Walter Goldenits
Director of Technology
Deutsche Telekom GmbH

T-Systems Limited is committed to being a socially and environmentally responsible technology partner with leading Cloud-based services, mobility solutions, and secure smart networks. We therefore support and communicate the group-wide responsible action strategy. in terms of climate protection and resource efficiency, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. our employees also make their personal contribution to climate protection. For example, they are helping to combat climate change in tree-planting campaigns.

We also support the group-wide strategy on social responsibility. Diversity and inclusion are part of our overall employee engagement strategy. For example, we encourage our employees to engage in not-for-profit activities by offering paid time off. In addition, T-Systems Limited is running a program on how employees can make their online profiles socially relevant. 

Jeevan D’Silva
General Counsel
T-Systems Limited


Key facts at a glance

Markets, business areas and market share  

Business areas:

  • Multi-Cloud solutions
  • Security services
  • SAP services
  • Digital Consultancy

Market focus:

  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Public Cloud

Market share (UK ICT img)

  • < 1 percent
Number of customers   33
Number of employees   160
Shareholding of Deutsche Telekom AG since   2001

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 27000
ISO 20000-1
ISO 22301
ISO 27701/27017/27018

Please refer to the internet for further information   www.t-systems.co.uk

Awards and memberships

ESOS Compliance: The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organizations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria.

ESOS requires companies to carry out audits of the energy used by their buildings, industrial processes and transport every four years, to identify cost-effective energy-saving measures. The submission date for ESOS phase two was  5 December 2019. We met the deadline for phase two with our submission.  ESOS Phase three – The deadline for notification of compliance to the Environment Agency is  5 December 2023 (qualifying date of  31 December 2022).  ESOS applies to large UK undertakings and their corporate groups.  A large undertaking is defined as any UK company that either:

  • employs 250 or more people, or
  • has an annual turnover in excess of EUR 50 million (GBP 38 937 777), and an annual balance sheet total in excess of EUR 43 million (GBP 33 486 489)
  • an overseas company with a UK registered establishment which has 250 or more UK employees (paying income tax in the UK).

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) Program 2021

T-Systems in the UK wants to be the company of choice for customers seeking a socially and environmentally responsible technology partner with leading Cloud-based services, mobility solutions, and secure intelligent networks. It also aims to attract employees seeking a professional and respectful environment to fulfil their career ambitions. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) continue to be a part of our overall employee engagement strategy and we now collaborate closely with Nordics to move toward a joined-up view and synergies.

In 2021, we continued to focus on the following activities:

Social & Community Engagement
We are continuing with the not-for-profit “giving something back” strategy which encourages all staff to take paid time off work to carry out not-for-profit activities. 

Low Carbon Society
A team made up of different departments at T-Systems UK has championed new ways of working to help reduce the time and energy spent travelling to and from work. The aim is to “work smart” and use collaboration platforms and tools to reduce travel, our carbon footprint, and costs. We have reduced our office footprint in Glasgow and we are now occupying Regus-type accommodation in Glasgow and Manchester. As part of our MIS-strategy we will be consolidating our datacenters into Germany and reducing our infrastructure footprint in the UK by 2024.

Employee Engagement
In 2021, we continued to communicate the benefits of the Badges recognition platform. This is a way for employees to give positive feedback and appreciation. It makes recognition available to all employees throughout the UK and internationally.

Every month, all the Badges are compiled into a single list and the Leadership Team picks the three top achievers to receive a monetary Magenta Award.

We have consistently had weekly updates promoting the “stay safe” campaign in relation to the COVID-19 epidemic.

COVID-19 safe working space

So as to ensure safe workplaces for our employees during COVID-19, we have encouraged people to work from home and provided the relevant IT equipment including screens. Travel has been reduced as all engagements are done through online platforms. In relation to those wanting to work in the office – the offices have been made COVID-safe with designated seating areas (in accordance with government regulations), including use of multiple cleaning and sanitizing solutions and products, one-way entry and exit systems, and a weekly deep clean. These measures ensured that the wellbeing of the employees was achieved while maintaining productivity. We have introduced an office log system with our Security Officer, so we have a record of all those entering T-Systems premises.  Employees are required to perform a COVID-19 lateral flow test prior to attendance, which is logged on the NHS App img.

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