongest pillar of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy at DT IT Solutions Slovakia in 2021. The pandemic situation left many of us at home and that’s why our volunteers are very active in helping students to learn with the help of digital technologies.

We support the MyMachine program through our partnership with the Carpathian Foundation. MyMachine is a cooperation among all three levels of school institution – elementary, secondary schools, and universities. This program has been rolled out in many Slovak cities. In the school year 2021/2022, we are a partner and proud supporter of the program in Košice and Tvrdošín. The program involves two volunteers from our employees acting as mentors/consultants to the students.  

As a member of the platform Digital Skills, our volunteers are mentors of 100 teachers. They show them how to use digitalization in their daily work with students.

We provided financial assistance for digital inclusion to the tune of more than 27 000 euros.

Rent a bike with T-Systems Slovakia

DT IT Solutions Slovakia offers its employees bikes on loan to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle and contribute to environmental protection. The bikes can be used to get to external meetings and for leisure activities over weekends. The offer consists of ten big bikes, ten small bikes, three electric bikes, and four scooters. The offer is extremely popular with our staff.

Corporate volunteering and not-for-profit organizations

Corporate volunteering
In 2021, our employees volunteered in different spheres of local Corporate Social Responsibility. In education, they shared their know-how and helped to educate children and IT teachers all over Slovakia. Staff also mentored high-school students and helped them to reach their goals. Our people also did good work in the area of social innovation when they developed an application for psychiatric patients in Trebišov hospital called Cognity Care, which helps patients to improve their cognitive skills using virtual reality.

Another product worth mentioning is the Zvedavo application. This was developed for children by our software development team and the application aims to motivate children to go outside, use their phone in the natural environment, and find out about animals using the App img in augmented reality. This approach empowers children to make use of their devices in a smart way rather than simply sitting home.

In 2021, we donated 177 laptops and 23 monitors in the Košice region. The donated materials were no longer being used in the company and they are now being used by people who really need them.

Together with our CSR committee, we donated more than 30 000 euros to organizations that help socially disadvantaged people – for example “Smile as Gift,” Digital Skills, Kosicania, and Eco people. “Trash Heroes” is another initiative that looks after the Kosice environment by collecting garbage.

Not-for-profit sector
Since we are passionate about volunteering, our employees have been initiating their own projects associated with the not-for-profit sector and proceeds always go toward supporting people in need. Despite the pandemic situation, we are able to organize virtual events on the much appreciated and well-known Charity Cake Day and Charity Run Tour. We were able to join in the Fall Collection activity of the Pontis Foundation. This enabled us to donate clothes and toys to homeless and vulnerable children.

Our City
This year, almost 70 of our employees participated in the Slovak event “Our City.” This event inspires volunteers from companies all over Slovakia to help organizations in their city by painting a fence, renovating their furniture or making their surroundings greener. Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia has participated in this event for many years.  

Eco-friendly company

We continued on our journey as a plastic-free company by removing plastic cups from all our premises a few years ago. Additionally, we started to use recycled paper, notebooks, and pens in order to promote effective recycling in partnership with local initiatives.

As part of the #partnerforsustainability initiative of the Slovak-German Business Forum (AHK), we joined up with 12 German companies in Slovakia making a commitment to act responsibly and apply sustainability in our business operations and other activities.

We also informed our employees about Earth Day and participated in it by switching off the lights on the company’s buildings. In the run-up to Christmas, we gave ideas to our employees on how to create an Eco Christmas.

At the end of 2021, a project team focusing on green sustainability was created from among our employees in order to take care of all the topics covered in “green.” The project team is composed of people from Communications, Facility, Procurement along with many volunteers who are ready to guide employees on a journey toward a greener way of living.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The second year of this partnership is replicating the DofE vision because we believe that every young person has the potential to succeed. Our vision is to create opportunities for good education so as to help individuals fulfill their potential. In the school year 2021/2022, we have 10 volunteers in the program called Leaders of Tomorrow who will be mentoring young people aged 14 to 24 so that they can make proactive use of their free time. This equips them with the life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities, and the world at large.

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