Telekom, a.s.

Jose Severino Perdomo Lorenzo
CEO, Slovak Telekom

Slovakia needs to be connected so as to be a successful country – not only by motorways and railways, but also by high-speed Internet. Our vision is to make Slovakia a gigabit society. Slovak Telekom is therefore investing millions of euros in optical networks to connect up households and institutions. We are fully aware of the impact of our activities on natural resources and we are thinking about the future. The principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility (CR) are an integral part of all our processes and our value chain. We follow the strategy and goals of our parent company Deutsche Telekom AG, taking into account the specifics and needs of Slovakia, its natural resources, people, and culture.

In 2021, we implemented a number of solutions and processes that help combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. Our network is green because 100 percent of electricity consumption is covered by renewable energy sources. The specific activities we carry out in the field of environmental protection include systematic reduction of emissions, waste, electrical equipment, and packaging recovery. At Slovak Telekom, we meet the strictest environmental protection standards and we have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

Simply having an infrastructure in place is not sufficient. We need people who are digitally intelligent and literate, and are adapted to technologies. This should not be only in terms of consumption but also in terms of having the ability to be creative with them. People also need to have an understanding of digital ethics and security. As part of the ESG img strategy (Environment, Social, Governance), we have rolled out several projects that help develop children’s digital literacy, reduce the digital exclusion of retirees, and support the process of transforming education to make it modern and digital.

In addition to our strategic solutions, we also believe it is equally important to respond to current changes and situations in society. 2021 has witnessed the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our response was to help health professionals, teachers, and students by providing data, equipment, and funding.

We have selected four activities out of all those implemented in Slovakia during the course of 2021. This will enable you to learn more about us and what we care about.


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share   A market share of nearly 40 percent makes Slovak Telekom the leading telecommunications provider in Slovakia in both the business and consumer markets.
Number of customers  

2 502 000 mobile customers
880 000 fixed-line accesses

Number of employees   2 704
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2000

ISO 9001:2015   
ISO 14001:2015 
ISO 45001:2018  
ISO 50001

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Awards and memberships

Awards received during 2021:

  • NAY TECHBOX OPERATOR 2020 – winner of the “Operator of the Year” category in an independent reader poll
  • Healthy company of the year 2020 – Second place in the category of non-manufacturing companies
  • Top employer 2020 – Second place in the IT and telecommunications category
  • Smart Operator 2021 – winner of the first year of an independent reader poll for the best Slovak operator in terms of smart functions.
  • Zlatý středník (Golden Semicolon) – Third place for the Enter campaign in the Social Responsibility and Sustainability category

Zlatý klinec (Golden Nail) – Gold for the First Steps TV ad and the Helping Paramedics, and Silver from the panel for the humorous TV ad for Endless Data, which played out at the bus stop.

The ENTER Digital educational program

Smart technologies have accompanied them since they were born. Children play, chat, and already know how to handle smartphones and tablets more skillfully than their parents when they start elementary school. We call them the digital generation. But only four out of every ten children can easily create a simple table or presentation.

In future, nine out of ten jobs will require digital skills. In addition, robotics and automation bring additional risks for the labor market. At Telekom, we don’t take this lightly. So in 2020, we created the ENTER platform which aims to innovate in education and develop children’s digital skills.

The first program launched within ENTER is aimed at supporting the growing interest of children in digital technologies, understanding how they work, and the desire to think about how to use them for creative solutions. The program is built on three pillars – increasing children’s motivation and education, teacher education, and school hardware. We chose microbit as a tool. This is a small programmable microcomputer for creating simple games, measuring temperatures, and controlling the sound or brightness of other devices. They also joined forces with not-for-profit organizations – You in IT (Aj Ty v IT) and SPY – Teaching with HW, which helps us educate children and teachers. We have created the website where teachers, parents, and children can find useful advice, procedures, and videos on how to work with microbit. In cooperation with the most successful YouTuber in Slovakia – Gogo – we created a seven-part series called Microbattle where we showed that programming with a microbit was not boring, and presented the wide range of possibilities for microbit use in conjunction with various professions, activities, and subjects. Grant programs were implemented and schools benefited from microbits worth EUR 300 000. An all-day ENTER conference was held in September. The morning program was dedicated to students, digital technologies, and the labor market of the future. The afternoon program then covered teacher development and building schools of the future.



COVID-19 Assistance for health professionals

The first quarter of 2021 was the most difficult for Slovakia due to the COVID-19 pandemic – this was the period when many seriously ill patients were in hospital and dying there. Paramedics found themselves in a hugely difficult position, spending all their time with patients at the expense of their families and loved ones. The public was tired of the ongoing measures and the tension in society was growing. We decided to respond to this situation by providing a free benefit – donating unlimited data for six months to health workers on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. Our response was to prepare a campaign that highlighted their work and focused on the sacrifices they were making at the expense of their families.

Slovak Telekom’s T-Centers are greener and more digital

Since 2019, we have been attempting to digitize our stores – gradually making them greener, and contributing to protection of the environment. You will not find paper brochures or plastic bags there, ballpoint pens have disappeared, and the number of screens has been significantly reduced. They were replaced with green plants.

Here are just a few examples of how we are gradually fulfilling our commitment. Today, you will find 14 of the original 50 screens at the Aupark T-Center in Bratislava. In 2021, only three of the original 37 screens remained at the OC Europa T-Center in Banská Bystrica. Instead of halogen lights with a power of 45 W and a lifespan/warranty of five years, we switched to LED luminaires with a power of 32 W and a lifespan/warranty of at least eight years. When stores are being refurbished, we switch to floors made of recyclable materials. Just by removing POS materials from stores, we save 12 metric tons of paper a year. 

The Transparent Slovakia Fund

Independent Slovakia was established in 1993. As a post-communist country and despite many successes and reforms, Slovakia continues to pursue an internal struggle to build transparency and fight corruption. Slovak Telekom was one of seven companies to establish the Transparent Slovakia Fund in 2012. The fund aims to improve the business environment with financial and non-financial support for watchdog and think-tank organizations, and to contribute to monitoring compliance with laws and ethical standards, and reducing the scope for corruption and state capture.

The Transparent Slovakia Fund currently has 17 members. During its existence, the fund has supported almost 50 projects, with total financial support amounting to more than 840 thousand euros. This investment has tangibly helped to save hundreds of millions of euros of public funds, while also triggering essential changes. These include rehabilitating the judiciary, increasing the chances for better law enforcement, advocacy for improved judicial and prosecution systems, enhanced transparency of business through mailbox companies, support for public officials engaging in critical evaluation and resource-saving for PPP projects (public-private partnership), and promoting verification for the effectiveness of investments in IT for state administration.

A new initiative of the fund during 2021 was the Academy for the Support of Investigative Journalism – with the aim of expanding the knowledge and expertise of professional journalists and representatives of investigative and non-governmental organizations focusing on detection and analysis of important cases and events in Slovakia. 

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